P5/6 Visit to the AM Brown Institute

p5/6 had a great morning at the institute as part of the Connecting Generations project. We made our own pizza bases from flour, salt, olive oil and water then topped them with a rainbow of different coloured vegetables.  For many of us we tried some vegetables that we have never tried before!

While our pizzas were cooking we decorated some cookies to make monster faces  and then we got to eat what we had made. Our pizzas and cookies were delicious!

Ayrbank outdoor learning

Ayrbank went a walk around the village our teachers were Mrs Schendel, Mrs Watt and Miss Robertson. Our aims were to look for signs of Autumn and to look at how humans are impacting on our planet.  We went to the voes. We had a sticky label to stick different coloured leaves we saw red,brown,green and orange leaves to show signs of autumn. We saw lots of black berries to eat. Then we went to the weir where the Salmon jump up the ladder to go up the river to lay their eggs. Other signs of Autumn we saw were seeds from different trees fallen on the ground, like acorns and chestnuts.  The Rowan trees were full of red berries that the birds like to eat.

We found lots of ways in which humans are spoiling our planet by dropping litter and spray painting trees.  And people have been smashing glass, which could hurt people if they fall or animals if the walk on it.

by Abbie and Morgan

AM Brown Institute Visits

As part of the Connecting Generations project our pupils will be visiting the Institute to take part in a variety of activities such as cooking and weaving.

Each class from P2 to P7 will make five visits throughout the year.  The visits will take place on a Friday morning.

Please check the timetable below to see what dates your child will be involved.  Please ensure your child has appropriate clothing for the weather as they will be walking to and from the Institute.  Pupils should also take a snack.

Pupils must have returned their permission form for the walks around Catrine to take part in these visits.

To view when your child is taking part in the Institute visits please click on the link below:

Institute Visit Timetable

Scottish Junior Cup Visit from Talbot 🏆

We were so excited to once again welcome 13 times Scottish Junior Cup winners Auchinleck Talbot to our school.  The children asked former pupil Captain Wullie Lyle lots of interesting questions.  Jamie asked how heavy the cup was and was very lucky to be given the chance to hold it! Thanks so much to Mr Chisholm and Ava’s dad for bringing in the cup again…maybe we will see them again next year 🤞

P6 Big Camp Out

Primary 6 pupils fought off the midges to have a fantastic night camping in the grounds of the school.

The pupils and staff took part in lots of activities to improve our school grounds, such as planting, making bird feeders and looking at bugs in our environment.  They enjoyed hot dogs and soup as well as toasting marshmallows round a campfire.  Everyone enjoyed a very competitive game of rounders followed by a yoga story before heading to their tents.  It was very exciting to be sleeping out with friends and there was lots of giggling coming from the tents.

We managed a little sleep before waking up with the birds and enjoying some breakfast before packing up camp and heading home.

A huge thank you to Lorna and Caroline and all of the team at LOST for giving us this amazing experience.


Sports Day

We were so lucky that the sun shone for our Sports Day last week!  What a fantastic morning.  Well done to all the children (and adults!) who took part.  Once again our pupils impressed us with their sportsmanship, encouragement and determination.  Well done everyone!


Walk To School Week 20th – 24th May 2019

Next week is our Walk To School Week which starts on the 20th of May. We would like to try and get each pupil participating, here are this years themes.

Monday-Walk to school wearing sunglasses or shorts.

Tuesday-Walk to school wearing happy shoes.

Wednesday-Walk to school wearing a fun hat.

Thursday-Walk to school with crazy hair.

Friday-Walk to school wearing odd socks.

If you don’t have any of the specific items don’t worry this is just an extra to encourage pupils to walk to school.

From Pupil Council


National Numeracy Day 15th March 2019

East Ayrshire Council are an official champion organisation for National Numeracy Day being celebrated on Wednesday 15th May 2019.

National Numeracy Day is  a positive, celebratory annual event that helps improve numeracy levels in the UK and reframe attitudes to numbers.

The mission of National Numeracy Day is to raise the awareness of the importance of numbers in everyone’s lives and encourage action to increase numeracy levels across the UK.

Call to Action:

National Numeracy Day 2019 are encouraging everyone in the UK to take one simple step towards improved confidence with numbers, by taking the National Numeracy Challenge.  To access the challenge and have a go follow this link:


Easter Egg Competition

Once again our pupils have amazed us with their creativity and imagination and have done an amazing job of decorating their eggs. Every year we see new ideas and although there can be only one winner in each stage, the children should all be extremely proud of their creations.  Well done to all the winners who are pictured below.

Inclusion Committee

The Inclusion Committee have been exploring different ways in which all children, no matter how they learn, can be included in school. We used the illustration below to help us understand what Inclusion means.

We have explored the difficulties children with dyslexia or autism may face and ways in which we can help and understand.

Yesterday we shared our learning with the whole school and highlighted how at Catrine Primary we work hard to ensure all pupils are included in learning.

World Book Day – Thursday 7th March

World Book day is upon us again and this year we are spreading the word of the importance of sharing stories for just 10 minutes a day, anywhere, anytime.  In school teachers will be swapping classes to read stories to the pupils and to highlight the enjoyment and value of reading.  Pupils will also take part in different activities throughout the day.

All pupils will bring home a book token to swap for one of the selected World Book Day books available at bookshops and some supermarkets or to use to get £1 off ANY book or audiobook worth £2.99 or more.

Happy reading!

Numeracy Open Morning

What a fantastic turn out for our numeracy open morning yesterday! It was wonderful to see so many parents, grandparents and other family members. The children (and staff) really enjoyed showing off all the great work they have been doing in maths. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend for your continued support.


House Point Reward Party

Well done to Marneil for being the winning house for terms 1 and 2. The children were rewarded with a party at the Games Hall. They had a great time on the bouncy castle and playing lots of games and enjoyed a special snack.  Thank you so much to Tommy and his team of volunteers at the games hall who ensured the children thoroughly enjoyed their well deserved treat.

Maths in Action!

P4/5 were able to put their knowledge of different types of triangles into practice when they made lanterns for the Make Catrine Sparkle parade.

First we had to make an equilateral triangle to form the base of the latern.  We then had to form isosceles triangles to make the height of the structure.

We learned that engineers often use triangles when designing and building because they are a stronger structure than squares.

A big thank you to the Make Catrine Sparkle Committe who came to make the lanterns with us, we had a lot of fun and are really proud of what we made.  We look forward to taking part in the parade on Sunday.

Make Catrine Sparkle

Following our spotty/dress down day the pupil council were proud to present the Make Catrine Sparkle Committee with a cheque £96.50.

This money will go towards the event on Sunday with the Lantern Parade starting at the top shops on Sunday at 5pm.

The primary school choir will be singing in the square at approximately 6.15pm.

Inclusion committee group.

Our aims are to

  • Inspire others to think differently.
  • encourage people to be themselves.
  • to help people understand what inclusion means.
  • To make sure everyone feels equal and able to get the support that they need
  • include others.
  • to ensure everyone has the confidence to ask for help.

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Today we we learned about gender stereotypes in toys and how we can make sure everyone’s able to play with what they want.


The Inclusion Committee