Outdoor Learning

Primary 4/5 enjoyed representing simple fractions outside with natural resources. This activity allowed us to demonstrate our understanding of numerator and denominator that we had been learning in class.


P5/6 John Muir Session

P5/6 had a great time in the first session of their John Muir award. We found out who John Muir was, and learned about conservation. We also participated in various outdoor activities including building bird nests, poem writing and making and flying paper airplanes. We investigated whether the direction of the wind or the height the plane flew from impacted on the distance it travelled. Finally, we made kites and flew them in the playground. The wind and rain certainly didn’t stop us from having fun!

Outdoor Measure


Thursday 18th May 2017

Primary 2/3 took their learning outdoors today.  We went outside to explore measuring activities.  The children took part in a measured Javelin throw, Height Measuing using Lego, Finding 5 items to order in height, Active Learn on the iPads and Lego Building Challenge.  The children enjoyed all the activities, check out their e-portfolios for their evaluations.


P6/7 Outdoor Learning

P6/7 have recently been learning about symmetry in maths. Yesterday, we took advantage of the nice weather and completed symmetry related activities outdoors. Firstly, we identified symmetrical objects in our playground, stating the number of lines of symmetry each object had. Next, we worked together to create symmetrical patterns, with some pupils challenging themselves to create shapes with rotational symmetry. Lastly, we worked in a bigger group to create a large scale “Art Attack” style symmetrical picture using PE equipment.

Afterwards, we evaluated the session based on “The Excellent Lesson”. The lesson met many aspects of this, including learning outdoors, carrying out a variety of activities, using different resources, working on our own and in groups and thinking creatively to solve problems.

P6/7 Info Handling Outdoor Learning

Last week P6/7 completed outdoor activities related to information handling. One group measured the height of trees in the playground (using a very interesting method!), then created line graphs to display the height of different trees. The second group gathered objects they found in the playground and made a tally table to show the amount of each item.

All pupils had fun, whilst developing skills in measuring accurately, gathering data and presenting data in a clear and visual way. These outdoor activities allowed us to transfer our skills and apply our learning in class to a different environment.