P3/4 Homework (Wk bg 13.1.20)

This week the children should continue to practise their Scottish Poems:

  • P3s – The Sair Finger
  • P4s – A Dug, A Dug

Spelling Words:


  1. boil
  2. spoil
  3. coin
  4. moist
  5. toilet
  6. join


  1. bread
  2. head
  3. deaf
  4. ready
  5. dead
  6. instead
  7. pleasant
  8. pheasant
  9. weather
  10. feather

Common Words:  call, cold

Nativity Costumes

We are lucky enough to have a lot of costumes that we need in school for the nativity, however we are asking if you have any of the following at home (please do not buy anything new) for your child to wear, it would be appreciated if you could send them in with the following items.

Angels and Stars: White tights, white leggings or white socks

Cows, Horses and Shrews: Blue, black or brown t-shirts (We are planning on using some black face paint for the shrews, please contact the school if you DO NOT wish us to use face paint on your child)

Shepherds: Tea towel and dressing gown

Narrators: Christmas jumpers and anything Christmassy (boppers, tinsel etc)

Thank you again for your support.

P3/4 Reading Books

As we come to the end of term, we will be collecting in home reading books this week.  Please ensure all books are returned to school.  We hope you have enjoyed reading our new books and we will issue more home reading books again in January.

Many thanks,

Mrs Ferguson

Intergenerational Committee

  • Today we have been making posters and invitations to let people over 50 know that we are hosting a games morning.  (By Lexie P4)
  • We have been planning an Over 50 Games Day and organising when and where we are going to host it.  (By Eryn P7)
  • We discussed what makes us proud to live in Catrine (Aimee P7)
  • We decided that on our first meeting we would make the posters, on our second meeting we would deliver them, on our third we will get cakes and games organised and on our fourth we will have our Games Morning.  (By Lucy P6)
  • We made invitations for people over 50 to come and visit our school (By Kiara P2)
  • We were making posters and drawing pictures (By Harry P2)
  • We plan to have a Games Morning on Wednesday 25th March (By Demi P6)

Odd Sock Day

Today P3/4 organised an Odd Sock Day to celebrate the start of our Anti Bullying Week.  It reminds us that we are all different and these differences should be celebrated. We were amazed by all the brightly coloured socks on show! Well done everyone!

Aiden and Lexi were our fantastic photographers. Can you spot Mrs Govans? …

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Ayrbank Outdoor Learning

Today ayrbank was building dens with Mrs ferguson, Miss McLean and Mr Spears. First of all we went to p2 and got into groups then we decided in our groups what our plan would be for our den once we had done that we headed outside to start building our dens. It was hard as it was very windy but at the end we managed. After break we got to decorate our dens using pillows chairs covers pens paper and whiteboards. Once we had finished decorating we got to sit in our dens for a while and even invite people to visit our dens. It was so much fun!!! Please click this link to see pictures of our fantastic dens

By Sophie and Abbie

P3/4 Class Talk Homework Project

Title: My Polar Animal

Pupils have been given a project to prepare and give a short 5 minute talk about a polar animal of their choice. Some ideas might be polar bears, penguins, whales or seals. You can use the internet or books to find out facts or pictures/drawings about your animal. You can decide how you would like to present the talk ie PowerPoint (saved on GLOW or pendrive), poster, photographs, bringing in items.

Children should practise their talk at home in order to be able to fluently talk to the class, they might want to use notes on paper to help them remember their talk.

Talks should be ready to be heard for Monday 4th November

Primary 3/4 Harvest Hush In

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“In Primary 3/4 everyone was doing the sponsored hush-in and we were colouring in or reading books.  We needed to be quiet for 45 minutes.” by Georgia.

“I think it was hard because you needed to be quiet and we did pictures.  They were fun” by Lee.

“We wanted to do it for an hour” by Alicia.

“I had fun when I was doing it.  I did my colouring sheet” by Elle.

“It was fun because we got to colour in.  But it was hard and a little fun because we done it for 45 minutes” by Ryan.

“I liked that we got to read our books and colour but it was too long” by Lexi.

“I thought that we had a good time because we got to colour and read books as well” by Josh L.

“I thought that it was very good because we could write notes to each other to say hi” by Orren.

“It was really hard because everyone was quiet but everyone did well” by Ewan.

P3/4’s Spelling Words (Wk bg 30.9.19)

Green – aw and au

  1. jaw
  2. saw
  3. draw
  4. hawk
  5. crawl
  6. awful
  7. sauce
  8. because
  9. Paul
  10. Laura

Red – ai

  1. stair
  2. hair
  3. chair
  4. rain
  5. brain
  6. train
  7. stain

Common Words:     after     again

Blair Drummond Trip (P3/4)

What a fantastic day we all had yesterday at Blair Drummond Safari Park.  We loved seeing all the animals, especially the monkeys jumping on the buses!  We watched Lola, the sea lion, at the Sea Lion show and had great fun in the huge park.  We then went on a boat trip to Chimp Island and floated along in the Pedalos.  It was a brilliant day all round!

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Heart Start with Mrs Watt

Last week P3/4 were shown how to help in an emergency.  Mrs Watt came into class to talk to us about DR ABC, how to help if we found someone unconscious.  She also showed us how to perform CPR.  The kids loved it and we all learned a lot. Thank you Mrs Watt!


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