Primary 1 2020/2021

Hi everyone,

I am pleased to report that all of the children have settled very well and are enjoying learning in Primary 1.  It is great to see how confidently they already move around the classroom, playground and park and interact with each other, myself, their buddy and other teaching staff.

Term 1 planning is as follows:

Numeracy & Mathematics

  • estimate amounts and check by counting
  • use one-to-one correspondence when counting
  • match and order numbers to 10 and beyond
  • count forwards and back to 20
  • find the number before/after/ between
  • add on one, then 2
  • share/use appropriate language to describe halves
  • sequence days of the week/months of the year
  • copy, continue and create patterns
  • recognise/sort/match 2D then 3D shapes
  • create a pictogram using relevant information.

The children also complete mental maths, Numicon and Number Talks activities each day which help them understand mathematical ideas and relationships essential for successful reasoning and problem-solving.

Literacy & Modern Language

Spelling words will continue to be sent home every three weeks, with week 3 being consolidation of sounds and spelling words covered so far.

To date we have explored a, t, s, i, p, n, r & m.  We will continue with d, e, c, k, g, l, f, o, b, u, h, w, j & v – 2 sounds per week (plus consolidation) until Christmas holidays.

We are also exploring:

  • rhyme
  • syllables
  • blending
  • using reading strategies
  • prediction/main points/retelling/sequencing stories
  • capital letters & full stops in sentences
  • name writing.


We will be using the Camembear resource to explore greetings and colours.

Health & Wellbeing


The children are enjoying the Daily Mile.  They are participating in  Games and practicing large ball skills as well as completing Cosmic Yoga and Dance activities and through these activities have an awareness that being active is a healthy way to be.


We are developing positive relationships, co-operation, turn taking, tidying up, taking care of resources and  showing an awareness of our school Values within the daily routine of the class.

We will be exploring:

  •  feelings, fairness, caring, sharing, friendships, equality and love within Mental Wellbeing
  • hand washing and tooth brushing as part of our daily routine to maintain wellbeing and health
  • internet safety.

Social Studies and Science

The children will be finding out about People in the Past through The Great Fire of London.  We will explore how people lived in the past and how their lives were different to ours.  We  will also look at local shops and services in comparison.

Our Science topics this term are Rain, Wind & Snow and Vibrations.

The children will:

  • describe and record the weather, its effects and how it makes them feel
  • use their findings to discuss and explore the seasons
  • investigate how water changes from one form to another
  • create instruments to explore sounds
  • explore sound vibrations of various pitches.

Expressive Arts

Our art lessons will be topic-related painting, drawing and collage.  We will also investigate colour mixing and observe  our local environment to record ideas, thoughts and feelings.

We will practice seasonal songs in class and use our instruments to keep a beat or practice a rhythm.


The children participate in Education City and Busy Things  on the classroom computers and are also learning to:

  • start up and shut down the computer
  • use the mouse
  • select and click on an icon
  • drag and drop
  • use the space bar, shift key and delete button
  • type their name.

Within technologies the children are using the class camera to record tasks and will develop practical skills using tools to solve problems within topic work.




Mini Forest Adventure (PM Week 4 )

This afternoon the children showed their amazing imaginations as they found treasure hidden in the Mini Forest. The girls worked together to scrape away the earth revealing a treasure chest (slab) in two weeks time they intend to continue the excavation to unearth the chest.

On arrival the children found that a lot of branches had been broken within the area and decided a tiger may have visited the site during the night snapping the branches as it climbed the trees. (Careful everyone in case it is sneaking back  tonight.) Two of the boy found large branches turning them into strimmer’s to cut the grass, a lovely discussion continued about working safely not cutting anyone with the strimmer and a need to wear “Ear defenders.”

The children have not had the opportunity to work in the mud and asked if they could have water with a little help from Miss Boyd (returning to the ECC to fill a large bottle) We were able to supply the water and enable the children to take part in a different experience. (A nice mud bath for one of the children.)

The children would like to know which of these  is the fastest: a cheetah, velociraptor or peregrine falcon? Our question for Thursdays session, looking  forward to finding out the answer.

(Apologies having problems downloading the photographs-please look in the Outdoor Book to see the fun experiences the children are taking part in.)

Mrs Gray


We would like to thank Mrs McCallion (Database Manager) for joining us in the ECC. The children enjoyed the interactive session sorting the fruit into smaller sections of information before using these to make a data chart of their favourite fruit.

Dazzling Around Dunlop

Dear Parent/Carer

Children are continuously learning and developing, therefore adults have an important role with ensuring they provide an enabling environment that supports children’s development in a range of ways.  It is also highly important to recognise and celebrate children’s achievements as this develops self-esteem, and positive reinforcement is key to helping children build their confidence.

Personal/Wider Achievements: Dazzling Around Dunlop

Help us to help your child celebrate their achievements in the wider world.

Here at Dunlop Primary School, we enjoy seeing your child learn, develop and achieve everyday but we appreciate they also learn, develop and achieve in a wide variety of ways, away from school. We therefore ask you share your child’s moments of success and achievements with us as this helps us to create a well-rounded and holistic picture of who your child really is.

To recognise and celebrate wider achievements away from the school, we would like to share your child’s achievements with the whole school community using the Dunlop Glow Blog.

The Dazzling Around Dunlop moments can tell us anything you would like to share with us, this may include: medals/awards/certificates, joining new clubs, Scout/Brownie club badges, out of school fundraising, sponsored events, musical accomplishments, competition entries/wins, drama/singing/dancing events or taking part in citizenship events eg caring for the environment.

The list of achievements your child makes will be endless!

As we wholeheartedly believe in recognising and celebrating achievements, we will also ensure that your child’s Dazzling Around Dunlop moments are recognised and celebrated at assembly. Having your child’s achievements promoted will stay with them for a significant period of time as children always love to embrace the recognition and praise they have received.

Please note, this is entirely optional but if you would like your child to have their Dazzling Around Dunlop moments recognised and celebrated, please send me a photograph and I will upload this to the Dunlop Glow Blog at the end of every month for everyone to see what your child has achieved.  I will repost this on the app and include my email address for you to submit your child’s Dazzling Around Dunlop achievements.

kind regards, Mrs Nouillan

Mini Forest Adventure (PM-Week1)

The  beginning of a new adventure for the pm session children today, we have a group of seven children to complete our 2019 Mini Forest Adventures.  Mrs Orr and myself will be  joined by Miss Boyd for the next six sessions. The children worked really well as a large group, exploring the area and showing each other secret dens. Lots of language today, constant talking between the children and between children and staff members. Discussion about the area, safety as the children climbed the trees, secret dens, magic and discussion about how to keep the environment tidy and safe. When asked their favourite part of their time outdoors “Playing in the bushes” came top of their comments.

Looking forward to the next five weeks of fun.

Mrs Gray


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