Primary 5/6 – Mrs F. McCaig

Monday 6th April 2020

Good Morning!

It’s officially the Easter Holidays and the sun is shining for us. I don’t plan on setting any work for the holidays as we all need a well earned rest but I still wanted to check in with you all.

I had a crafty weekend with the girls.  We made giant Easter eggs for the window as each week someone if coming up with a new theme.  We started with the rainbows, then moved to teddy bears and for the next week it’s Easter eggs so that when we are out for our safe daily walk we can do an Easter egg hunt.  Hannah and Rebecca wanted to make ‘Forky’ from Toy Story 4 but we didn’t have any plastic forks, so they made ‘Sticky’ using skewers.  They plan to create a new family member each day until we run out of skewers.

We also tried Daryl’s ‘Nutella Pouch’ recipe and now the girls have a new favourite sandwich.  I don’t think our Nutella is going to last very long.  Ryan also sent a video of his toilet roll ‘keepie uppie challenge’ so I am going to get everyone involved in that this week.  Alix sent me some photos on her amazing baking so I think will try and make some cakes this week as well.

The most important thing this week is that we are going to #stayhomestaysafe.  We will most probably watch too much TV and eat too many sweets, but do you know what, that’s ok! Sometimes you just need to relax.

Have a lovely start to the holidays.  Missing you all.

Take care

Mrs McCaig


Friday 3rd April 2020

Good morning everyone. I can’t quite believe we have reached the end of our second week of being at home. I hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying all the tasks you have been set.

Today you would have officially been on holiday but I am still going to set you a few tasks to keep you busy over the Easter Holidays.

Maths – We will be moving on to measure and to get us started I want you to have a look around your house at different ways measure is used. Can you look on food packages and find the weight of items? If you have bathroom or kitchen scales can you find items around your house that weigh 1kg, 1.5kg or 500g.  If you don’t have scales – a bag of sugar weighs 1kg, a bag of flour weights 1.5kg, you could use these to compare weights of other items and estimate.  Can you estimate the area and perimeter of rooms in your house.  Remember one stride is roughly 1 metre. To calculate area remember you multiply the length by the breadth (A = L x B) and to calculate perimeter you add the total of all four sides (P = L + L + B + B).

Sumdog Challenge – Well done to Kaci who is leading the money Sumdog challenge.  You still have til the end of today to try and beat her!

Easter Egg Competition  – This week in school we would have had our Easter Egg decorating competition.  It’s Easter Sunday on the 12th so why don’t you decorate a hard boiled egg.  It always amazes me how creative you can be!  If you don’t have an egg then draw a picture of what you would have liked your egg to look like.  Post your creations on your blog, I would love to see them.

Check out – Send me an email and let me know what you have learned this week and what you plan to do over the Easter Holidays.  This week Daryl taught me how to make a toasted nutella sandwich, it was so delicious 😋 .  Over the holidays I plan to practice my piano more as I haven’t spent much time on it over the last two weeks.

Have a great Easter Holiday! I know it may not be quite what you had planned (I was supposed to be sunning myself in Spain!) but whatever you do stay safe and enjoy getting outside when you can safely do so.  Keep me updated on your blogs!

Mrs Schendel


Wednesday 1st April 2020

Good morning everyone and hello April!

It’s April’s Fools Day – have you any funny pranks planned for your family? My girls brought me tea and oreos this morning……..but they’d eaten the filling and put toothpaste in them. YUK!     Another fun filled day planned. You chose when you do the activities, don’t worry about the order. As always keep in touch through email and Blog posts.

Reading  – Listen to David Walliam’s at         Can you make a note of 10 awesome adjectives that he uses.

Writing – I don’t know about you but I have spent a lot of time making and eating sandwiches in the last week. So, your task today is to write instructions on how to make your favourite sandwich.  Don’t forget you will need to list the items needed.  If I like the sound of it I might just make it for lunch tomorrow. Feel free to add drawings or pictures for each step.

PE – Let’s start a ‘Keepie Uppie Challenge’ in P5/6. Remember practise makes perfect. I will be joining in too as will everyone in my house! I’d love to see videos of your efforts.

Art – let’s get arty today! Check out the art tutorials below. Don’t forget to send me your finished work.

How to draw Bull Shark from Fortnite

How to draw an Easter Bunny Folding Surprise

Maths – Play alongside me at 10.30 on Sumdog.  I have added you all as friends so if you accept the invite in the ‘House’ section of your game screen we can have a class game. Don’t forget to practise your Number Talk strategies.






Monday 30th March 2020

Good morning everyone. I hope you had a lovely weekend safely enjoying the Spring sunshine. I can’t believe we are in week two already. I can’t wait to see more of your photos and Glow posts this week to see all of the wonderful things you are filling your time with. We have lots of fun things planned for the week so keep an eye on Glow as well as our online sites to see what challenges have been set for you.



Spelling – Week 1 – tricky words.  Remember to use a variety of spelling strategies to help you learn the correct spelling.  You can use elkonin boxes, syllabification, diacritical marking, spelling rules, phoneme families, mnemonic….you choose.

Red group – shoulder, they, called, round, continue, previous, morning, allow, our, asked, state, weather

Blue group – analyse, analysis, continuous, murmur, separate, announcing, cough, fierce, necessary, sequence, answer, creation, finally, neighbour

This week I would love to see some nonsense mnemonics.  The funnier the better as we all like a giggle.  Email them to me and I will pick the top three that get the biggest giggles in my house.  I will make one too. Get your entries in by Thursday!



Sumdog – This week each day (Monday to Thursday) I am going to be online to play ‘live’ with you between 10.30 and 11.00am. Please come and join me as I get to grips playing the games and taking you on in some maths challenges. Remember I’m a beginner – don’t be too hard on me!

Number Talks – This week our focus in Multiplication – teach an adult at home a strategy. Send me your videos and pictures of how they get on.



Do you remember our black dot art challenge at the start of P5/6?  You created a picture using a black dot as your inspiration. We had pirates, fish, shields, dogs, eyes, Minnie Mouse and so much more.  This week I thought we would try it with a triangle.  The more create the better! Draw a triangle on your page and build your picture. Post them or email them to me throughout the week


Happy Friday everyone!

I hope you all made your bed this morning and made a good start to Mrs Govan’s challenge.

Number Talk:                                                                                                                                                                                       Core:  I spend £7.34, how much change will I get from £10                                                                                  Challenge:  I buy 6 Easter Eggs at £1.50 each and get 20% off.  How much will I pay?

Sumdog Challenge                                                                                                                                                                                         I have added a money challenge to Sumdog.

French                                                                                                                                                                                                               I saw pictures of your fabulous rainbows, can you write the names of the colours of the rainbow in French.

Check out                                                                                                                                                                                                          What have you learned this week?  Maybe it’s a new skill you have learned around the house or something you have read or seen on TV.   What are you looking forward to doing this weekend?

It’s the weekend tomorrow so remember to take a break from school work and enjoy chilling out!   Looks like the weather has to be good so get outside but do it safely.   

Keep in touch on email and I am loving seeing your Blogs, keep them coming.       

Mrs Schendel                                                                                                                                                                  




Wednesday 25th March

Morning folks

So let’s kick the morning off with some exercise…your choice! Gymnastics in the garden, keepie uppies, Body Coach….you choose!

Number Talk
Core: 84-49=
Challenge 474-297=

Sumdog NEW CHALLENGE ADDED. A week long times table focus. Your groups have been added so log on and check out the challenge.

You may have noticed that the nights are getting lighter, daffodils are blooming and lambs are springing about in the field. Today’s writing task is to create an acrostic poem about SPRING.
I’d love to see some great similies, metaphors and alliteration. Post your poem on your Blog or email it to me. Feel free to add some colour to brighten it up.

Reading – tune in to David Walliams Elevenses to hear today’s story at 11am.

Spelling task – using things in the house or garden can you make some of the spelling words you’ve created using our rules? You could use Lego, pens, stones or even socks!

Keep in touch with me on email. I love seeing your pictures and work.

Mrs McCaig






Tuesday 24th March 2020

Good Morning everyone!


  • One of our favourite authors David Walliams is now doing free audio stories. They last for around 25 minutes Click on the link to listen to yesterday’s audio story The Terrible Triplets. Can you create some comprehension questions for a friend to answer? Pop them in an email.


  • Children across the country are creating pictures of Rainbows and sticking them in the window of their house. This is so that when people are out for their safe social distancing daily walk they can count them. Let’s get Catrine filled with rainbows! Create yours today! I’d love to see your pictures so we can upload them to our Glow Blog.


  • Today’s spelling rule is – one syllable words.   Words that have just one syllable need the final consonant doubled before adding any ending which start with a vowel.                          g. hop + p + ing = hopping, hop + p + ed = hopped. Can you think of any others? Make a list of as many as you can that follow this rule.


  • Daily Number Talk.        Core 92 – 56=     Challenge 724 – 467=                                                   Can you show someone at home which strategy you used and teach them it?


  • Active Learn – revise some multiplication and division work.


You can choose the order that you do things – it’s your time so use it the best way you can.  If you miss The Body Coach Live – just do it later.  Or if you are doing other things at home I’d love to hear about them.  Have a great and keep in touch with emails and pictures.


Mrs McCaig






Better late than never!

This is week 4 of our spelling – spelling rules!

Today’s spelling rule is:

  • The ‘ck’ sound is used only after a short vowel e.g. back, neck, sick, rock. (remember a short vowel is when a, e, i, o, u makes its sound not its letter name)

Can you come up with some words that have the ‘ck’ rule? Email me a list of yours.

Other tasks for this afternoon:

  • Save Active Learn, Sumdog, Glow and Reading Wise to your ‘favourites’ so you can access them easily.
  • Get your thinking cap on – have you got some fun tasks or challenges you think our class would love? If so share them with me on email and we can work our way through them.
  • Tomorrow morning we will be starting the day with The Body Coach on Youtube. Just go to his channel at 8.55am ready to do PE. Lets also try and get a ‘shout out’ for Catrine Primary!
  • Lastly – make sure that you get some fresh air. Play in the garden, walk the dog or go a walk with an adult from home.  Remember to keep your distance from others if you see them when you are out.

Take Care Mrs McCaig



Hi P5/6

I’m sending this wee note home with a list of the websites we use in class that you might want to use at home. Don’t forget we are learning all the time and it’s just as important that you have fun. Play games, write stories, draw, bake, watch a new film or even learn a new TikTok dance! You could even keep a little diary of what you get up to or record a daily video – you could become the next big blogger/vlogger.

that we can all use Glow email please remember that you can update me on how you are doing. I would love to hear from you.

Take care and I look forward to seeing you all soon.

websites for p5.6

Mrs McCaig

Term 1 – planner

Term 2 – planner

Term 3 – planner