Modern Languages Committee Group

This week the Modern Languages Committee Group learned about Easter traditions in France. We then had a French party! We tried some French food, played some games and then had a quiz. We have learned lots about French culture and vocabulary in our committee group sessions.

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Modern Languages Committee Group

Today we learned about Mardi Gras in our Committee Group. Mardi Gras (meaning ‘Fat Tuesday’), or Shrove Tuesday, is an annual celebration in France. It is also called ‘le carnaval’. People line the streets in carnival costumes and there are colourful parades, music and dance. The traditional colours of Mardi Gras are purple, gold and green.

Children take part in Mardi Gras by wearing fancy dress and masks in bright colours. We made our own Mardi Gras masks today and tasted some French crepes filled with chocolate.

Next time we will be learning about Easter in France, and will be having a French party!

Modern Languages Committee Group

Today we met for our second Committee Group session. We started off the morning by revising greetings and how to say ‘my name is’ in French. We also met Camembear who helped us with counting to 10 and saying colours in French. We then played parachute games in the gym hall to practise our vocabulary. Next time we will learn some more French vocabulary and will  plan our French party!

Modern Languages Committee Group

Today was our first Committee Group session.

We agreed that our aims are:

  • To develop an understanding of French vocabulary and culture.
  • To recognise similarities and differences between Scotland and France.
  • To work together to plan and organise a French party.

We learned how to use ‘bonjour’, ‘salut’ and ‘au revoir’ to greet people in French today, and how to say ‘my name is’. We were also learning about Christmas in France and learned lots of French Christmas vocabulary. We had a great morning!

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