Primary 7 Homework

The focus for spelling this week is common and tricky words. This week’s words are:

Blue Group

pattern, strength, beginning, diary, health, peaceful, success, believe, difference, height, people, surely, beneath, different, imaginary

Green Group

Catrine, Auchinleck, Mauchline, Kilmarnock, Ayr, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayrshire, Scots, capital, village, town, city, castle, here

P7 Class Talk Homework Project

P7 Class Talk Homework Project

Title: Planet Earth

Pupils have been given a project to prepare and give a short 5 minute talk about an aspect of their topic Planet Earth. Some ideas might include volcanoes, earthquakes, climate/weather and natural disasters. You can use the internet or books to find out facts or pictures/drawings about your chosen topic and can decide how you would like to present the talk ie PowerPoint presentation (saved on GLOW or pendrive), poster, photographs, bringing in items from home.

Children should practise their talk at home in order to be able to fluently talk to the class, they might want to use notes on paper to help them remember their talk.

Talks should be ready to be heard for Monday 4th November

Primary 7 Homework

The focus for spelling this week is the spelling rule ‘Q is always followed by U’ (making the sound ‘kw’ e.g. queen). All pupils should learn the core spelling words for their group and can, if they want, learn the challenge words.

Blue Group

quest, question, quality, quantity, request, require, earthquake, equator, squirrel, aquarium, mosquito, queue, quote, frequent, equivalent

Green Group

quick, equal, queen, quiz, quarter, question, square, squeeze, quad, quality, quantity, quilt, squash, squat, squirt

Challenge words

inquisitive, acquaintance, boutique, picturesque, tranquil

Please make sure that jotters are brought into school on Friday for the weekly spelling test. Reading homework is also due to be handed in on Friday.

Primary 7 – Maths Week Scotland

To celebrate Maths Week Scotland, Primary 7 pupils were working with Mrs Kerr from Auckinleck Academy today. The pupils were learning about spirolaterals, which are mathematical pictures based on numbers sequences and patterns. The class found this really interesting and enjoyed exploring and creating their own spirolaterals!

Sportshall Athletics

Well done to all of the Primary 6 and 7 pupils who represented Catrine Primary at the Sportshall Athletics today. The pupils competed in track and field events and faced tough competition from Logan, New Cumnock and Park School. Catrine finished in 3rd place overall.  All pupils worked extremely hard and were a credit to the school, great work Team Catrine!

Sportshall Athletics

Some Primary 6 and 7 pupils will be representing Catrine Primary at the Sportshall Athletics on Monday 30th September. All pupils should ensure that they return their permission forms on Monday morning if they have not already done so. Pupils should come to school wearing sporty clothes and should bring a drink and snack with them. Go Team Catrine!

Primary 7 Volcanoes

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Primary 7 have been learning about volcanoes as part of their Planet Earth topic. This week the class made their own volcanoes by mixing vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to create a chemical reaction. The chemical reaction produces a gas which forces the mixture to erupt like a volcano. It was great fun to watch!

Primary 7 Homework

The focus for P7 spelling words this week is prefixes. This week’s words are:

  1. afloat
  2. alive
  3. asleep
  4. ashore
  5. antifreeze
  6. antibiotic
  7. antiseptic
  8. anticlockwise
  9. autograph
  10. automatic
  11. autopilot
  12. autobiography
  13. bicycle
  14. bisect
  15. biannual

Children can practise their spelling words in any way they wish. Due to the holiday weekend, jotters should be brought in to school next Friday 27th September to complete their spelling test.

Primary 7 Homework

This week’s spelling words for P7 are:

  1. outrageous
  2. stationary
  3. awful
  4. development
  5. guard
  6. parallel
  7. straight
  8. beautiful
  9. dialogue
  10. guess
  11. participation
  12. strategy
  13. becoming
  14. diamond
  15. happened                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Children can practise their spelling words in any way they wish, and may want to use some of the fun spelling activities that are on Glow. There will be a spelling test in class on a Friday morning and this will be completed at the back of  homework jotters so that results can be shared at home. Please remember to bring spelling jotters in to school on a Friday.

The children have also been given reading tasks to complete as homework this term using a text of their choice. They should complete 3 tasks from the menu, which should be completed by Friday 11th October.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.


Mrs McKenna

First Week in Primary 7

Primary 7 had a very busy first week back at school. The class have been continuing their work on improving the school grounds and outdoor learning by digging up vegetables that had been growing in the garden over the summer holidays. The pupils planted seeds as part of their Big Sleepover in June and were amazed to see what had grown! There were potatoes, carrots, peas, beetroot and swedes. The class then worked together to make some delicious soup using the vegetables they had grown. It was a good start to the first week in Primary 7.

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Primary 7 Outdoor Learning

As part of their continued work on improving school grounds and outdoor learning, Primary 7 will be involved in working in the school garden tomorrow. All pupils should come to school wearing suitable clothing for the weather – warm jacket, trousers/trackies, wellies/boots. Basically clothes that can get dirty! Pupils should also bring a change of clothing that they can change into when they come back into class.

Primary 7 – Remembrance Garden

As part of their World War 1 topic, Primary 7 created a Remembrance Garden in the school grounds and scattered poppy seeds. Poppies have now started to grow in the garden, and are a symbol of remembrance of the First World War.

Catrine’s Got Talent

The whole school had a great time watching all of the pupils who performed at Catrine’s Got Talent this morning. What a talented bunch we have at Catrine Primary School. The pupils (and staff) entertained us by showcasing lots of talents including singing, dancing, gymnastics, telling jokes, football skills, skipping and many more. Well done to Lauren Grieve and Kay-Cee Johnston who sang ‘Let it Grow’ and were our winners. Thank you to P7 for organising a super show!

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Primary 7 Read, Write, Count Moving Up Kits

Primary 7 were delighted to receive their Read, Write, Count Moving Up Kits yesterday from the Scottish Book Trust and Scottish Government. The kits were gifted to the pupils to help with their transition to secondary school and included items to help with their learning. Included in the kits were: a water bottle, a USB stick, a journal, a scientific calculator, a pocket dictionary, a stationery set and a booklet to share with adults at home. These will come in very useful when the pupils move to the academy in August.

Avalon’s Outdoor Learning Day

On Wednesday 12th June Avalon had their final Outdoor Learning Day which was Improving School Grounds.

At first we got into 2 groups, one went with Mrs Schendel and the other group went with Mrs Watt and Mrs Goudie. Declan and I were in the same group and we started off with digging up the muck so there wasn’t any big lumps, after we stopped digging we started planting sweet peas. We all worked as a big team. Then it was break. After break we swapped over then my group went with Mrs Schendel and made bird feeders. We made the bird food by using lard and bird seeds. At first we melted the lard until it was liquid. Then we got the bird seeds and put them into a bowl then poured the melted lard into the bird seeds. After that we mixed them all together, put them in cupcake cases and then put them in the fridge so they would harden because we were going to hang them from the trees. Then we were finished and it was time to tidy up, Overall Avalon had a great morning.

By Courtney

Marneil’s Outdoor Learning Day

On Wednesday 12th June Marneil had their last Outdoor Learning Session which was den building. First we got all the equipment we needed for building our dens, then we went over to the grassy area outside and got the equipment we needed to build our individual dens. It took us a while to build some of our dens, some were big and some were small. After we created our dens, we went to the infant playground to drink some hot chocolate that Miss McLean and Mrs Ferguson made. Then we finished off our dens and we got to play in them for a bit! Eventually we had to destroy and put everything away that was once our dens. When we were finished tidying up we took the younger ones back to their classes and got on with the rest of our day! We had a great morning even though it was pretty windy but we enjoyed it a lot and we made some pretty cool dens!

By Khyla and Carley

Play on the longest day

Tomorrow all classes will be involved in activities to ‘Play on the longest day’. All pupils can come to school dressed in sporty clothing to take part in these activities. Please make sure that there are no football colours and that pupils are dressed suitably for the weather.

Primary 7 – The Greatest Showman

Primary 7 will be having a fun afternoon in class on Tuesday 25th June and would like to watch the film ‘The Greatest Showman’, which has a PG rating. If you do not want your child to watch the film,  please contact the school.

Primary 7 – Blair Drummond Safari Park Trip

Primary 7 had a great day at Blair Drummond Safari Park yesterday for their last ever primary school trip! After a long journey the pupils enjoyed seeing all the animals on the safari drive, but were glad to finally get off the bus to explore the rest of the park. The highlights of the day included the Astraglide, the sea lion show, playing in the adventure park after lunch, the Flying Fox, pedal boats and boat safari to see the chimps. We all had a fantastic time and were so glad that the rain didn’t make an appearance as forecast.

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