People Who Help Us

The children have been learning about People who can help us through a variety of Stories, games and role-play activities. Before Easter the children met a firefighter, they now want to know more about the  Police  and Ambulance service.

ECC – Gruffalo Room

In the Gruffalo Room the children have enjoyed telling stories to each other – this develops their communication skills including pre-reading skills.

They have been doing lots of cutting and sticking-  this requires concentration and uses their fine motor skills.

Games such as Matching Pairs and Pack my Bag have been very popular.  The children are learning to take turns and working out the rules of the game. They need also need to focus and use their observation skills.

Songs and stories

The children were learning about songs and rhymes through books and songs. We were also learning about rhythm with the use of the lycra. 

The children were drawing snowmen and giving them a name for our snowman shuffle race which happens in December.

ECC – Halloween

In the ECC we had a Halloween day, many of the children dressed up and we hunted for bugs in the leaves and had a tray of worms to investigate. Some of the children help to carve a pumpkin and found out what is inside the pumpkin.

A selection of our fabulous costumes.

ECC – Gruffalo Room

The children had been watching the diggers outside the nursery, so in the Gruffalo Room we ended up with a construction site. They have worked on foundations, building up the brick work, plumbing and drinking lots of tea.

Laying out the bricks in the building site.
Team work to get the job done.