Active Literacy

P2/3 have been having lots of fun using our new Active Literacy resources. The children have been learning lots of spelling strategies.

The strategies the children are taught are:-

  • Using phoneme knowledge (sounding out)
  • Syllabification – breaking words down into syllables. The children can clap to identify syllables e.g. go-ing/An-drew
  • Word shape Look at letter shape, size, ascending and descending letters
  • Compound words – Breaking the compound word into simple words e.g. into makes in and to
  • Mnemonic – e.g. because Big Elephants Can Add Up Sums Easily
  • Using Analogy – If you know how to spell mill you can spell will, fill etc
  • Words within words e.g. country – count  try
  • Spelling rules e.g. i before e except after c

At Home

When your child comes home with a list of words you can discuss the sound/phoneme used. You can discuss with them which strategy they use to help them remember to spell each word.

Have fun!

Miss McLean & P2/3


Have a Big Talk Summer

In the ECC, Primary 1 and Primary 2 we are continuing to work on the development of our talking and listening skills using Word Aware and Big Talk. We have prepared a small pack of homework for the Summer holidays related to things you may be doing or discussing at home. We ask that you discuss and take a few short notes on the words and topics we have provided at some point during the Summer holiday just to keep up the good work you have been doing throughout the session. We are beginning to see the impact this has had and are continuing to work with Speech and Language Therapy in order to measure this formally.

We would like you to discuss the following broad general topics during the holiday in addition to the sheets provided:

  1. Talk about the season of Summer
  2. Talk about Nature in Summer.

Miss Burleigh and Mrs Campbell

Flat Stanley Book Study

Primary 3/4 have been reading the book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown.  In one of the chapters Flat Stanley turns himself into a kite for his brother Arthur. This inspired us to create kites of our own. We used ICT to research how to make kites and discussed materials we thought would be good to use.  We then worked in groups or individually to make our kites.

This afternoon the weather was perfect for flying kites so we went outside to test them out. We were surprised that the kites made from sugar paper flew better than those made from crepe paper or tissue paper.  We discovered the shorter you made the string the better our kites flew.

Afterwards we evaluated our lessons using The Excellent Lesson. We decided it covered lots of points including thinking creatively, investigating and solving problems, using different resources including ICT, learning outdoors, linking with other subjects and many more.

Quality Conversations

A discussion on what we see in Spring.

We prepared for our writing lesson this week by having a discussion on what we see, hear, taste, smell and touch in Spring Time. This quality discussion was filmed in order for us to look back and listen to the content. All of the pupils involved received green cards for their quality contribution to the discussion and their application of what they had seen in real life contexts. e.g. our walks around the village.  Well done Boys and Girls! All this success before you even wrote your senses poems.

Lit 1-09a

When listening and talking with others for different purposes, I can exchange information, experiences, explanations, ideas and opinions, and clarify points by asking questions or by asking others to say more.


As I listen and take part in conversations and discussions, I discover new words and phrases which I use to help me express my ideas, thoughts and feelings.

Literacy Activities

We had a variety of literacy activities to choose from in the Rainbow Room today. We are working hard on reading and writing and are trying to practise these in different ways.


Literacy themed Fundraiser

The Enterprise group are working with Mrs Campbell and Mrs McMahon from EAST in order to fundraise. We are using an Easter theme but our activities all have a Literacy twist. We hope to use any money raised to purchase some new literacy resources- including a Word Aware book for each class, a computer programme for images and symbols and a set of Co-Build Dictionaries. This should help us to develop our Word Aware approach fully throughout the school. Dates and details will be advertised through the main school blog and look out for our posters around the school.

The 5 Minute Box

To help improve Literacy we have many pupils working on sounds and spelling using a resource called ‘The 5 Minute Box’. This consists of a variety of focussed literacy activities that pupils complete for a short period every day in order to revise and reinforce sounds, letter names and spelling patterns. A record is kept for each child and this helps us to gauge the impact it is having, which I am pleased to say is proving so far so good!