Good morning P3/4

Good morning,

Just to let you know that I have set up a Spelling Challenge using this weeks words on Sumdog for you to try.  Good luck!  I already see that a lot of you have been busy logging on Active Learn, Sumdog and Reading Wise.  Well done!

I’m loving my emails that some of you have sent.  It’s lovely to hear about what you have been doing.  Remember you can also update your Glow Blog and Miss McLean has posted a fantastic video reminding you how to do this.  I’d love to see photos of what you have been doing.

Today we are planning to go out into the garden to do a bit of tidying, ready for summer. So why don’t you go outside safely and see what you can do?

Mrs Ferguson


P3/4 – Good Morning (23.3.20)

Good Morning everyone,

I hope you are all well.  I’m going to be using GLOW to share some ideas and activities with you so please keep checking for updates.

This weeks spelling words are:

Red: ow

  1. owl
  2. brown
  3. growl
  4. now
  5. crown
  6. allow

Green:  c (soft c)

  1. city
  2.  icy
  3. central
  4. circle
  5. cinema
  6. celebrate
  7. December
  8. recite

Common Words:  hand, head, home

Active Learn

I have updated all of your Active Maths games so there is loads of new Addition, Subtraction and Fraction games for you to play.


I have set up some challenges for you all to play on Sumdog.  This week they are focusing on Times Tables and Fractions.  Challenge yourself and have fun!

Stay Active

If you fancy staying fit and active you could join Jo Wicks for some online PE fun.  I have copied the link below:

Remember that I’m only an email away and would love to hear about how you are getting on with your work.

My email is

Mrs Ferguson



Games Morning Organising!

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Today the Intergenerational Committee have been busy organising, planning and collecting games for our Games Morning . The games day is on Wednesday 25th March 2020, 10.30am-12noon. I  hope you can come to the games morning. Its going to be good fun! By Demi (P6)

All Welcome!

P3/4 Homework (Wk bg 9th March)

Reading Books

Please remember that reading books should be returned on a Monday in order for pupils to change their home reading books.


Red:  qu, ie, oi, ou

  1. quick
  2. queen
  3. lie
  4. cried
  5. boil
  6. join
  7. sound
  8. mouse

Green:  ch (k)

  1. school
  2. chorus
  3. chemist
  4. Christmas
  5. chord
  6. headache
  7. choral

Common Words:  four, gave, girl

P3/4 Homework (Wk bg 17.2.20)


Children have been given their new home reader books this week.  Remember that these books have been picked by your child and should be read for enjoyment throughout the week.  These should be brought to school every Monday when the children will have the opportunity to swap their books.  Happy reading!

Spelling:  All groups ‘ie’

  1. tie
  2. lie
  3. tried
  4. cried
  5. fried
  6. died
  7. dried
  8. lied
  9. supplied
  10. replied

Common Words – every, fast

P3/4 STEM Homework (Wk bg 3rd Feb)

As part of our STEM week in school, we will be focusing our homework on our Leaders Award challenge.  This challenge allows children to be creative and become inventors! At home please discuss with your child a problem that could be solved with a creative invention eg a melting lollipop, running goggles, trollies that help you lift heavy shopping.  In school, the children will then design their invention and write a pitch letter.  These will then be entered into the Scottish Engineering Leaders Award 2020.

Good luck and have fun!


Intergenerational Committee walk around Catrine

Today the intergenerational committee walked around Catrine to put up our posters advertising our Over 50s Games Morning.  We went around shops and businesses asking them if we could display our posters.  Look out for our posters when you are out shopping in Catrine.

Our Games morning is Wednesday 5th March from 10.30 til 12pm at Catrine Primary School.  Please feel free to bring along your own board games to play.

Intergenerational Group Walk Around Catrine

Our committee groups meet again tomorrow morning and pupils who are part of the above group will be going a walk around Catrine.  If your child is in this group please ensure  that they are wearing a suitable jacket and footwear.  No permission form is needed as this walk is covered by the Walk Around Catrine form completed at the beginning of the year.

P3/4 Data Handling

We have been looking at different ways we can use and read information.  Last week we conducted our own surveys and made bar graphs.  This week we will be creating and reading our own Venn diagrams.

P3/4 Homework (Wk bg 20.1.20)

Scottish Poems – please keep practising your poems as ‘in class’ judging will take place this week.

Spelling Words –

Red:  au

  1. sauce
  2. because
  3. applaud
  4. pause
  5. Paul
  6. Laura

Green: wa

  1. was
  2. wash
  3. water
  4. wall
  5. wander
  6. watch
  7. warm
  8. walk
  9. swallow
  10. swan
  11. wasp

Common Words:  day, don’t

P3/4 Homework (Wk bg 13.1.20)

This week the children should continue to practise their Scottish Poems:

  • P3s – The Sair Finger
  • P4s – A Dug, A Dug

Spelling Words:


  1. boil
  2. spoil
  3. coin
  4. moist
  5. toilet
  6. join


  1. bread
  2. head
  3. deaf
  4. ready
  5. dead
  6. instead
  7. pleasant
  8. pheasant
  9. weather
  10. feather

Common Words:  call, cold

Nativity Costumes

We are lucky enough to have a lot of costumes that we need in school for the nativity, however we are asking if you have any of the following at home (please do not buy anything new) for your child to wear, it would be appreciated if you could send them in with the following items.

Angels and Stars: White tights, white leggings or white socks

Cows, Horses and Shrews: Blue, black or brown t-shirts (We are planning on using some black face paint for the shrews, please contact the school if you DO NOT wish us to use face paint on your child)

Shepherds: Tea towel and dressing gown

Narrators: Christmas jumpers and anything Christmassy (boppers, tinsel etc)

Thank you again for your support.

P3/4 Reading Books

As we come to the end of term, we will be collecting in home reading books this week.  Please ensure all books are returned to school.  We hope you have enjoyed reading our new books and we will issue more home reading books again in January.

Many thanks,

Mrs Ferguson

Intergenerational Committee

  • Today we have been making posters and invitations to let people over 50 know that we are hosting a games morning.  (By Lexie P4)
  • We have been planning an Over 50 Games Day and organising when and where we are going to host it.  (By Eryn P7)
  • We discussed what makes us proud to live in Catrine (Aimee P7)
  • We decided that on our first meeting we would make the posters, on our second meeting we would deliver them, on our third we will get cakes and games organised and on our fourth we will have our Games Morning.  (By Lucy P6)
  • We made invitations for people over 50 to come and visit our school (By Kiara P2)
  • We were making posters and drawing pictures (By Harry P2)
  • We plan to have a Games Morning on Wednesday 25th March (By Demi P6)