School Streets Reminder

After the Easter holidays, starting the 19th April for 4 weeks, the roads around the school will be closed between 8.45am and 9.30am and again between 2.30pm – 3.20pm. This is to help to improve safety for pupils and also reduce pollution.  Remember you might need to leave earlier in the morning and after school if you’re driving a car. Remember it’s for all our safety and will help our environment.

See flyer below for more details:  

From  your Junior Road Safety Officers, Kacee and Sophie!

Primary 7 Homework

The focus for Primary 7 spelling homework this week is homophones and confusions. All groups have the same words as the focus is on knowing the spelling and meaning of each. This week’s words are:

wait/weight, waste/waist, way/weigh, week/weak, what/watt, where/were/wear, which/witch

Please remember to bring jotters into school on Friday for the weekly spelling test.

Modern Languages Committee Group

Today we learned about Mardi Gras in our Committee Group. Mardi Gras (meaning ‘Fat Tuesday’), or Shrove Tuesday, is an annual celebration in France. It is also called ‘le carnaval’. People line the streets in carnival costumes and there are colourful parades, music and dance. The traditional colours of Mardi Gras are purple, gold and green.

Children take part in Mardi Gras by wearing fancy dress and masks in bright colours. We made our own Mardi Gras masks today, we think they look fantastic!

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Next time we will be learning about April Fool’s Day and Easter in France.

Primary 7 Homework

The focus for P7 spelling words this week is prefixes. We will be looking at words with the following prefixes: multi- and pre-. This week’s words are:

Blue Group

multiplication, pressure, prelim, multicolour, presentation, multivitamin, predict, multitask, prepared, president, multimillion, precaution, multipack, prefer, multipurpose

Green Group

prepare, multiple, president, multitask, prevent, predict, multiplayer, multispeed, preview, multipack, present, multicolour, prefer, multilevel, prelim

Please remember to bring jotters into school on Friday for the weekly spelling test.

Primary 7 Transition Day

On Friday 6th March Primary 7 went to Cumnock Academy for their first transition day in preparation for moving to the Robert Burns Academy. First we went into the hall and got organised into our groups and went to the first activity. We had to write and draw a bit about ourselves and complete a Pupil Passports. The second activity was PSE with Miss Carrington and we talked and wrote about our hopes and fears about moving to the academy. Thirdly we had Art Therapy and that’s where we draw what you’re feeling. Some people were feeling scared and nervous whereas other people were feeling happy and excited. After that we went along to the next activity which was about Mental Health. We talked about things that have a positive and negative impact on mental health then we wrote down some things that make us happy. The last activity we did was LGBT. We did a matching game with words and their meanings. Then we talked about what the words meant and then we took a quiz. After that we went back into the hall, got our full class and went onto the bus to go home. We enjoyed the day and met lots of new friends. We are looking forward to our transition days in June.

By Erin and Jack P7

Ye Cannae Shove Yer Granny Aff A Bus!

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Last Wednesday the 4th of March the whole school went to the hall to watch a theatre production called “Ye Cannae Shove Yer Granny Aff A Bus”. It was performed by the Take Away Theatre Co. The play was about a teenage girl called Hazel McTavish who wanted to become a YouTube star. She didn’t like going to her gran’s house because she thought her gran was boring. When she was on the bus one day she was talking to the bus driver about how she didn’t want to go to her gran’s because she was so boring. The bus driver told her to talk to her gran because there could be more to her that she doesn’t know. Hazel then spoke to her gran who asked her about her YouTube subscribers. Hazel said that she didn’t have that many subscribers and she needed a big video to get more and that’s when they came up the plan to shove her granny aff a bus! The video was a big hit and people loved it. The moral of the story was to make the time to speak to older people as you don’t always know them until you talk to them. We thought the show was really funny and entertaining, it was a great morning.

By Emily and Summer P7

Primary 7 STEM

Primary 7 pupils have been working with our STEM champion George Burns over the last few weeks. The pupils have been learning about bridges and have been working together in pairs to design and create their own bridge. The bridges had to be designed so that they were strong enough to support the weight of a water bottle. Sophie and Calvin were chosen as the winners of the bridge building challenge this week, well done!


Primary 6 and 7 – MSP visit

Primary 6 and 7 received a visit from MSP Jeane Freeman on Friday to finish their learning about the Scottish Parliament. Jeane Freeman is the MSP for Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley and is the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport. During the visit the pupils got to ask lots of questions and learned a lot about the job of an MSP. It was a very interesting session!

Primary 7 Homework

The focus for spelling this week is common and tricky words. This week’s words are:

Blue Group

interrupt, preparation, tired, business, eight, issue, prioritise, tomorrow, busy, either, jealous, process, unanimous, caught, embarrass

Green Group

firstly, change, does, goes, changing, shouted, sixteen, slowly, baby, balloon, caught, didn’t, can’t, evening, off

Please remember to bring jotters into school on Friday for the weekly spelling test.

Dolphin House Day 4

We had a great last day at Dolphin House orienteering and toasting marshmallows on a beach fire. It was a great last lunch with pizza and ice-cream sundaes, we will really miss Jen’s cooking. We spent some time reflecting on our week and what we had achieved, and signed the Dolphin House guest book. It has been a fantastic experience!

Dolphin House Day 3

We have had another amazing and fun filled day at Dolphin House! Today we were split into three group and took part in beach conservation, trail biking and cave exploration. Some of us were really brave as we faced new challenges and had to overcome our fears. We are looking forward to the disco tonight and orienteering tomorrow before we head home.

Dolphin House Day 2

Today we went hillwalking and climbed Cornish Hill in the Galloway Forest. There was some snow lying and we had great fun throwing snowballs at each other and enjoyed the views when we reached the top. After dinner we got our head torches on and went for a walk in the park where we had a great game of hide and seek.  We are looking forward to another busy day tomorrow!


Dolphin House Day 1

We have all had a great first day at Dolphin House despite the rain! This afternoon the pupils enjoyed working together in their teams to explore the country park.  Tonight we have hoisted our flag, went for a walk on the beach and are now getting ready to watch a film. We are looking forward to going hillwalking tomorrow!  Continue reading “Dolphin House Day 1”

P7 Dolphin House Trip

Primary 7 pupils are very excited and looking forward to their residential trip to Dolphin House next week. The pupils have worked together to design and paint a flag which will be flown during their stay at Dolphin House. They have made a great job of this and the finished flag looks great.

Look out for daily updates next week to see what the pupils are getting up to!

Primary 7 Homework

The focus for P7 spelling words this week is spelling rules double letters – l, f and s. This week’s words are:

Blue Group

ballot, cellar, follow, hollow, bullet, coffee, muffin, suffer, saffron, different, across, assess, impress, fossil, address

Green Group

bell, dull, grill, spell, smell, off, cliff, puff, stuff, staff, pass, miss, cross, dress, stress

Please remember to bring jotters into school on Friday for the weekly spelling test.

P7 Institute Visit

Primary 7 visited the institute this morning where they learned how to make shortbread. It was so easy to make and the finished product tasted amazing. We had a great morning!

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P7 Fundraising – Thank You

We would like to thank everybody who took part in our dress down day fundraiser last week. We raised an amazing total of £75.00 which will help towards the cost of our leavers hoodies. The total amount we have raised so far from the dress down day and the Christmas Fayre is £125.00. Thank you again for your continued support, we have lots of fun plans for the future.

By Aimee & Sophie

P7 Fundraising – Dress Down Day

P7 are organising a dress down day on Thursday 6th February, to raise money to buy their leavers hoodies. If you’re  participating there will be a contribution of £1 paid through Parent Pay. We are having it this Thursday as it is the last day before the February holidays. Thank you for your support.

Aimee and Sophie

Primary 7 – MSP visit

Primary 7 received a visit from regional MSP Brian Whittle last week as part of their Scottish Parliament topic. During the visit the class learned about the job of an MSP and got to ask lots of questions. Brian was very entertaining, funny and honest. The class learned a lot and found it a very interesting session.

Primary 7 Homework

The focus for Primary 7 spelling homework this week is homophones. All groups have the same words as the focus is on knowing the spelling and meaning of each. This week’s words are:

their/they’re/there, threw/through, time/thyme, to/too/two, vale/veil, vane/vain/vein

Please remember to bring jotters into school on Friday for the weekly spelling test.