Ayrbank – House Reward Party

Ayrbank pupils (and Mrs Watt and Michelle!) enjoyed a wonderful House Reward Party at Catrine Games Hall today.

They participated in a wide range of great activities, and enjoyed a wee snack to celebrate being the winning house at Catrine PS for Terms 1 and 2.

Thanks to Tommy Milgrew and Catrine Games Hall volunteers for making their visit such a success.

Well done, Ayrbank!

Mrs Govans

School Christmas Dinner

On Wednesday 11th December both staff and pupils enjoyed a delicious Christmas Dinner.

We had a choice of turkey with all of the trimmings or roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.

Thanks to Helen, Margaret, Mandy, Mrs Watt and Mrs McDicken for ensuring that we all enjoyed a piping hot Christmas dinner.

It was delicious!!!

Mrs Govans


House Reward Party Winners – Ayrbank

Ayrbank are the winning house for Terms 1 and 2, and will enjoy a House Reward Party at Catrine Games Hall on Friday 13th December from 10.30am to 12.00pm.

Our pupils are awarded tokens from staff for a wide variety of reasons – manners, being kind, playing nicely, being helpful, looking after others – throughout the year and we total the tokens at the end of Term 2 and Term 4.

Ayrbank had the most tokens (although it was a very close thing!) so we hope that they have a wonderful, well-deserved Reward Party.

Ayrbank pupils should come to school on Friday 13th December wearing casual clothes so that they can take part in the activities planned by Tommy and the Games Hall staff.

Well done, Ayrbank!

Homework at Catrine PS

Homework is an important part of learning for every child, as it provides an opportunity for them to explain what they’re learning in class.

It also gives our older pupils a chance to highlight their increasingly responsible attitude towards their schoolwork as it’s up to them to ensure that homework is completed to a high standard, and handed in on time.

Each week, spelling words for P3/4 to P7 will be posted on GLOW – this is to reduce paper and avoid homework not being completed due to spelling lists being lost.

P4/5, P5/6 and P7 spelling words are on GLOW for this week, and P3/4 will start their spelling homework next week. P1 and P2 will receive their Literacy homework instructions over the coming weeks.

We are also reviewing our home Reading Book strategy – look out for information regarding reading books coming home for your child over the next few weeks!

As always, we operate an Open Door Policy – please contact the school for any further information.

Mrs Govans


Catrine ECC – great start to our new session!

A warm Catrine ECC welcome to our new and returning children and families.

Staffing update…
We are delighted to welcome our new Depute Manager, Alana Speirs, to Catrine ECC.
Alana is an experienced Senior Practitioner who is joining us from Hurlford ECC.

We also have three new practitioners, so our new Groups are …

Blue Group – Rena and Katrina
Green Group – Jan and Marion
Red Group – Julie and Leoni
Yellow Group – Lesleyanne and Courtney

Michelle will be working alongside Miss Burleigh in P1 at Catrine PS as our Transition Practitioner.

We are sad to be losing Nyree Cooper, Senior ELCP.  Nyree will be based at Mauchline ECC until she starts her new role as Lead Practitioner with North Ayrshire Council.  Thanks to Nyree for her dedication and commitment to ensuring the best start for the children at Catrine ECC for the past three years.  We wish her all the best in this next stage of her education career.

Session Times …
Morning       8.40 – 11.50am
(doors open from 8.40-9.00am and 11.40-11.50am)

Afternoon    12.35-3.45pm
(doors open from 12.35-12.50pm and 3.25-3.45pm)

Medicines in ECC …
If your child requires any medication during their sessions at Catrine ECC, please ensure that you inform the office so that appropriate paperwork can be completed.

Remember that we operate an Open Door Policy – please feel free to pop in or phone at any time to discuss any issues/concerns.  I aim to be at Catrine ECC all day on a Tuesday, or you can contact me at Catrine PS.
Mrs Govans

Janitorial and Cleaning Staff – Thank You!

Thanks to the cleaning and janitorial staff at both the PS and ECC – Helen Hall, Janet Fleming, Janet Milligan and Stuart McCreath –  for their hard work and commitment during the summer holiday, ensuring that all pupils and staff returned to a safe, clean and organised learning environment.

Mrs Govans

ECC Closure – Thursday 23rd May 2019

Catrine Early Childhood Centre will be used as a polling station on Thursday 23rd May 2019 for the upcoming European Elections.

Therefore, the ECC will be closed to all children on that day.

All ECC children have been issued with a letter from Linda McAulay-Griffiths, Head of Education for East Ayrshire Council.

Please click on the link to view letter:

Catrine ECC – Euro Elections – 23 May 2019

End of Term 3

What a busy term this has been!

Our time in school has flown in since January, and we’ve been involved in so many amazing activities over the past three months, ranging from…

P7 Residential Trip to Dolphin House and swimming sessions

P6 at K’Nex Challenge,

P4/5 at Basketball

P5, P6 and P7 pupils voting in the Catrine Participatory Budget election

Committee Groups

Numeracy Open Morning

Scots Verse Afternoon

ECC Transition visits starting

Crazy Dress Down Day

P7 Transition visits starting

planting 210 saplings in our school grounds

and Catrine Community Council Litter Pick – to name but a few!!

I hope everyone has a lovely, restful holiday and I look forward to seeing all of our pupils returning on Monday 15th April ready to start another wonderful term of teaching and learning at Catrine ECC and Catrine PS.

Mrs Govans

Parents Afternoon/Evening

Thanks to everyone who came along to our Parents Afternoon/Evening on Wednesday.  It was lovely to celebrate the wonderful progress that all of our pupils have made throughout the course of the year.

As parents/carers were leaving, our Captains and Vice Captains asked them if they would like to write a wee comment about Catrine PS.  These comments are now displayed in the main entrance of our school as we are so proud of them!

Some of the comments are listed below ….

  • a happy place where kids want to be
  • great wee school
  • Catrine Primary is the best
  • I think Catrine Primary is a great school, full of promise for the pupils
  • very polite and mannerly
  • great to see Catrine Primary improving in all aspects – keep up the good work!
  • brilliant! Happy, positive and approachable staff – happy children and parents
  • good teachers – positive attitude
  • consistent improvement in the school – keep up the great work
  • great school – lovely staff – keep up the hard work
  • happy positive attitude – well done everyone
  • consistent improvement in the school

This last comment, in particular, was much appreciated by all members of staff at Catrine PS…

  • I am proud to be the parent of a child at Catrine PS

Thank you to everyone who commented – your support continues to make such a difference to the school.

Mrs Govans

Donation to ECC Funds

Catrine ECC Parents Committee have made a huge donation to our nursery funds.

The wonderful amount of £1430.00 has been donated.

This money has been raised over the past couple of years through various fundraising activities – prize bingo, collection tins in local shops and Christmas activities.

The Parents Committee has now been disbanded and we would like to thank all of the parents/carers and the wider community of Catrine for their support.  The money will be used to purchase resources and outdoor play equipment for our ECC children.

Thanks again.

Mrs Govans

Welcome back!

Term 3 has started … so much to be done!
Our P7 pupils left for Dolphin House at Culzean Castle this morning for their residential trip, with Mrs Schendel and Mrs McKenna.  They were so excited and we know they’re going to have a brilliant time!
Our P6 pupils are looking forward to filling the P7’s shoes this week, by being Wet Weather Monitors, Door Monitors, Assembly Monitors and being responsible for the Home Circles on Wednesday afternoon.  They’re off to a great start – setting a wonderful example to our younger pupils at assembly this morning.
All of our pupils looked so smart returning to school in their uniform.  We really encourage our pupils to wear their uniform to promote our sense of school community – thank you for your support in this.
Pupils were reminded this morning that school starts at 9.00am ….       Before the holidays we had quite a number of pupils regularly turning up late which can be disruptive for their class.  This situation will be monitored – again, thanks for your support in ensuring our school day can start smoothly.
We’re looking forward to another busy, productive and enjoyable term at Catrine PS.
Mrs Govans

Wonderful Christmas Service

Thank you to all family and friends who managed to attend our Christmas Service this morning.

Our pupils sang beautifully (despite the technical hitch!) and our P6 and P7 pupils read the Christmas story very well.  Thanks to Rev. Clipston for joining us this morning.

Mrs Govans

It’s panto time!

The whole school will be visiting the Palace Theatre, tomorrow – Tuesday 18 December. The bus will leave promptly at 9.10 a.m. Children should wear their school uniform and take a small snack. No fizzy juice please.

We are looking forward to a wonderful show – OH, YES WE ARE!!!

Mrs Govans

Christmas Show Success

Our pupils performed beautifully to a packed audience last night, with our P1-P3 pupils singing their hearts out for their ‘Christmas Cracker!’, and our P4-P7 pupils earning rave reviews for their show, ‘Straw and Order’.

Thanks to everyone who came along to support our pupils and staff, and to our Parent Council for organising a very successful raffle.

We’re looking forward to doing it all again tonight!  Mrs Govans

Well done Catrine PS!

Catrine Primary School is one of only two schools in East Ayrshire which has 100% parental/carer uptake on ParentPay.  This means that all of our pupils are registered to pay for school meals and trips on ParentPay, whether they pay online or by barcoded letter.

This is an amazing achievement considering that we’ve only been live on ParentPay since March 2018.

Thank you to all of our parents/carers for working with us to ensure that ParentPay works well within Catrine PS, and special thanks to Mrs McDicken in the school office for making sure that it all runs smoothly and for keeping us organised!

Mrs Govans

End of Term

We can’t believe the first term is already over – it has gone in so quickly!

Our pupils (and staff!) thoroughly enjoyed the Harvest Hush-in Sponsored Silence yesterday. Thanks to everyone who sponsored their child by making a donation.

There are a few staffing changes for after the holidays…

Primary 1 – We are very sorry to be losing Miss Lorraine, who has been our Transition Practitioner in our ECC and P1 since last September. Lorraine has helped to transform our ECC/P1 Transition Programme, and has played a huge part in helping our new P1 pupils settle so quickly and successfully into P1.  We wish her every success in her new role at Newmilns ECC.

We are delighted that Stacey McWilliams will be taking over this role when we come back after the October break. Stacey will be working in P1 with Miss Burleigh on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and will be back in the ECC on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Primary 4/5 – Mrs Schendel has been in P4/5 this term, and has done a wonderful job in establishing a structured and nurturing learning environment.

From Monday 29th October, P4/5 will have a new teacher for four days a week – Monday to Thursday.  Mrs Fiona McCaig will be joining us from South Ayrshire.  We look forward to welcoming her to Catrine PS.  Mrs Schendel will continue to teach in P4/5 on Fridays.

I hope you have a restful October break, and I look forward to welcoming the children back into school and ECC on Monday 22nd October.

Mrs Govans

Welcome back!

What a great start we’ve had to our new term!

Our new P1 pupils have had a wonderful day, and they’ve all settled in very well.  Thanks to their P7 Buddies for looking after them so well in the playground and dinnerhall.

Welcome to Miss Weir, our P6 teacher.  Mrs Schendel is teaching P4/5 at present, and all classes have had a great first day.  Our pupils looked so smart in their school uniform, and it was lovely to hear about their summer adventures.

I’d like to thank Helen Hall, Janet Fleming and Stuart McCreath, our new janitor, for their hard work and commitment during the summer holidays.  Our school has had lovely new flooring fitted throughout the main corridor, which has meant lots of extra work for them.  Thanks to them for ensuring that staff and pupils returned to classes all set out and organised.

We look forward to another exciting and busy year ahead at Catrine PS and ECC.

Mrs Govans

Thank you!

As the school closes for the long weekend, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the pupils, staff and parents of Catrine Primary School, and the members of Catrine community, who celebrated our 50th Anniversary with us.  We had 180 visitors to our school on 23rd May, enjoying both the afternoon and evening Open School sessions.

We received so many positive comments yesterday, from former pupils, staff and parents, about how much they enjoyed getting the opportunity to revisit their old classes and to view the hundreds of school photos that have been displayed throughout the school.

The pupils all visited the different classes today to view their displays about the last five decades, and we all enjoyed a slice of Catrine Primary’s 50th birthday cake today at lunchtime!

Thank you again for your continued support, and here’s to the next 50 years of quality learning and teaching at Catrine Primary School!

Mrs Govans

Welcome back to Term 4

It was great to see our pupils back at school today, looking so smart in their school uniforms and I’m sure the ECC boys and girls are happy to be back too.

This is going to be a very busy term – please check our GLOW page for regular updates and ensure that any permission slips for trips and visits are signed and returned quickly please.

Our Parents Night in March was very well attended, and thanks to everyone who completed our questionnaire.   We look forward to letting you know about our updated Vision soon, and introducing our Catrine Values Wheel.

Remember that we operate an Open Door Policy at both establishments – please phone or pop in to speak to me at any time.

Thank you for your continued support.  Mrs Govans

Goodbye to Miss Donnelly

Thank you to everyone who managed to come along to our Easter Service at the Church today.  Our readers – Carley, Paige, Cadence, Lucy, Stuart and Kyle – all read aloud beautifully, and our MCs – Josh and Erin – ensured that the service ran smoothly.

Thanks to Rev Clipston and Mr Liddell for arranging the church for our Easter Service.  It was a lovely setting on such a gorgeous Spring day.

The end of any term brings both good and bad news.  Our good news is that we’re delighted to be welcoming back Mrs Campbell after the Easter Holidays.

However, we are saying goodbye to Miss Donnelly.  She has been such an important member of the Catrine PS staff over the past few years, and has been instrumental in our school achieving the Gold Sports Scotland award.  We wish her every success in the next stage of her teaching career, and thank her for all of her hard work, dedication and enthusiasm during her time at Catrine PS.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter break, and I look forward to welcoming our pupils back to the PS and ECC on Monday 16th April.

Take care, and fingers crossed that the sun keeps shining!

Mrs Govans