USA Topic

During our USA topic, we learned lots about the states, weather, climate, famous American landmarks and people such as Martin Luther King and events in US history including 9/11.

Check out the models we built of famous USA landmarks…are they great?!

P6/7 Volcano Experiment

As part of our Japan topic, P6/7 worked in groups to build model volcanoes. We then used our volcanoes to carry out a science experiment and investigate chemical reactions. When vinegar and bicarbonate of soda mix, it produces carbon dioxide and water. This causes the mixture to fizz up and bubble out of the volcano…just like it is erupting!

img_2718 img_2722 img_2728 img_2846 img_2847 img_2851 img_2906 img_2912 img_2915 img_2930 img_2932 img_2935