The Alien has landed at Catrine ECC

In the Green space we have been using our imaginations while we play with our friends, making mud pies, soup, cookies or even a salad at the mud kitchen. The children have been further developing their number skills by counting leaves. We have also been learning how to risk assess ourselves, by looking around the green space grass before we play.

An Alien has landed at Catrine ECC!

He/she has lost all his/her clothes and has forgotten his/her name! The children thought he/she needed some songs to welcome him/her to the ECC. They are now going to design a new coat for him/her and think up a new name.

The children have been learning about safety when the Kelly Kettle was being used. No one is allowed into the safety circle unless they are sitting down. After the children had toasted marshmallows and the fire sticks were cold, the children were able to mark marks on the wall. The children were also able to get a turn on the rope swing.

Exploring Road Safety

The children have been learning about road safety.

“You have to stop, look and listen before you cross the road”.

‘Look out for pedestrian crossings.’

‘ Always wear a seatbelt when we travel in a car or a bus.’

Road safety was explored through a variety of resources – table top games and drawing maps are only a few examples. The children also put their knowledge into good use when they were walking up to the primary school and back down again to the ECC.

ECC – Monkey Room and Outdoor Learning

We have been busy doing lots of active maths both inside and outside.

They have been using games like hopscotch to develop their number recognition, counting and ordering.

They have also been using natural objects such as pinecones and conkers to practice counting, estimating and matching amounts to the number.


The children had lots of sensory experiences while they were learning about mini-beasts and creating spiders with a variety of resources.

Looking for spiders and other insects in out autumn tray.


Learning the different names of the insects as we play a game of dominoes.

ECC – Halloween

In the ECC we had a Halloween day, many of the children dressed up and we hunted for bugs in the leaves and had a tray of worms to investigate. Some of the children help to carve a pumpkin and found out what is inside the pumpkin.

A selection of our fabulous costumes.

ECC – Monkey Room

In the Monkey Room the children had been talking about the bin lorry after they watched it emptying the ECC bins. They talked about the different bins that they had at home and how different things went into different bins. They found out that some rubbish can be re-cycled and made into new things and that they shouldn’t drop their litter outside.

Some of the children helped to makes signs for our bins so we know where to put our rubbish.
The children helped Janet to gather up the rubbish that can be recycled and put it in the big bin ready for collection.

ECC – Monkey Room/ Outdoors

Outdoors we have been using the ladders, planks and crates; working together to build them up.

We have been using the song box outside. We pick the song we want to sing using the props in the box.