Literacy Activities


Thursday 11th May 2017

The children have been enjoying some of our new literacy activities and were keen to share them on our blog.  We have been using the listening post as a new literacy activity, silly sentences to practise punctuation as well as highlighting to identify spelling word in sentences.


Whiteboard Spelling


Tuesday 21st March 2017

We have been practising spelling our common words in order to help improve our writing.  Here are some wonderful pictures of the children and their magnificent efforts in spelling.  Everyday the children are improving.




Word Aware


Primary 2/3 have been learning all about Word Aware.  There is activities designed for children to learn and remember new words, building up a rich vocabulary.  Her are some photos of the children playing some of the games.

Heads Down, Words Up!

Blast Off!

Thank you to our P7 friend who came to read a fantastic story to us too.

Useful Website:










Big Writing


Thursday 23rd February 2017

Primary 2/3 have enjoyed our activities for Big Writing this morning.  We were planning our story based on our class book for the week ‘Gordon’s Great Escape’ whereby we wrote imaginative stories about our own great escape.  The focus was to include 5 good features of writing as well as using our keyword ‘escape.’  The children enjoyed creating their stories and have done a fantastic job in meeting the success criteria. Well Done!



From This …………………………………………………….. To This

After a large clear out one of our pupils decided: “Don’t throw this out, I have a good idea!” and so we introduce: The Declan Wheel (named after the P2/3 designer.)  Instead of boring unused spinners, Declan has created sounds spinners and we have invented a new literacy game for the children to play.  What a wonderful idea, well done!

Active Literacy

Primary 2/3 have been consolidating ‘ay’ sounds this week in literacy and have been testing out some new games: ‘Race to the Board’ and ‘Rainbow Alphabets’ to practise word recognition and spelling.  Here are some action shots of the children enjoying their active literacy session.

Literacy and Star Writers

Congratulations to our star writers this week who wrote a wonderful letter to the Rainbow Fish to invite him to a party.  Here is some photos of primary 2/3 enjoying some literacy activities as part of our writing lesson.