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Primary 2/3 and our school Ukulele Group performed their Scottish poems and songs to visitors at the community hub yesterday.  They were fantastic, WELL DONE! Primary 2’s said their poem Mince and Tatties and P3 said Twa Leggit Mice, we all sang ‘Ye Canny Shove Yer Grannie Aff a Bus.’ We had a wonderful performance of Auld Lang Syne with the ukulele club leading on music.  What a fantastic show of talent from the boys and girls at Catrine!

Primary 3/4’s Magic Classroom

Primary 3/4’s Magic Classroom

This week P3/4 have been learning about the different ways we can learn.  We discussed the different types of learners: visual, auditory or kinaesthetic and the pupils completed a quiz to find out what type of learner they are. In order to suit all learning styles we decided to change the classroom into a ‘Magic Classroom’, where the children have the responsibility to choose the place they work best. We have set up different workstations around the class, some with music, quiet areas, beanbags and clipboards, and the children are really enjoying exploring these!

Burn’s week

Please see below what poems we are learning for Burn’s Week:

Class                        Poem

Primary 1                 The Wee Rid Motor

Primary 2                Mince + Tatties

Primary 3                Twa Leggit Mice

Primary 4                The Sair Finger

Primary 5                To A Mouse

Primary 6                The Gloomy Night is Gathering Fast

Primary 7                The Twa Dogs


imageA big thank you to Kyle and Kacee’s Mum who has been in helping us sort our brand new furniture.  This was gifted to the school and we are continuing to look to extend our parental partnerships.  Please contact the school if you are able to come in and help.

imageimageWe are purchasing new literacy and numeracy resources and are looking to re-organise our spare classrooms.  All help gratefully received.

Ukulele Group – performance at Catrine Community Hub Wednesday 25 January 2017

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Netball Tournament – Cumnock Academy, Tuesday 24 January

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Another Great Day!

img_8720 img_8741

 Our first activity was to climb up a massive mountain that used to be an active volcano. We got very wet… But we all still enjoyed it!!

Today Erin and Gemma got to go and explore the caves under Culzean Castle. The next group will go and do the same thing tomorrow.                       By Ewan ,Max and Martha.

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