Inclusion committee

On Wednesday, The inclusion Committee met for the first time. Our group talked about what inclusion means to us at Catrine primary and what we can do to make Catrine Primary a more inclusive school. We heard the story of a boy named Sam who has dyslexia and how this made school very hard for him. We decided that as a committee our aims are:

• To raise awareness of dyslexia and other learning difficulties

• To find ways to support and include all learners in our school

• To achieve our ‘Dyslexia Friendly School’ Silver award

We learned that children with learning differences often have low self esteem and thought of ways we could address this. Our committee then presented our “Feel Good Friday” idea to the rest of the school at home circles. Take a look at our example!


Reading Books 📖

A reminder that all P2 reading books should be returned on a Friday in the red bag provided. Children will be given a new book on the following Monday.
Pupils will not be able to choose a new reading book until previous book is returned. 📚

Thank you ✏️📚

Miss McLean


A reminder that P2 will be visiting the A M Brown Institute this Friday ( 15th November).

P2 will be making a healthy soup and therefore we kindly ask that children bring along a container so they can take the soup home.

Thank you. 😊

Numeracy in P2

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P2 have been exploring how numbers are constructed. Some of us used part-whole models and the concrete materials to split our whole numbers into parts. Have a look!

Room on the Broom

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P2 and P1 worked in collaboration to design and then create a new broomstick for the witch from ‘Room on the Broom”. We had some very creative designs and had to use lots of skills such as communication, teamwork and problem solving to bring our ideas to life. We ended up with some very impressive and original brooms! Well done!

Wild Weather 🥶❄️

P2 have been learning lots about the weather. We continued our learning today by looking at places that have very cold temperatures like the Arctic. The children were very interested in Arctic animals and we learned lots about how they survive in the harsh weather.

Through our play we discovered that ice begins to melt when the temperature gets warmer and that it melts even quicker when we hold it in our warm hands. Have a look!

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P2 Rain Gauges

This week P2 worked with local engineer George Burns to continue learning about the weather. We recycled some plastic water bottles and made our own ‘Rain Gauges’. We will be using them to measure the rainfall over the coming weeks and will record our findings in a bar chart!

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P2 weather reports 🕶🌂🌍❄️☀️🌧🌩🌈🌪💧💦☔️⛅️🌤❄️

P2 have been learning all about the weather. We learned about weather scientists called meteorologists who study the weather and predict what it will be like. This is called a weather forecast. We enjoyed making our own weather station and presenting the weather on our very own ‘Catrine News’.


Have a a look at one of our meteorologists, Kiara, in action.

P2 ‘Rainbow Pizza’

P2 had a lovely morning at The Institute making lots of delicious food. We made ‘Rainbow Pizza’ using healthy ingredients such as tomatoes, peppers, onions and broccoli! We then got to make some very tasty cookies.


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First week in P2!

What a busy week in P2! We have been enjoying settling into primary 2 and catching up with our classmates. We have spent lots of time using resources such as the rekenreks and tens frames to practise number bonds to 10 and our doubles.  Take a look!

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P2/3 Blair Drummond trip!

What a fantastic day was had by all at Blair Drummond Safari Park yesterday! We had a great time at the Sea Lion show, visiting Chimp Island,  spotting the animals and playing at the park. What a super day!

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P2/3 Class Talk Homework Project

Title: All About Me

Pupils have been given a project to prepare and give a short talk ‘All about me’. Some ideas might be family, friends, hobbies, holidays and pets etc. but you can include anything about yourself.

Pupils are allowed to bring in props for their talk. These can include photographs, posters, medals etc. Children should practise their talk at home in order to be able to fluently talk to the class.

Talks should be ready to be heard for Monday 20th May

Our Environment

P2/3 enjoyed our discussion with engineer George Burns about the environment and what we can do to protect it. Afterwards, we decided to head outside to explore our playground environment and made lists of the living and non-living things we found.

Take a look!

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P2/3 have been learning all about the human body. This week we focussed on the heart, its functions and how to keep it healthy.

We were lucky enough to have Mrs Watt come along and demonstrate Heartstart CPR. We learned about what to do in an emergency situation and even got a chance to practise on the dummies. Take a look!



Committee for Inclusion

Today in our committee group we explored what the term inclusion means and what that looks like at Catrine Primary. We looked at the difference between inclusion, exclusion, segregation and integration and then made models to represent them.

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We had lots of discussion about how we can ensure everyone at Catrine Primary is included and supported in their learning.

We also had a visit from the Digital Learning Committee who demonstrated immersive reader and how it can be used to support our learning.

I think, I see, I wonder

P2/3 used ‘I think, I see, I wonder’ to generate ideas and discussion around our exciting new space topic!

“I wonder if she is in a rocket” – Ryan
“I wonder why her hair is floating” – Georgia
“I wonder what all the cables are for” – Ashton
“I see a panel to steer” – Lexi
“I wonder what is on her neck” – Georgia
“I think she might be stuck in there” – Ewan
“I wonder what the thing she is looking into is” – Charlie
“I think it looks very dangerous with all the wires” – Alicia
“I wonder what the white thing is” – Elle


“I can see fire and smoke” – Carter
“I think it is a rocket” – Kaylie
“I wonder what planet they are going to” – Elle
“I wonder who is inside the rocket” – Antonia
“I think they are going to the moon” – Marley
“I wonder how far it can go” – Joey
“I wonder what kind of petrol it uses” – Aiden
“I see a planet” – Kelsey
“I think that is the Earth that we live in” – Millie
“I wonder what the green parts are” – Lexi
“I see the bright sun” – Ewan
“I think that is outer space” – Josh L
“I wonder what the shiny bit is” – Kaylie
“I see lots of stars” – Ryan
“I wonder how many stars there are” – Elle


The first few weeks of P2/3 have got off to a great start as we settle in to our new class. We have enjoyed exploring lots of new literacy activities and have even had a chance to curl up on the couch with a good book in our cosy corner. Take a look!