Committee for Inclusion

Today in our committee group we explored what the term inclusion means and what that looks like at Catrine Primary. We looked at the difference between inclusion, exclusion, segregation and integration and then made models to represent them.

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We had lots of discussion about how we can ensure everyone at Catrine Primary is included and supported in their learning.

We also had a visit from the Digital Learning Committee who demonstrated immersive reader and how it can be used to support our learning.

Inclusion committee group.

Our aims are to

  • Inspire others to think differently.
  • encourage people to be themselves.
  • to help people understand what inclusion means.
  • To make sure everyone feels equal and able to get the support that they need
  • include others.
  • to ensure everyone has the confidence to ask for help.

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Today we we learned about gender stereotypes in toys and how we can make sure everyone’s able to play with what they want.


The Inclusion Committee