Spring into Summer

The nurture group have been out and about in the village looking at changes in the environment with a supposed change of season. We took some photographs to compare with our last Spring walk and saw some big changes. Pity about the weather!


Get Set Pet bottles

The Enterprise committee are trying to be pro-active when it comes to what we can do to keep our village clean and tidy. We were joined at our meeting this week by 2 workers from the Civic Centre to discuss how we can work together to make improvements. They told us all about what they had been doing to tackle issues and wanted to work in partnership with us. We also made a prototype of our ‘Get Set for your Pet’ bottles (see below) which we are going to put in areas of the village we have surveyed as having the biggest amounts of dog waste. They are bottles containing a message and some bags to encourage people to clean up after their dogs.

We would encourage anyone who sees or uses our bottles, to try and refill them every now and then. There are dog waste bags available from the Civic Centre. Thank you very much for your support.



Reading Comprehension

We have been working on our reading skills in the Rainbow Room. Reading strategies such as using the picture for clues and sounding out helped us to answer  some comprehension questions about our book. We also used the question and the text to help us form our answers. We all got stickers for doing so well and answering in sentences. We will continue to work on this very important skill.

Quality Conversations

A discussion on what we see in Spring.

We prepared for our writing lesson this week by having a discussion on what we see, hear, taste, smell and touch in Spring Time. This quality discussion was filmed in order for us to look back and listen to the content. All of the pupils involved received green cards for their quality contribution to the discussion and their application of what they had seen in real life contexts. e.g. our walks around the village.  Well done Boys and Girls! All this success before you even wrote your senses poems.

Lit 1-09a

When listening and talking with others for different purposes, I can exchange information, experiences, explanations, ideas and opinions, and clarify points by asking questions or by asking others to say more.


As I listen and take part in conversations and discussions, I discover new words and phrases which I use to help me express my ideas, thoughts and feelings.

P1 Visit to the Community Garden 🌻🌺🌿

On Wednesday 10th May we went a visit to the Community Garden. We went on a senses walk to see what different things we could find. We found some leaves that felt like velvet & we were smelling the plants and trees to see if we could guess what type they were. We also got to smell the different types of herbs & try some chives. We discovered that plants need soil, sunshine and water to grow.

A visit to the Voes


We went a walk around Catrine Voes on Tuesday morning and captured some lovely images of our village.





More Signs of Spring

We went for another walk in the village this week to check for further signs of Spring. Can you spot the difference?



Spring Planting

We are working really hard on independent writing in the Rainbow room. We often find it easiest to write using real life contexts so we wrote instructions after planting some shrubs outside. We drew pictures and wrote step by step instructions underneath.





Signs of Spring

The Nurture Class have been out and about in the village looking for signs of Spring. We are recording what we see in photographs in order to look for how things develop and change during the season. Please see photos below from todays walk. We also visited the fruit shop in the village to stock up on some of our favourite fruit for our healthy snack. Thank you to the very kind and patient lady who served us in the shop.

Literacy Activities

We had a variety of literacy activities to choose from in the Rainbow Room today. We are working hard on reading and writing and are trying to practise these in different ways.



This week in the Rainbow Room we were discussing what it means to have a sense of humour and Mrs Anderson led an activity about how laughter makes us feel and how it can help us relax. We even did some ‘Giggle’ yoga which made us feel great! We then wrote and illustrated some jokes during our writing lesson with a view to creating a joke book. We got some inspiration from the p7’s who researched some good jokes and came and shared them with us.  

Free Play in the Rainbow Room

We thought we would share some of the activities we enjoy choosing during our free play time in the Rainbow Room.

Rainbow Room – Walk Around Catrine

The Rainbow Room will be walking around Catrine each Tuesday from Tuesday 21 March – Tuesday 27 June to see seasonal changes and visit the local shops.

Please complete:

Easter Eggstravaganza


The Enterprise Committee are organising a number of Easter fundraising activities for the WB 27/3/17. There will be a Guess the Name of the Bunny contest available to purchase for 20p a try. There will also be an Easter Egg Hunt and a Bunny Drive with some super prizes up for grabs. Look out for further details.