Primary 4/5 – Miss A. Robb

Monday 6th April

Good afternoon, it’s officially the holidays!

I hope you all had a nice weekend. I had a lovely weekend celebrating my sisters 10th birthday. Whilst it wasn’t the original plans, we sure made the most of it. She started her day with a ‘Presents in Lockdown Hunt’ with clues that helped her find her presents all over the house. It was fun! There were some in the garage, the hut and even in the washing machine! We had a lovely breakfast and decided to get dressed up for the occasion. We baked cookies, enjoyed a buffet lunch, went a family walk and enjoyed a tasty dinner. We finished the night with a karaoke competition. I sang some Dua Lipa, using a pencil as my microphone. I’m not sure who officially won, but if I was to decide it would have obviously been me (don’t tell my sister). I woke up on Sunday exhausted! Who knew a party in isolation could have been so tiring? 

This holiday is a little different than what we are used to. What do you have planned to fill your days? I have decided to try and keep a routine as much as possible. I plan on going a nice walk daily, keeping in line with the governments advice of course. I hope to read in the garden – I have 4 new books to get through! Also, my sister and I have started ‘The Great British Bake Off Challenge’ in our house. Each week we are going to bake a sweet treat and everyone in the house has to rate it out of 10. We started this today by making a Biscoff Banana Bread – it was AMAZING! Maybe this is something you could do?

Whilst I have been out walking, I have noticed some lovely things that people have been doing to make people smile. My neighbour has put out a box of books with a note saying that the books are free to a good home. I thought this was a lovely gesture and I had a rummage through her box! I have seen rainbows painted on trees, decorated stones and thoughtful notes around my village. Perhaps this is something that you could do to make someone else smile.

I hope you all have a fantastic time whatever you are doing. Remember that you can e-mail me at anytime if you want to check in! I will be back again on Monday to update you on what I have been doing. Remember you can update your Blog to let me know what you have been doing 🙂

As always, stay safe and have FUN!
Miss Robb


Friday 3rd April

Good morning primary 4/5, can you believe it’s Friday again? These weeks are going quicker than I expected!

For todays challenge you are going to need to ask someone in your house to help you out. Ask them to select 5 objects for you at random. Once you have all of your objects selected, you are going to write a story that includes all of these objects.

For example, my 5 random objects are a brush, an apple, a trainer, a chair and a pair of trousers. I now need to create a weird and wonderful story that involves all of these items.

Now, you will probably need to be creative, which I know you all are. I think some of these stories are definitely going to make me laugh. You can write or type your story but, either way, you must upload your story onto your Glow Blog.

Finally, it’s Friday, which means ‘Selfie of The Week’ and ‘Peak & Pit’! Remember to upload your selfie to your Glow Blog and underneath write down your peak and pit for the week! I look forward to seeing your selfies and hear about your week. I will be sending mine through an email later today.

Miss Robb

Wednesday 1st April

Good morning primary 4/5!

Outdoor Learning Challenge

Todays challenge is all about spending time outside in your garden. With the help of an adult, have a look through your recycling bins. Spot any recycled materials that you could use to build a model of your choice?  You can use plastic, cardboard and tins for this challenge. Make sure the materials have been rinsed or you’re wearing gloves. Once you have gathered your materials, get outside and start building!

Fractions Challenge
– Can you create a model that is half plastic and half cardboard?
– Can you create a model that is three quarters cardboard and one quarter plastic?

I am super excited to see what kind of models you decide to create. Make sure and take plenty of pictures and upload these to your Glow Blog!

Have an amazing day,
Miss Robb 😀

Monday 30th March

Good morning, I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready for another fantastic week of learning! I hope you all have your timetables ready for the day ahead 🙂

Literacy Challenge

This weeks phoneme is ‘oi‘ with two representations ‘oy‘ and ‘oi‘. Your challenge for today is to create a word list for these representations, like we normally do each Monday in class. Here are some words to get you started:

oy            oi
boy         soil
toy          avoid

Once you have created your word list, you should sent me your list over in an email. I can’t wait to see all your showstopper words. Remember you can use a dictionary to help with spelling.

I have updated Sumdog and Active Learn with lots of new activities and challenges and look forward to seeing some Glow Blog posts of your day!

Have a fantastic Monday,
Miss Robb


Friday 27th March 

Todays challenge is a BIG one and it should develop over time. I thought it would be a great idea to gather all our memories from this time and create a time capsule.

Covid-19 Capsule Challenge 

What is a capsule? A capsule is a container that holds items from just now, such as photos, newspapers (if you still receive those), letters and more. You can store it away and pull it out in a year or 20 years time and you will remember the time during Covid-19. 

What can I include? Anything really. Pictures, newspaper articles, journal entries, games that you have been doing, things that you have created (rainbows and poems etc).

How do I make my capsule? Get creative. Use a cardboard box, an old shoe box or anything you think will hold your bits and pieces. You can decorate your box or you can keep it as it is!

Remember, this should develop over time. Set some time aside each week to add to your capsule. If your going to journal (writing down your thoughts and reflections), you can do this daily, twice weekly or weekly, whatever suits you.

I hope you enjoy creating your capsules with your family! I look forward to seeing some of your creations and seeing what little keepsakes you have inside them. If you have any questions about this, please email me; 🙂

ALSO, It’s FRIDAYYYY, which means ‘SELFIE OF THE WEEK’ and ‘PEAK AND PIT’! Remember to upload your selfie to your Glow Blog and underneath write down your peak and pit for the week! I am SOO excited to see your selfies and hear about your week. I will be sending mine through an email later today.

I hope your having the best time and have settled into your new routines primary 4/5.

As always have fun and keep smiling.
Miss Robb

Wednesday 24th March

Good Morning P4/5

I hope you have all been busy and enjoying your online learning.

I love Mrs Govans’ Tuesday challenge so much I think it would be a wonderful idea if we created a RAINBOW acrostic poem to go with them. Remember just like our Catrine one;

Cool People

Artistically work here

To build our community

Reaching our goals

In our village

Nobody is negative

Everyone works together

Remember your poem should start each line with a with a letter from the title and the title should be in capitals.

I’d love to read your creations, you can either post them on your blog or email me at

Tuesday 24th March

Todays challenge is all about getting moving. Here are some ideas:
Joe Wicks is doing daily P.E lesson. You can find them on his youtube channel: (
You could spend some time in the garden, play outdoor games, make a new dance routine or enjoy a walk with your family.
Don’t forget to upload onto your blog to keep in touch!
Enjoy your day!

Monday 23rd March

Todays challenge involves you creating a timetable. This can be a daily or a weekly timetable. This is a good way to stay organised and make sure your making the most of your time. I think it’s important to make time for fresh air, free choice and creative time! So make sure you include these in your timetable!

Numeracy Work:
– Sumdog – Multiplication and Division Revision work
– Sumdog – Numeracy Challenge
– Sumdog – Times Table Challenge

Literacy Work:
– Sumdog – Literacy Revision
– Sumdog – Literacy Competition
– Reading Wise – 30 minutes

I hope you enjoy the activities I have set for you all. If you need help with anything remember to email. Make sure and prioritise time outside, getting fresh air to keep you healthy and happy 🙂

Miss Robb

Hello primary 4/5,

Things are changing but please do not worry!  We have had such a fantastic year and I am SO proud of all your hard work and progress so far!

With the school closures, I thought we could take this time to challenge ourselves. Have you ever baked a cake? Now could be the time to try. Read a book, watch a film, complete a jigsaw or draw a picture. Remember we are always learning!

We might not be in class just now but we can still keep things going. Every Friday, I challenge you to take a selfie, with your family (or not) and upload it on to your blog. Underneath write your peak and pit of the week. I will do the same. This way we can keep in touch.

Most importantly, keep smiling and laughing! Stay positive and remember that everything is going to be just fine! If things become overwhelming remember to breathe “in through your nose, out through your mouth”. I know we are experts in this!

I will be thinking of you all every day and I cannot wait to see your little faces again! I am already looking forward to our group hug and first class selfie on our return!

Take care,

Miss Robb

Ps. I’m only an email away! (


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