Numeracy in P2

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P2 have been exploring how numbers are constructed. Some of us used part-whole models and the concrete materials to split our whole numbers into parts. Have a look!

Room on the Broom

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P2 and P1 worked in collaboration to design and then create a new broomstick for the witch from ‘Room on the Broom”. We had some very creative designs and had to use lots of skills such as communication, teamwork and problem solving to bring our ideas to life. We ended up with some very impressive and original brooms! Well done!

P2 Rain Gauges

This week P2 worked with local engineer George Burns to continue learning about the weather. We recycled some plastic water bottles and made our own ‘Rain Gauges’. We will be using them to measure the rainfall over the coming weeks and will record our findings in a bar chart!

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ECC – Monkey Room and Outdoor Learning

We have been busy doing lots of active maths both inside and outside.

They have been using games like hopscotch to develop their number recognition, counting and ordering.

They have also been using natural objects such as pinecones and conkers to practice counting, estimating and matching amounts to the number.

Primary 1

Today I did great number work. I made calculations with the sticks. Caleb D

Today I did 1 add 1 with the sticks and that equals 2. Olly

I was counting the Pom-poms and making cupcakes. Harry

I made my name using sticks. Lennox