Get Set Pet bottles

The Enterprise committee are trying to be pro-active when it comes to what we can do to keep our village clean and tidy. We were joined at our meeting this week by 2 workers from the Civic Centre to discuss how we can work together to make improvements. They told us all about what they had been doing to tackle issues and wanted to work in partnership with us. We also made a prototype of our ‘Get Set for your Pet’ bottles (see below) which we are going to put in areas of the village we have surveyed as having the biggest amounts of dog waste. They are bottles containing a message and some bags to encourage people to clean up after their dogs.

We would encourage anyone who sees or uses our bottles, to try and refill them every now and then. There are dog waste bags available from the Civic Centre. Thank you very much for your support.



P1 Induction

The boys and girls from the ECC have been developing their confidence within the school. They visited yesterday for their P1 Induction day & had fun exploring the school. They got to trial a school dinner for the first time with their parents.

Active Maths


Thursday 8th June 2017

Primary 2/3 have been investigating weight.  We used balancing scales to estimate and measure ‘what weighs the same as an apple?’  The children had to use crayons, dominoes, cubes and paint brushes to balance the scales equally.  The children have been increasing their vocabulary and were able to discuss what is heavier, lighter, equal and balanced.  They also were able to identify that our answers were not the same becuase the apples have diffreent qualities and some are heavier than others.  Well done primary 2/3!


Heads of Ayr Farm Park


Tuesday 6th June 2017

Primary 1-6 visited the Farm Park yesterday and we had a wonderful day despite the weather!  Here are some pictures from our day.  We had great fun in the Play Barn on the high slides (including some of the teachers) and we enjoyed visiting the animals.  What an excellent day out!




Transition – Group Visits

Children from the ECC have been visiting the school regularly in small groups to familiarise themselves with the different surroundings & routines. They have enjoyed exploring the different resources & activities available in the school.

School Trip – Heads of Ayr Farm Park

Primary 1-6 will visit Heads of Ayr Farm Park on Tuesday 6th June. Primary 7 will also visit the Farm Park on Friday 16th June. The children will leave the school at 9.10 a.m. and return by 3.00 p.m. Please ensure your child has a sun hat/cream with them. If your child is planning to  participate in the slides/soft play, please ensure they have long trousers and socks on. The Parent Council and the school fund have subsidised the trip, therefore a contribution of £5 per child from parents should be paid before the trip date. Please complete the permission form below:

Safe Parking


We are JRSO and we are on a mission to get the whole school parking in the correct places.

We have noticed people parking on the zig zag lines and over driveways so residents can’t leave their homes.

Remember be safe on roads and PARK SAFELY and SENSIBLY.

Lunchtime Craft Club

This is only our second week of P3’s lunchtime craft club but we’ve made some amazing art already! Last week we made flowers, using straws and paper, and this week was friendly snakes! I wonder what we’ve got in store next Wednesday.

Play Room – Cafe

In the play room the café has had lots of customers so the children wrote the specials on the board and put up some signs. The customers have been using different coins and notes to pay for their food. The waiters have been writing down orders and operating the till in our busy café.

Sensory Room – Patterns and Matching

In the sensory room the children have been exploring pattern. They found different patterns around the room and even on their shoes. They used paint and play-dough to create their own patterns using different objects.

There has also been lots of sorting and matching in the sensory room, it started with the children helping to wash all the water toys and then sort and match them. The matching continued and some of the children found and matched letters to make words and some of the children were matching numbers.

Numeracy – Size and Measuring

The children have been measuring and comparing sizes outside. They built towers of different heights and compared them with their own heights. They also compared the distances the cars were rolling, how far they could throw and the sizes of their hands.

Catrine Primary School – Fund

The school is looking for parent representation for the school fund. The committee will meet approximately 4 times per year. The committee discusses all income and expenditure of the fund which will be shared with all parents. If you are interested in becoming an active participant, please call the school office on 01290 551436 for more information or to put your name forward.

Thank you.

Reading Comprehension

We have been working on our reading skills in the Rainbow Room. Reading strategies such as using the picture for clues and sounding out helped us to answer  some comprehension questions about our book. We also used the question and the text to help us form our answers. We all got stickers for doing so well and answering in sentences. We will continue to work on this very important skill.