Today at digital learning committee we did…

Today at digital learning we were doing some work on Chatter Pix .

We used pictures that were on the wall  and we also used things like chairs and computers too. We also used a 3D printer 🖨 . We learned how to mirror our work on the iPads on to the Promethean board.

Some of us used a robot 🤖 called Dash, we connected him to the Promethean board to make him talk, walk and make noises .

We also used the computers to do hour of code .

by Aimee & Hollie

Digital Learning Week – Cyberbuddy

As part of Digital Learning Week 2019, we had the Hopscotch Theatre Company visit the school yesterday. We were learning all about internet safety and the best ways to stay safe online. We learned that you should never give out your personal information & that you should always tell an adult if something happens online.

Digital Learning

The digital learning committee were learning about Keynote. They created their own Keynotes, all about the people in their group.

Stuart and Kerr started to create an iMovie documenting our Digital Learning Journey so far. They have been interviewing the children and Mrs Govans about the use of Digital Technology within our school.

Digital Learning

Today we were learning about the use of QR codes and Keynote.  The  P1 children in our committee chose some of their favourite books from the reading area in their class. Some of the older children then created iMovies of them reading the book. They then uploaded their video into a Sway, copied the link and created a QR code. They then stuck the QR code on to the book. This allowed the other children to scan the code and have an audio recording of the book read to them. The P1 children had great fun listening to the stories this afternoon. The rest of the committee designed their own characters and created an animation using Keynote.


Digital Learning Committee Update

Today the Digital Learning Committee joined up with the Inclusion Committee. They demonstrated to all of the members in the Inclusion Committee and some of the teachers how  Immersive Reader can be used to support their learning.  The Primary 7 children can’t wait to show Mrs McKenna the new translate function, to help with their French.

We then went on to look at Internet Safety in preparation for Safer Internet day on Tuesday 5th February. The children have prepared a SWAY to share the importance of Internet Safety with everyone at home, a PowerPoint to share with the learners at assembly and posters to put up around the school.

Digital Learning Committee

Today we met for the first time. We had a group discussion about applying for our Digital Schools Award and what we need to work on.

We learned about a new tile on GLOW called Office 365. We went in to Word and used the Immersive reader feature. Immersive reader has built in overlays and can help to support your reading in different ways. It can read your writing back to you, it can also show you different parts of speech and it can split words into syllables.

Courtney, Stuart and Kerr