On Monday P2/3 and children from P1/2 had our second visit from local engineer George Burns. George helped us to design and begin to create our own vehicles made from shoeboxes and other ‘junk’ materials.

All of the children worked really hard on their vehicles and can’t wait to add wheels and other features next week.

Don’t forget to check the blog to see the finished products!

P7 STEM Transition Day

Our P7 pupils had a great day taking part in various STEM activities during a transition day at Dumfries House on Friday. The children enjoyed the event and were keen to share their experiences when returning to school. All pupils received a certificate for attending the event.

STEM in P6/7

Primary 6/7 had a visit from engineer George Burns today. Mr Burns will be working with us over the next few weeks, to help us with a science-based topic about electricity. Today we learned how important electricity is to our daily lives. He taught us about different sources of electricity, such as mains and batteries. We also found out the meaning of insulators and conductors, and discovered what types of materials were insulators and conductors. Finally, we investigated electrical circuits, and discovered how to produce electricity to light up a bulb, make sounds and power the motor to make a fan spin!