Primary 7 Transition Day

On Friday 6th March Primary 7 went to Cumnock Academy for their first transition day in preparation for moving to the Robert Burns Academy. First we went into the hall and got organised into our groups and went to the first activity. We had to write and draw a bit about ourselves and complete a Pupil Passports. The second activity was PSE with Miss Carrington and we talked and wrote about our hopes and fears about moving to the academy. Thirdly we had Art Therapy and that’s where we draw what you’re feeling. Some people were feeling scared and nervous whereas other people were feeling happy and excited. After that we went along to the next activity which was about Mental Health. We talked about things that have a positive and negative impact on mental health then we wrote down some things that make us happy. The last activity we did was LGBT. We did a matching game with words and their meanings. Then we talked about what the words meant and then we took a quiz. After that we went back into the hall, got our full class and went onto the bus to go home. We enjoyed the day and met lots of new friends. We are looking forward to our transition days in June.

By Erin and Jack P7

Ye Cannae Shove Yer Granny Aff A Bus!

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Last Wednesday the 4th of March the whole school went to the hall to watch a theatre production called “Ye Cannae Shove Yer Granny Aff A Bus”. It was performed by the Take Away Theatre Co. The play was about a teenage girl called Hazel McTavish who wanted to become a YouTube star. She didn’t like going to her gran’s house because she thought her gran was boring. When she was on the bus one day she was talking to the bus driver about how she didn’t want to go to her gran’s because she was so boring. The bus driver told her to talk to her gran because there could be more to her that she doesn’t know. Hazel then spoke to her gran who asked her about her YouTube subscribers. Hazel said that she didn’t have that many subscribers and she needed a big video to get more and that’s when they came up the plan to shove her granny aff a bus! The video was a big hit and people loved it. The moral of the story was to make the time to speak to older people as you don’t always know them until you talk to them. We thought the show was really funny and entertaining, it was a great morning.

By Emily and Summer P7

Primary 6 and 7 – MSP visit

Primary 6 and 7 received a visit from MSP Jeane Freeman on Friday to finish their learning about the Scottish Parliament. Jeane Freeman is the MSP for Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley and is the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport. During the visit the pupils got to ask lots of questions and learned a lot about the job of an MSP. It was a very interesting session!

Dolphin House Day 4

We had a great last day at Dolphin House orienteering and toasting marshmallows on a beach fire. It was a great last lunch with pizza and ice-cream sundaes, we will really miss Jen’s cooking. We spent some time reflecting on our week and what we had achieved, and signed the Dolphin House guest book. It has been a fantastic experience!

P7 Dolphin House Trip

Primary 7 pupils are very excited and looking forward to their residential trip to Dolphin House next week. The pupils have worked together to design and paint a flag which will be flown during their stay at Dolphin House. They have made a great job of this and the finished flag looks great.

Look out for daily updates next week to see what the pupils are getting up to!

ECC Residential Trip to Pitlochry

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Wow!!! What an experience!!! For our children, families AND staff!!!

This week, from Monday to Wednesday, 8 families and 3 staff members from Catrine ECC travelled by coach to the beautiful small town of Pitlochry. This exciting trip was funded by Hostelling Scotland where we stayed for 2 nights with some of our 3 and 4yr olds. ECC staff worked together to plan a fun filled itinerary for the 3 days which involved activities such as, den building, toasting marshmallows on the fire, scavenger hunts, Bookbug and much, much more.

Our slideshow highlights just some of the great opportunities and activities that we participated in.

                  Thanks to everyone involved, including EAC LOST staff for their advice and training,  and all who came along to East Ayrshire’s FIRST EVER Early Years residential trip.



Primary 7 – Blair Drummond Safari Park Trip

Primary 7 had a great day at Blair Drummond Safari Park yesterday for their last ever primary school trip! After a long journey the pupils enjoyed seeing all the animals on the safari drive, but were glad to finally get off the bus to explore the rest of the park. The highlights of the day included the Astraglide, the sea lion show, playing in the adventure park after lunch, the Flying Fox, pedal boats and boat safari to see the chimps. We all had a fantastic time and were so glad that the rain didn’t make an appearance as forecast.

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Primary 7 STEAM Transition Day

Yesterday eleven Primary 7 pupils attended the STEAM Transition Day at Dumfries House which was organised by Auchinleck Academy. The pupils  had the opportunity to experience five STEAM  workshops throughout the day: Science, Technical, Computing, Maths and Art. The day was a great chance for the pupils to meet and make friends with pupils from other primary schools, to get to know teachers from the academy, to  learn lots and have fun too!

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Primary 7 Touch Rugby Festival

Well done to all of the Primary 7 pupils who competed in the Touch Rugby Festival at the Barony Campus in Cumnock today. The pupils demonstrated great teamwork and had good fun! The girls and boys competed against Auchinleck, Mauchline and Ochiltree and faced some very tough competition. Congratulations to the girls who were runners up and were each awarded a medal for their effort. Great work everyone!

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East Ayrshire Netball Festival

Well done to all of the P6 and P7 pupils who competed in the East Ayrshire Netball Festival at Cumnock Academy today. The pupils worked very well together as a team and had great fun playing against other schools. They won 4 games, lost 3 and came in 5th place overall. Great effort everyone!

Primary 7 – Sleeping Beauty

Primary 7 had a great time watching the pantomime ‘Sleeping Beauty’ at the Palace Theatre in Kilmarnock yesterday. The class thought that the pantomime was entertaining, funny and a brilliant day out!

Primary 7 – Michael Morpurgo Exhibition

Primary 7 visited the Michael Morpurgo: A Lifetime in Stories exhibition at the Dick Institute in Kilmarnock today. The class have been reading War Horse by Michael Morpurgo as part of the First World War topic, and particularly enjoyed the War Horse section of the exhibition. The pupils were given a guided tour of the whole exhibition and got the opportunity to take part in drama activities, write their own stories and even dress up.

The class were then able to visit the other exhibitions in the museum where they could see some memorabilia from the First World War. One item of particular interest was a copy of the Kilmarnock Standard from the 16th November 1918. The newspaper included the death notice for Gunner John McKinnell from Catrine, whose name is on the Catrine war memorial and was read out at our remembrance service last week.

The class had a great morning, and learned a lot from this great visit.




Primary 7 – World War 1 Battlefields Experience

Yesterday  Mr Lynch and pupils from Auchinleck Academy (including two of our former pupils, Niamh and Robert) visited Primary 7 to share their World War 1 Battlefields experience with the class. The Auchinleck Academy pupils delivered a fantastic presentation to tell the class all about their recent trip to France and Belgium. Primary 7 were very interested in listening to their stories, and learned a lot from this visit. The class would like to thank Mr Lynch and the pupils for all their hard work in preparing their presentation, and for taking the time to come and speak to them.


Primary 5/6 – Heads of Ayr Farm Park Trip

The sun was shining on Thursday for our summer trip to Heads of Ayr Farm Park. Primary 5/6 enjoyed the Play Barn, visiting the shop, seeing all the different animals, playing on the trampolines and bouncy pillows. Despite the hungry seagulls at lunch time, we all had a great day!

Danger Detectives 2018

Primary 6 pupils had great fun yesterday at Danger Detectives. They took part in interactive activities to raise awareness of potential dangers in our environment, and to learn about ways of keeping themselves safe. Activities included:

  • Internet safety
  • Fire safety
  • Countryside safety
  • Safety on public transport
  • Hazard House
  • Road safety
  • Flood prevention

The activities taught pupils to become more aware of personal safety both indoors and outside, to learn how to react to dangerous situations, to know what role the emergency services play and to make a contribution towards reducing both crime and accidents. It was a very worthwhile event. Continue reading “Danger Detectives 2018”

P5/6 visit to the Cevic Centre

Primary 5/6 enjoyed their visit to the Cevic Centre today. We started the morning by designing our own gardens – Eryn and Chloe won a prize for their great designs. We then went into the garden where we planted seeds, learned about bees and went on a scavenger hunt!

Primary 6/7 visit to New Lanark



Primary 6/7 were very excited during their trip to New Lanark. They first enjoyed exploring the school house and how life was for the school children at the mill. Next we had lunch and after that we went on the Annie McLeod experience ride. It took us on a virtual journey through the life and work of Annie. Finally we went on a guided tour, where we were all told many interesting facts about the life and times of Robert Owen the mill owner.

Primary 5/6 New Lanark Trip

Primary 5/6 had a great time at New Lanark this week when they went back in time to find out what life would have been like in a working mill. They visited the Robert Owen School for Children, learned lots on a guided tour of the mill and particularly enjoyed the Annie McLeod ride. It was an excellent day!



Red group visits the Cevic Centre.

The red group visited The Cevic Centre where we made rainbows by cutting our paper plate in half, painting a yellow sun and adding coloured tissue paper to make our rainbow.  We also listened to a rainbow story which we really liked as it had shiny stars in it.  On our walk to the Cevic we heard a cockerel and on the way back we did very well recognising the numbers on the doors.  We had lots of fun and had a brilliant morning!