Dumfries House

Primary 4/5 went along to Dumfries House on Thursday for a chance to learn about the animals and their habitat. The children looked at what they needed to be happy and healthy and compared this with what animals need finding many similarities.

The children then went around the farm feeding the animals whilst learning all about their preferred habitats.

The second half of the day consisteted of pond dipping, creating nests for birds and assisting in building an ant hotel!

The rainy weather certainly didn’t dampen our spirits 🙂


Learning judo skills from a commonwealth champion

This morning primary 4/5 had the chance to watch a commonwealth champion in action!


Time for the children to show off their judo skills…

The session ended with every child getting thrown to the mat by the judo champion herself!

Great fun had by all 😀


ps. No children were harmed in the making of this blog post!

P7 Swimming Gala

Yesterday some of our P7’s participated in a swimming gala at Visions Leisure Centre in Cumnock. They competed against other schools in a variety of events including the butterfly, front crawl, breast stroke and back stroke. All pupils tried their best and enjoyed the morning. They were a credit to the school- well done to all involved!

Jelly Masterchefs


Tuesday 14th March 2017

As part of our book focus on Supertato, the children have made jelly to demonstrate the part of the story when The Evil Pea gets captured and Good wins the battle.  P2/3 have made a variety of wobbly jellys (that was the easy bit) the hard part is having to wait until tomorrow to eat it!


Supertato to the Rescue!


Monday 13th March 2017

Primary 2/3 had a fun afternoon creating the characters from Supertato.  We have Carrot covered in plasters, Cucumber wrapped in toilet roll, Broccoli drawn all over, The Evil Pea and our star Supertato in his lovely red cape.  The children enjoyed creating our characters and will be using them to create a short film in their groups to recreate the story.  Well done P2/3 your characters have some great details!


Our Learning


Wednesday 22nd February 2017

As well as learning all about Tennis, primary 2/3 have had some inputs from Tesco Bank Football during our P.E lessons. The children are always keen to take part in football, here are some of the photos the children took during our lesson today.


Wednesday 22nd February 2017

We have been using our structured activity wall to rotate around some of our active literacy games. The children have enjoyed activities such as: Stand Up Bingo, Bottle Lid Sorting, Squiggle Spelling and Jigsaw Letters, paint and writing frames. Here are some pictures from todays active lesson as well as some from before our holiday.


Wednesday 22nd February 2017

Today we have been learning all about Place Value and we have been using Heinemann Active Maths to enhance our learning. Her are some pictures of the children participating in activities to help them learn all about tens and units and the importance of zero. We are hoping to move onto hundreds tens and units next week. Some of the activities we have enjoyed were: Bingo, Place Value Throw and ipads.

Primary 2/3 Football

Primary 2/3 had fun yesterday playing football with Tesco Bank Football.  They were very competitive and had a great laugh.  The children are looking forward to their next few sessions!