Play on the Longest Day

As part of our Play on the Longest Day celebrations, Primary 1 and Primary 2/3 decided to make the most of the nice weather and explore the outdoors. We talked about the skills that we develop through play.

Here are some of their ideas…

‘We were being creative.’ Bette

‘We were learning to solve mysteries.’ Kiara

‘If someone falls we help them up.’ Olly

‘We share with each other.’ Lexi

‘Being kind to each other and if you fall out you can help each other to sort it out.’ Ellie

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Scottish Junior Cup Visit from Talbot 🏆

We were so excited to once again welcome 13 times Scottish Junior Cup winners Auchinleck Talbot to our school.  The children asked former pupil Captain Wullie Lyle lots of interesting questions.  Jamie asked how heavy the cup was and was very lucky to be given the chance to hold it! Thanks so much to Mr Chisholm and Ava’s dad for bringing in the cup again…maybe we will see them again next year 🤞

Avalon’s Outdoor Learning Day

On Wednesday 12th June Avalon had their final Outdoor Learning Day which was Improving School Grounds.

At first we got into 2 groups, one went with Mrs Schendel and the other group went with Mrs Watt and Mrs Goudie. Declan and I were in the same group and we started off with digging up the muck so there wasn’t any big lumps, after we stopped digging we started planting sweet peas. We all worked as a big team. Then it was break. After break we swapped over then my group went with Mrs Schendel and made bird feeders. We made the bird food by using lard and bird seeds. At first we melted the lard until it was liquid. Then we got the bird seeds and put them into a bowl then poured the melted lard into the bird seeds. After that we mixed them all together, put them in cupcake cases and then put them in the fridge so they would harden because we were going to hang them from the trees. Then we were finished and it was time to tidy up, Overall Avalon had a great morning.

By Courtney

Marneil’s Outdoor Learning Day

On Wednesday 12th June Marneil had their last Outdoor Learning Session which was den building. First we got all the equipment we needed for building our dens, then we went over to the grassy area outside and got the equipment we needed to build our individual dens. It took us a while to build some of our dens, some were big and some were small. After we created our dens, we went to the infant playground to drink some hot chocolate that Miss McLean and Mrs Ferguson made. Then we finished off our dens and we got to play in them for a bit! Eventually we had to destroy and put everything away that was once our dens. When we were finished tidying up we took the younger ones back to their classes and got on with the rest of our day! We had a great morning even though it was pretty windy but we enjoyed it a lot and we made some pretty cool dens!

By Khyla and Carley

Whiteflat’s Outdoor Learning Day

On Wednesday the 12th June Whiteflat had their last outdoor learning day. We were doing Digital Learning and were making iMovie’s. First we went up to Miss Weir’s class to talk about what we were going to do for the day.

We got sorted into groups and we headed outside to plan everything out. All the groups got their little space to get to work. All the groups were progressing massively with their movies and we got ready for when it was shooting time after break. Once we got back the group leaders got all the props and it was filming time.

Everyone’s movie was great, very entertaining, had a lot of action and great sound effects to match the filming. It was so fun! We showed our finished movie’s to the rest of the school at Home Circles.

from your Captain and Vice Tyler and Paige.


Ayrbank Outdoor Learning Day 12/06/19

On Wednesday 12th of June it was our last outdoor learning session. This time Ayrbank were painting summer season stones.

We started talking about some ideas that we could put on our stones. After that Mrs Ferguson came to get us because we never got a chance to have some hot chocolate a few months ago when we had our first outdoor learning day. We first had to heat up the water for our hot chocolate. We set a fire and sat a Kelly kettle on it and then we added our hot water to our chocolate powder. While we were drinking our delicious hot chocolate we talked about fire safety and what a fire needs to be alive.

Then we had to take the things for painting outside and get split into groups. After that it was break time. When we came back in from break, we started to paint our stones. We used acrylic paint on our stones; we were painting butterflies, bumbles bees and lots of other things to do with summer. Then we did a scavenger hunt for things we could find around the school grounds. When we had finished that we made happy faces out of natural objects and unhappy faces out of unnatural objects like plastic. Plastic is not good for the environment so “don’t just chuck it, put it in the bucket!” Then we went for lunch. Overall we all had an amazing day and it was really enjoyable.

By Captain and Vice-Captain of Ayrbank,

Cadence and Aidan

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Summer of Sport

Auchinleck, Drongan and Muirkirk Summer of Sport holiday clubs involve a variety of fun, developmental sports, games and other fun activities for primary 1 to 7 children. Booking is ESSENTIAL! Follow the link on the poster for info and to book your childs place on the dates they will attend.

Please click on the link below for further information:




Play on the longest day

Tomorrow all classes will be involved in activities to ‘Play on the longest day’. All pupils can come to school dressed in sporty clothing to take part in these activities. Please make sure that there are no football colours and that pupils are dressed suitably for the weather.

P6 Big Camp Out

Primary 6 pupils fought off the midges to have a fantastic night camping in the grounds of the school.

The pupils and staff took part in lots of activities to improve our school grounds, such as planting, making bird feeders and looking at bugs in our environment.  They enjoyed hot dogs and soup as well as toasting marshmallows round a campfire.  Everyone enjoyed a very competitive game of rounders followed by a yoga story before heading to their tents.  It was very exciting to be sleeping out with friends and there was lots of giggling coming from the tents.

We managed a little sleep before waking up with the birds and enjoying some breakfast before packing up camp and heading home.

A huge thank you to Lorna and Caroline and all of the team at LOST for giving us this amazing experience.


P2/3 Blair Drummond trip!

What a fantastic day was had by all at Blair Drummond Safari Park yesterday! We had a great time at the Sea Lion show, visiting Chimp Island,  spotting the animals and playing at the park. What a super day!

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P1 Blair Drummond Safari Park Trip🦒🐘

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Primary 1 had a fantastic day exploring Blair Drummond Safari Park. We drove through the Animal Reserve to see some of our favourite animals. After that we went to see Lola, in the Sea Lion show. We were very excited to visit the play park, followed by a trip on the boat to Chimp Island. Then we headed over to Lemur Land & finally we rounded our day off by having a shot on the Astroglide slide.

Blair Drummond Trip (P3/4)

What a fantastic day we all had yesterday at Blair Drummond Safari Park.  We loved seeing all the animals, especially the monkeys jumping on the buses!  We watched Lola, the sea lion, at the Sea Lion show and had great fun in the huge park.  We then went on a boat trip to Chimp Island and floated along in the Pedalos.  It was a brilliant day all round!

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