One app which I would suggest adding to your Launchpad is TEAMS from Microsoft.

You may find this useful for distributing work to pupils if your a teacher.


If you are a parent or pupil you may find this is the way work/materials is distributed to pupils.

In school pupils click on the tile from their Launchpad and are taken straight to the app.

If accessing on a mobile device you may need to download the TEAMS app from Apple Store or Google Play.

Often on a device or home PC/Laptop you are asked to sign in again.

If this happens you use your full GLOW email and GLOW password again.

GLOW emails are usually (in my authority East Ayrshire) your username with at the end. for example

The password is your GLOW password.

If you are unsure of your GLOW email (as it might vary across schools or authorities) open the mail app and click on your profile pic in top right and you will see it. (see pic below)

I will provide further explanations of features from the drop down menus from this page.