Ayrbank Outdoor Learning Day 12/06/19

On Wednesday 12th of June it was our last outdoor learning session. This time Ayrbank were painting summer season stones.

We started talking about some ideas that we could put on our stones. After that Mrs Ferguson came to get us because we never got a chance to have some hot chocolate a few months ago when we had our first outdoor learning day. We first had to heat up the water for our hot chocolate. We set a fire and sat a Kelly kettle on it and then we added our hot water to our chocolate powder. While we were drinking our delicious hot chocolate we talked about fire safety and what a fire needs to be alive.

Then we had to take the things for painting outside and get split into groups. After that it was break time. When we came back in from break, we started to paint our stones. We used acrylic paint on our stones; we were painting butterflies, bumbles bees and lots of other things to do with summer. Then we did a scavenger hunt for things we could find around the school grounds. When we had finished that we made happy faces out of natural objects and unhappy faces out of unnatural objects like plastic. Plastic is not good for the environment so “don’t just chuck it, put it in the bucket!” Then we went for lunch. Overall we all had an amazing day and it was really enjoyable.

By Captain and Vice-Captain of Ayrbank,

Cadence and Aidan

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Greame Obree

Today Greame Obree visited our school to talk to us. At first Helen showed us a video about his life.  After that Helen told us about the race that is going through Catrine and he is going to be in it.  Then he was talking about his school life and that he wanted to be an explorer.  At the end we asked him questions.

Thanks Greame and Helen.

Cadence Gardiner