The Alien has landed at Catrine ECC

In the Green space we have been using our imaginations while we play with our friends, making mud pies, soup, cookies or even a salad at the mud kitchen. The children have been further developing their number skills by counting leaves. We have also been learning how to risk assess ourselves, by looking around the green space grass before we play.

An Alien has landed at Catrine ECC!

He/she has lost all his/her clothes and has forgotten his/her name! The children thought he/she needed some songs to welcome him/her to the ECC. They are now going to design a new coat for him/her and think up a new name.

The children have been learning about safety when the Kelly Kettle was being used. No one is allowed into the safety circle unless they are sitting down. After the children had toasted marshmallows and the fire sticks were cold, the children were able to mark marks on the wall. The children were also able to get a turn on the rope swing.

People Who Help Us

The children have been learning about People who can help us through a variety of Stories, games and role-play activities. Before Easter the children met a firefighter, they now want to know more about the  Police  and Ambulance service.

Exploring Road Safety

The children have been learning about road safety.

“You have to stop, look and listen before you cross the road”.

‘Look out for pedestrian crossings.’

‘ Always wear a seatbelt when we travel in a car or a bus.’

Road safety was explored through a variety of resources – table top games and drawing maps are only a few examples. The children also put their knowledge into good use when they were walking up to the primary school and back down again to the ECC.

Songs and stories

The children were learning about songs and rhymes through books and songs. We were also learning about rhythm with the use of the lycra. 

The children were drawing snowmen and giving them a name for our snowman shuffle race which happens in December.


The children had lots of sensory experiences while they were learning about mini-beasts and creating spiders with a variety of resources.

Looking for spiders and other insects in out autumn tray.


Learning the different names of the insects as we play a game of dominoes.

ECC Day and Night skies.

We have been learning about day and night skies leading onto rockets, aliens and space.
Here are  some of our Alien pictures.
After making our rocket we needed a spaceman. The children drew around two different children, then they had fun painting and collaging them.

Making Clouds at the Cevic

The children from the Green group were at the Cevic on the 1/2/18 they made rain clouds. On the way to and from the cevic they were developing their knowledge of road safety, they were also learning about birds and were keen to point out the birds in the trees, on the ground and in the sky. We also had lots of fun recognizing the numbers and letters on the doors, bins and number plates.

Robbie Robin

                 Robbie Robin

Robbie robin came to the ECC to help us learn about what birds need to survive and the types of food they eat. The children made their own bird cakes and are putting them into the garden for the birds to eat.

Exploring art techniques based on the Elmer story

Elmer and his friends

The children listened to an Elmer story about his friends, they then went onto create a variety of art work using a mixture of tools and equipment. They also took pictures of their friends within the ECC and were able to say why they were their special friend. With the recent snow lots of exploration within the water tray with a variety of resources and snow / ice.

Post Office and Elf

The children in the ECC were learning about a Post Office, they made their own post-box, letters, labels and parcels. They were learning about the different sizes of parcels and they had to problem solve if they were going to fit in the post box when posting them. Children were also exploring money within the post office buying items and giving change to others. Number recognition was developed through the coins and counting out stamps. One of the first letters was from the ELF on the shelf, the children are having great fun talking about what the ECC elf is getting up to and also they love to tell the staff about their own elf’s doing at home.

Ring Games at the ECC

At the ECC we were learning about ring games, we started off in a circle then we had to listen for our name to take a turn within the game . We played a selection of ring games, Duck, duck, Goose,- Big brown bear,- Mrs Macaroni, – I sent a letter to my love. We were learning to take turns and share limited space available, great fun had by all.