Easter Egg Competition

Once again our pupils have amazed us with their creativity and imagination and have done an amazing job of decorating their eggs. Every year we see new ideas and although there can be only one winner in each stage, the children should all be extremely proud of their creations.  Well done to all the winners who are pictured below.

ECC Closure – Thursday 23rd May 2019

Catrine Early Childhood Centre will be used as a polling station on Thursday 23rd May 2019 for the upcoming European Elections.

Therefore, the ECC will be closed to all children on that day.

All ECC children have been issued with a letter from Linda McAulay-Griffiths, Head of Education for East Ayrshire Council.

Please click on the link to view letter:

Catrine ECC – Euro Elections – 23 May 2019

Lego Goodies Arrive

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Some Lego Movie 2 merchandise arrived in school for our budding rocket engineers. The goodies were shipped to the P4/5 group who had their eco-rocket selected as a runner-up in a national Lego Competition.



End of Term 3

What a busy term this has been!

Our time in school has flown in since January, and we’ve been involved in so many amazing activities over the past three months, ranging from…

P7 Residential Trip to Dolphin House and swimming sessions

P6 at K’Nex Challenge,

P4/5 at Basketball

P5, P6 and P7 pupils voting in the Catrine Participatory Budget election

Committee Groups

Numeracy Open Morning

Scots Verse Afternoon

ECC Transition visits starting

Crazy Dress Down Day

P7 Transition visits starting

planting 210 saplings in our school grounds

and Catrine Community Council Litter Pick – to name but a few!!

I hope everyone has a lovely, restful holiday and I look forward to seeing all of our pupils returning on Monday 15th April ready to start another wonderful term of teaching and learning at Catrine ECC and Catrine PS.

Mrs Govans

Parents Afternoon/Evening

Thanks to everyone who came along to our Parents Afternoon/Evening on Wednesday.  It was lovely to celebrate the wonderful progress that all of our pupils have made throughout the course of the year.

As parents/carers were leaving, our Captains and Vice Captains asked them if they would like to write a wee comment about Catrine PS.  These comments are now displayed in the main entrance of our school as we are so proud of them!

Some of the comments are listed below ….

  • a happy place where kids want to be
  • great wee school
  • Catrine Primary is the best
  • I think Catrine Primary is a great school, full of promise for the pupils
  • very polite and mannerly
  • great to see Catrine Primary improving in all aspects – keep up the good work!
  • brilliant! Happy, positive and approachable staff – happy children and parents
  • good teachers – positive attitude
  • consistent improvement in the school – keep up the great work
  • great school – lovely staff – keep up the hard work
  • happy positive attitude – well done everyone
  • consistent improvement in the school

This last comment, in particular, was much appreciated by all members of staff at Catrine PS…

  • I am proud to be the parent of a child at Catrine PS

Thank you to everyone who commented – your support continues to make such a difference to the school.

Mrs Govans

ECC – Catrine Community Clean Up


This morning the ECC children joined in the Community Clean Up and headed out to pick up litter. They worked really hard and collected quite a few bags. Thank you to Tam McKinnon for involving the ECC and inspiring them to keep Catrine tidy.

Digital Learning

The digital learning committee were learning about Keynote. They created their own Keynotes, all about the people in their group.

Stuart and Kerr started to create an iMovie documenting our Digital Learning Journey so far. They have been interviewing the children and Mrs Govans about the use of Digital Technology within our school.

Inclusion Committee

The Inclusion Committee have been exploring different ways in which all children, no matter how they learn, can be included in school. We used the illustration below to help us understand what Inclusion means.

We have explored the difficulties children with dyslexia or autism may face and ways in which we can help and understand.

Yesterday we shared our learning with the whole school and highlighted how at Catrine Primary we work hard to ensure all pupils are included in learning.

DYW Committee group

Today we were making posters for  our Catch Your Career Festival and we were all working in trios. The Festival will have people from different companies and industries who will tell us all about their jobs and how they got the job. We will learn about the skills and qualities we need for different careers which will help us decide what we want to be when we are older.

On the day P4-7 pupils will work in groups to visit each workshop which means that pupils can ask questions too.

We will send out more information about dates and times after the Easter Holidays.

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by DYW Committee


Our Environment

P2/3 enjoyed our discussion with engineer George Burns about the environment and what we can do to protect it. Afterwards, we decided to head outside to explore our playground environment and made lists of the living and non-living things we found.

Take a look!

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Measuring Time!

Primary 3/4 went outside today to measure the length of two animals that we found in our reading book.  The animals were a Blue Whale and a Colossal Squid.  We used a measuring tape, metre stick and trundle wheel to measure them. We talked about which equipment we would use to measure different things.  We were amazed at the size of the sea creatures!

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Scotland are playing the Republic of Ireland in the Under 18 Schools Centenary Shield.  
The game is taking place at Somerset Park in Ayr kicking off at 7pm.
Entry is £5 for adults and £2 for concessions.
For further information, please click on the link below:

Scotland v Ireland Poster


K’nex Challenge.

Chelsea and Tommy went to Auchinleck Academy on Tuesday for the k’nex challenge.

We were asked to build a go- kart that was 30 cm wide and 10 to 20 cm high and it had to move forward and backwards , right and left and a steering mechanism.

It was fun and a good experience and we got sweeties and colouring pencils

By Tommy And Chelsea xxx

New Football Strips

Our new football strip was delivered today from Stuart at Donsport. They look FANTASTIC!! I’ve got a feeling Catrine Football Team will now be on a winning streak! Wish our team well!

Thank you to Arnold Clark Ford Kilmarnock who donated £450.00 towards our new strip.

P1 & P2/3 Fire and Rescue Visit

Today we had some visitors from the Fire Station in Kilmarnock.

We learned that fire fighters have to wear a helmet, a jacket, boots that are joined to trousers, gloves and a balaclava. They are made from a special material that means they don’t burn as quickly. We got to try some of them on.

If you see a fire you should call 999.

by Lee, Lexi, Caleb Davidson & Ellie


The Primary 6 and 7 girls have been doing amazing at their gymnastics after school club. They have been working on developing different skills to implement into their own sequence. They will be showcasing their sequences to the rest of the group next week. Well done girls!!

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