P6/7 Outdoor Learning

P6/7 have recently been learning about symmetry in maths. Yesterday, we took advantage of the nice weather and completed symmetry related activities outdoors. Firstly, we identified symmetrical objects in our playground, stating the number of lines of symmetry each object had. Next, we worked together to create symmetrical patterns, with some pupils challenging themselves to create shapes with rotational symmetry. Lastly, we worked in a bigger group to create a large scale “Art Attack” style symmetrical picture using PE equipment.

Afterwards, we evaluated the session based on “The Excellent Lesson”. The lesson met many aspects of this, including learning outdoors, carrying out a variety of activities, using different resources, working on our own and in groups and thinking creatively to solve problems.

P6 and P7 Rugby Festival

Some P6 and 7 pupils recently participated in a rugby festival, against schools in the Auchinleck cluster. All children enjoyed the event, whilst learning about the rules of rugby, fair play and how to work well as a team to achieve a shared goal.

Parent Open Afternoon

Primary 6/7 are looking forward to welcoming family, parents and carers into class tomorrow afternoon. We will be working collaboratively to create a safari themed picture for Catrine Show. We will also be sharing our learning so far, and there will be an opportunity for you to go around the school and see all our hard work, displays and e-portfolios.

Hope to see you there!

STEM in P6/7

Primary 6/7 had a visit from engineer George Burns today. Mr Burns will be working with us over the next few weeks, to help us with a science-based topic about electricity. Today we learned how important electricity is to our daily lives. He taught us about different sources of electricity, such as mains and batteries. We also found out the meaning of insulators and conductors, and discovered what types of materials were insulators and conductors. Finally, we investigated electrical circuits, and discovered how to produce electricity to light up a bulb, make sounds and power the motor to make a fan spin!


P6/7 Visit to Scotland Street Museum

Primary 6/7 visited Scotland Street Museum in Glasgow yesterday, to learn about what school was like for Victorian children. We got dressed up in Victorian clothes, and experienced a typical Victorian school day. We did mental arithmetic, geography, handwriting, spelling, poetry, singing and drill lessons, with a very strict, no nonsense school teacher! We interacted with Victorian artefacts including the belt, dunce hat and headmaster’s bell. After our lesson we discussed the similarities and differences between school life then and now. Overall, it was a very interesting and worthwhile trip where we learned new things and had fun!


Smartie Fractions!

P6/7 have been learning all about fractions. We have been experimenting with different types of fractions and finding fractions of quantities. Last week we used smarties to investigate non-unit fractions. We counted the number of smarties we had altogether and made this our denominator, then we counted how many of each colour we had for the numerator.  This helped us to work out what fraction of each colour we had in our tubes. Some of us then challenged ourselves to simplify, order and compare these fractions. The children enjoyed the activity- especially eating their smarties at the end!


Collaborative Learning

Primary 1, 2/3 and some Primary 6/7 pupils worked together to create some Valentines Day love hearts.  We partnered up with someone from a different class to create patterned hearts and the children were able to share their skills to assist each other.  We worked as a team to create one heart with 2 beautiful sides. Well done everyone!

P6/7 Info Handling Outdoor Learning

Last week P6/7 completed outdoor activities related to information handling. One group measured the height of trees in the playground (using a very interesting method!), then created line graphs to display the height of different trees. The second group gathered objects they found in the playground and made a tally table to show the amount of each item.

All pupils had fun, whilst developing skills in measuring accurately, gathering data and presenting data in a clear and visual way. These outdoor activities allowed us to transfer our skills and apply our learning in class to a different environment.

P6/7 Volcano Experiment

As part of our Japan topic, P6/7 worked in groups to build model volcanoes. We then used our volcanoes to carry out a science experiment and investigate chemical reactions. When vinegar and bicarbonate of soda mix, it produces carbon dioxide and water. This causes the mixture to fizz up and bubble out of the volcano…just like it is erupting!

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