P6/7 Visit to Scotland Street Museum

Primary 6/7 visited Scotland Street Museum in Glasgow yesterday, to learn about what school was like for Victorian children. We got dressed up in Victorian clothes, and experienced a typical Victorian school day. We did mental arithmetic, geography, handwriting, spelling, poetry, singing and drill lessons, with a very strict, no nonsense school teacher! We interacted with Victorian artefacts including the belt, dunce hat and headmaster’s bell. After our lesson we discussed the similarities and differences between school life then and now. Overall, it was a very interesting and worthwhile trip where we learned new things and had fun!


P6/7 Victorian Walk around Catrine


Yesterday Primary 6/7 went a big walk all around Catrine, to look for some Victorian Buildings, (because our new topic is The Victorians!)

These were some of the buildings we found on our journey, and we thought we would share them with you.

We took some notes about the buildings, so now we can record them into a jotter.

We enjoyed the walk yesterday, and we think it was a great idea to take us out of the classroom like that!


By Kaiya and Martha.


Glow Sticks

       These are the glow sticks that will be in sale at the disco on the 22nd March they come in pink, orange, yellow, and blue.

They are also very bright and lasts for hours of fun!

Prices are:

1 Glow Stick = 30p

2 Glow Sticks = 50p

3 Glow Sticks = 80p

4 Glow Sticks = £1.00

Make sure to bring some money to purchase them, and have fun tomorrow night!

By Martha and Eliza.


Smartie Fractions!

P6/7 have been learning all about fractions. We have been experimenting with different types of fractions and finding fractions of quantities. Last week we used smarties to investigate non-unit fractions. We counted the number of smarties we had altogether and made this our denominator, then we counted how many of each colour we had for the numerator.  This helped us to work out what fraction of each colour we had in our tubes. Some of us then challenged ourselves to simplify, order and compare these fractions. The children enjoyed the activity- especially eating their smarties at the end!


School Uniform.

Lately in Catrine Primary School, there has been lots of people not wearing our school uniform. We have been talking about it for a while, and just wanted to say could you please try your best and wear the suitable school uniform.

Below is what we suggest you can wear:                               

  • School polo shirt
  • School sweatshirt
  • trousers/skirt
  • black shoes
  • school tie
  • pinafore.

You don’t have to wear some of the things above, like for example the school tie. You have a choice of what you wear to school.

We are all really to improve the amount of people wearing school uniform, and if we get everyone wearing it, the school will look a million times better.

We are really hoping you can wear the suitable thing to school.

Thank you.

By Martha Andrew and Erin Shirkie.


World Book Day!!

Happy World Book Day!!

Today was such a great day, there was so much going on!

The first thing was primary 6/7 going down to the Catrine Nursery to read them children stories. It was so much fun, and we all REALLY enjoyed ourselves, and were back up for before break time.

After break was the story book competition, where the teachers vote for who they think their favourite costume is from each class.

Then after that, it was primary 5/6 turn to go to the nursery. They are away right now, (13:40pm) and I’m sure they’re having a really fun time!

This World Book Day was so much fun, and I’m sure

everyone is really looking forward to our next World Book Day next year.

Well done everyone for your fantastic costumes, and all the effort you put into them.

By Martha.





P7 Rotary Quiz

Some of our P7 pupils competed in the Cumnock Rotary Quiz at Netherthird Community Centre tonight. They represented the school well and worked together to answer questions from a range of different subjects including general knowledge, geography, history, sport, books, TV/film and Scotland. A big well done to all children involved, and thank you to the parents who came along to support the children too!img_3073

Our Visit

Today at assembly, we got a visit from a man named “Kieran.” He came to our school a couple of months ago for a questionnaire about what we like and dislike about Catrine, and what we could do to improve Catrine. He came back in today to tell us that all of our ideas where going to be put into a real vote for everyone that lives in Catrine, to decide what we think is important that we do. The pupil council had to talk about the ideas he had, and to explain them. We had things such as:

  • The environment ,
  • Houses, and how easy it is to buy one,
  • More jobs you can apply to.

And so much more! There is going to be a vote on Saturday 18th February in the square. If you go along you will get 7 stickers to stick onto a piece of paper, (1 for each sheet, and 1 spare,) different sheets, have different themes. The theme with the most stickers on it, will be done.

There will be entertainment from Catrine Primary School, (poems, songs, and dancing.)

Hope you can make it!

By Martha.

Bike Safety

untitledimagesvzux78cmIt is important that if you’re riding your bike to school, you wear a helmet, and make sure your brakes and more important features are all in working order. Also, you cannot ride your bike in school grounds, for other peoples safety.

We hope you ride your bike safely,

Thank you!           By Martha and Eliza

P6/7 Info Handling Outdoor Learning

Last week P6/7 completed outdoor activities related to information handling. One group measured the height of trees in the playground (using a very interesting method!), then created line graphs to display the height of different trees. The second group gathered objects they found in the playground and made a tally table to show the amount of each item.

All pupils had fun, whilst developing skills in measuring accurately, gathering data and presenting data in a clear and visual way. These outdoor activities allowed us to transfer our skills and apply our learning in class to a different environment.

P6/7 Volcano Experiment

As part of our Japan topic, P6/7 worked in groups to build model volcanoes. We then used our volcanoes to carry out a science experiment and investigate chemical reactions. When vinegar and bicarbonate of soda mix, it produces carbon dioxide and water. This causes the mixture to fizz up and bubble out of the volcano…just like it is erupting!

img_2718 img_2722 img_2728 img_2846 img_2847 img_2851 img_2906 img_2912 img_2915 img_2930 img_2932 img_2935