Outdoor Learning

Primary 4/5 enjoyed representing simple fractions outside with natural resources. This activity allowed us to demonstrate our understanding of numerator and denominator that we had been learning in class.


P7 Fundraising – Dress Down Day

P7 are organising a dress down day on Thursday 6th February, to raise money to buy their leavers hoodies. If you’re  participating there will be a contribution of £1 paid through Parent Pay. We are having it this Thursday as it is the last day before the February holidays. Thank you for your support.

Aimee and Sophie

February – questionnaire

Every month in our Home Circles at Catrine Primary School, and in the Welcome Groups at Catrine ECC, we will be focussing on one of our Catrine Values to ensure that our pupils have a solid understanding of them.

Our Values are – Ambition, Determination, Fairness, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility and Teamwork.

We would appreciate your views on what Respect means to you and your family.

Responses will be collated and displayed around our school and ECC to show a shared understanding of our Catrine Values from all stakeholders – pupils, parents and staff.

Thank you.

P3/4 STEM Homework (Wk bg 3rd Feb)

As part of our STEM week in school, we will be focusing our homework on our Leaders Award challenge.  This challenge allows children to be creative and become inventors! At home please discuss with your child a problem that could be solved with a creative invention eg a melting lollipop, running goggles, trollies that help you lift heavy shopping.  In school, the children will then design their invention and write a pitch letter.  These will then be entered into the Scottish Engineering Leaders Award 2020.

Good luck and have fun!


Catrine can Ceilidh!

What a fantastic night we had last night at our very first Catrine Primary School Ceilidh!  Thank you to all who came along and joined in with the dances or encouraged from the side lines.  It was amazing to see all ages laughing and having a great time dancing to our live band and our choir did us proud and sang beautifully.

See you all next year!


Scots Verse Recital – celebrations

What a wonderful celebration at Catrine P.S. this afternoon. Take a look at our winners:

Primary 2 – 1st place Lucy, 2nd Bette, 3rd Lenore

Primary 3 – 1st place Ewan, 2nd Josh L, 3rd Marley

Primary 4 – 1st place Ava, 2nd Lexie, 3rd Cooper

Primary 5 – 1st place Kay-cee, 2nd Calvin, 3rd Lauren

Primary 6 – 1st place Daryl, 2nd Lucy, 3rd Kaci

Primary 7 – 1st place Eve, 2nd Kiera, 3rd Tommy

Overall winner – Daryl Primary 6

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P5/6 Visit to the Institute

P5/6 had a lovely visit to the institute this morning.  We made shortbread as part of our Scottish month theme.  We were all surprised at how easy it was to make and it tasted delicious.  The children all have a copy of the recipe so why not give it a try at home!

Primary 7 – MSP visit

Primary 7 received a visit from regional MSP Brian Whittle last week as part of their Scottish Parliament topic. During the visit the class learned about the job of an MSP and got to ask lots of questions. Brian was very entertaining, funny and honest. The class learned a lot and found it a very interesting session.

Catrine PS and ECC – Curriculum Rationale

In line with the review of our Vision, Values and Aims, all staff at both Catrine PS and ECC have been involved in updating our Curriculum Rationale. 

Our Curriculum Rationale is unique to Catrine, and it highlights ‘What we want for our children and young people, and how we are going to work together to achieve this’.

All staff were consulted and answers collated to emphasise our priorities to ensure excellence in teaching and learning experiences.

The words in the border around our Curriculum Rationale highlight the authority and national guidelines and priorities which guide our practice, and the key elements of

A Curriculum for Excellence which drives our planning and assessment.

I am pleased and proud to share our Curriculum Rationale with you.

Mrs Govans

curriculum rationale

Primary 4/5 Spelling Words

Capital Letters

  1. Blackpool
  2. afternoon
  3. shampoo
  4. include
  5. excuse
  6. truthful
  7. cushion
  8. chewing
  9. glue
  10. Tuesday
  11. fluent
  12. secure

Full Stops

  1. cook
  2. booked
  3. school
  4. football
  5. include
  6. secure
  7. June
  8. cuboid
  9. numeracy
  10. chewing
  11. fluent
  12. Tuesday

P5/6 Spelling Words

Week 4 – Spelling Rules

Blue group – determination, information, participation, multiplication, evaluation, partitioning, compensation, visualisation, missing, willing

Red Group – addition, ambition, nation, station, partial, location, fuss, miss, will

Remember your jotter on Thursday for your spell check.

Family Ceilidh – Thursday 30th November 6.30pm- 8.30pm

Image result for family ceilidh cartoon

We are really looking forward to our family Ceilidh on Thursday! The band have been rehearsing and have a great selection of dances for us including Dashing White Sergeant, Strip the Willow, Canadian Barn dance and many more.  Don’t worry if you don’t know the dances,  the band will walk through all the dances for you and I’m sure the children will keep you right.  We will be entertained by our P6 and P7 choir and light refreshments will be available.

If you don’t have your tickets yet, please go to ParentPay where adult tickets cost £2 and a 1p charge will secure a child ticket.

See you at 6.30pm for a great night of dancing!