P3/4 Homework wk 13.5.19

Spelling:  continue to focus on individual tricky word grids

Class Talk:  Keep working on preparing your class talk.  Remember they must be practised and ready to perform by next Monday (20th May).  If you require any materials to help you prepare, please ask.


Mrs Ferguson

Mrs Cook and baby Katie visit!

On Friday Mrs Cook came in for a surprise visit to show us her new, little baby, Katie Jane Cook.  She was enjoying a snooze and cuddle from her mum.  She opened her eyes for a little while but was soon back  asleep.  She was tiny and adorable! We loved her visit!

By Aimee and Keir

P3/4 Homework: Class Talk Project and Spelling

Spelling:  Children should continue to focus on their individual Tricky Word grids.

Class Talk:

Title: Things That Make Me Happy

Pupils have been given a project to prepare and give a short 5 minute talk about the ‘things that make me happy’. Some ideas might be hobbies, toys, holidays, family and friends but you can include anything that makes you happy. You can decide how you would like to present the talk i.e. PowerPoint (saved on GLOW or pen drive), poster, photographs, bringing in items (trophies, toys etc.)

Children should practise their talk at home in order to be able to fluently talk to the class, they might want to use notes on paper to help them remember their talk.

Talks should be ready to be heard for Monday 20th May

We need your help: STEM Pirate Ships

George, our engineer, came in this morning to start our pirate STEM project with us.  We are hoping to create our very own pirate ships! But we need your help. We are hoping to use lots of recycled material so we need:

  • shoe boxes or cereal boxes
  • sticks
  • fabric or tissue paper
  • Milk bottle lids
  • cocktail sticks
  • a little toy to decorate the front
  • string
  • Tubes, like kitchen roll tubes
  • eggs boxes

Please start bringing them in to school so we can start planning our project.

Thanks again for your continued support,

Mrs Ferguson


P3/4 Spelling Homework wk 29.4.19

During the course of this week all children will be given a personalised Common Word spelling grid.  These are the words that your child should focus on over the next few weeks.  New sounds will continue to be introduced however it is important that these common words are continued to be practised.

Thanks for your support,

Mrs Ferguson

Time for Time!

P3/4 was exploring time today so we decided to head outside and draw our own clocks in the playground.  We then used our clocks to show different ‘o’clock’, ‘half past’, ‘quarter past’ and ‘quarter to’ times.

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Heritage Committee Visit to ECC

Today was our last committee group session so we decided that we would visit the ECC because we have been helping them organise their 50th celebration.  The committee had the opportunity to play with children outside.  We all had a great morning!

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Measuring Time!

Primary 3/4 went outside today to measure the length of two animals that we found in our reading book.  The animals were a Blue Whale and a Colossal Squid.  We used a measuring tape, metre stick and trundle wheel to measure them. We talked about which equipment we would use to measure different things.  We were amazed at the size of the sea creatures!

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P3/4 Fire and Rescue Service Visit

Today we had a visit from the Fire and Rescue Service.  We learned:

“the comb on the fire fighters helmets makes anything that falls on it, slide off the back” Cooper

“Their boots are really hard.  You can’t feel anything if something falls on them” Kay-Cee

“All the special clothes they wear are made from special material” Lauren

“Their clothes have reflective strips on them” Sonny

“There is gold in their visors to stop the plastic melting” Keir

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P3/4 Tree Planting

What an amazing experience the children had this morning planting trees in our playground.  The volunteers were fantastic and helped us learn how to plant trees correctly and look after them.  We all had great fun!  We will hopefully watch them grow into a beautiful woodland area in our grounds.


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P3/4 Ukulele Time

P3/4 have began learning how to play the ukulele.  This week we learned how to hold the ukulele correctly and how to pluck and strum and some children even brought in their own ukuleles from home.

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P3/4 Fractions

This week we have been learning about tenths and fifths.  The children have loved exploring fractions by creating their own number lines, playing games and using Active Learn.

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Catrine Heritage Committee

Mrs Bunting came in to visit and showed us some things from the past.  We looked a photographs and old nursery uniforms.  She told us lots of funny nursery stories!

We then typed up our nursery memories on the laptop to make our display neat.  And we designed bunting to use in our display to celebrate the nurseries 50th birthday.

By Neve, Leighton and Lucy

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Catrine Heritage Committee

In the Catrine heritage committee we have been helping the nursery with their 50th anniversary celebration. This is only our second meeting so we haven’t got much done yet but what we have done today is draw lovely detailed  pictures of our favourite nursery memories. We also wrote a few sentences about them. These will be displayed in the nursery building during the celebrations.

By Lucy Winning p5

P3/4 Young Engineer Award

This year P3/4 will take part in the Scottish Young Engineer Award with the help of George Burns, a local engineer.  We began today by thinking about what makes a fantastic invention.  We learned about the history of aeroplanes and even had our own paper aeroplane competition!

For next week, the children have been asked to think about their own ideas for an invention they would like to create.  Do you have a problem that needs solved?  Maybe you could help your child by talking about what would make a great invention.  Have fun!

Catrine Heritage commitee


  • learn about Catrine’s history
  • help the nursery with their 50th celebrations

Today we talked about why we like living in Catrine and drew pictures .

After break we split in to 3 groups :

  1. Emailed Mrs Murdoch at the nursery to find out  information for our booklet.
  2. Wrote a letter to Mrs Bunting to find out  information for our booklet.
  3. Built Catrine  buildings with Lego

By Lewis and Declan (P7)



P3/4’s Experiment: Healthy Teeth

P3/4 have been investigating which liquids do the most damage to our teeth.  We used boiled eggs to represent the enamel of our teeth and put them in different liquids:  cola, water, orange juice and vinegar.  We had to make sure it was a fair test so we measured the liquid and kept the eggs in the cupboard for A WEEK!…Yuk!  Today we were very excited to find out what had happened to the eggs.  We were amazed by our results…

We learned that it is important to make good choices about what we drink as it affects our teeth.

P3/4’s Tiling Walk

“We are learning about tiling. Tiling is when shapes join together with no gaps” – Cooper

”We saw shapes like squares and rectangles” – Keira

”I like to look at the bricks. The shapes didn’t leave any gaps” – Lily

”I liked seeing the bench. I saw rectangles joined together” – Kay-Cee