Some more of Health week

Mrs Watt delivered Heart start

As part of health week, Mrs Watt very kindly agreed to share some of her first aid knowledge with the Primary 6/7 class. It was very interesting and very informative. The children had a great time and found out some life long skills about being first to the scene of an accident.

Health week day 1

Health Week Reminder

Just a quick reminder that all pupils are allowed to wear sporty clothes for the rest of the week, as per school policy-no football colours please!

Tomorrow the 6th of June the ‘CHIP’ van will be on the school grounds; some of the kids got very excited when I said this, but then retracted when I told them it was for Health checks and not a chip roll! 🙂

The chip van will be available for adults and staff alike, I will be encouraging all the staff to go and get a free check up and I hope you do the same if you can.

Remember to bring water and a healthier snack!!!

Kind regards

Mrs Cowan and the Health Committee

Health Week (Wed 6th-Fri 8th)

Health week is looking to be an exciting and fun three days. The children of the Health committee have worked hard on organising all the activities, so I look to the parents now to give as much support as you can. We have a guest speaker coming in on Wednesday the 6th of June at 3:15pm and I am calling on all parents who can attend to come along and support the Health committee and school. It won’t be for too long and should give an interesting insight into what other agencies do to support Health and Well Being in schools. There will also be a fun, family sport session on Thursday the 7th of June 3:15pm-4:15pm, so I hope to see many of you at that also.

The children should wear active/sports wear on these three days and are encouraged to bring water and a healthy snack, which they will receive extra house points for. There will also be many other people coming in to support the week and fun competitions for the pupils to take part in.

I am very lucky to be joining the P7’s at Dolphin House this week but if there are any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the school and I will do my best to keep in contact.

Kind regards

Mrs Cowan and the Health Committee

Mental health awareness week

As part of mental health awareness week all of the staff were encouraged to participate in some mindfulness, yoga and peer massage. Everyone that took part commented on how well they felt after it! I am very proud of them all and I’m reminded of what a great team we have here at Catrine Primary school. Well done and thanks for taking part.

Mrs Cowan

A visit from our MSP!

The primary 7 children were very lucky to receive a visit from our MSP Jeane Freeman. The children had their questions ready and we covered topics such as gender inequality, immigration, litter in Catrine and even whether she had any pets. The children were fully engaged and enjoyed listening to her view points and the role that she did in her job…I think we have a few budding politicians! A big thank you to MSP Jeane Freeman for giving up some time to share your knowledge and experiences with the children of Catrine.

Primary 6/7 visit to New Lanark



Primary 6/7 were very excited during their trip to New Lanark. They first enjoyed exploring the school house and how life was for the school children at the mill. Next we had lunch and after that we went on the Annie McLeod experience ride. It took us on a virtual journey through the life and work of Annie. Finally we went on a guided tour, where we were all told many interesting facts about the life and times of Robert Owen the mill owner.

Down Syndrome Awareness Day

The whole school put their best foot forward and made a great effort to raise awareness for this amazing cause.  The children watched power points about Down Syndrome and even had the chance to watch that famous video that has gone viral. The primary 6/7 class had some great discussions about fairness and equality.

primary 6/7 are engineers in the making

George is our engineer. He has worked with us in the past to build fantastic cranes. This term he is helping us to develop our design and engineering skills, as we learn about the construction of cars. Today we were learning about when and where cars originated from. We are very excited going forward and can’t wait to build our own.

P7 Scottish Politics

Primary 7 had a visit recently from the Scottish government to increase their knowledge about politics. It was fun, engaging and interactive. The children had a great time and developed their interest in Scottish politics.

Peer Massage in Primary5/6

Primary 5/6 have been successfully taking part in the peer massage programme and it has been exciting to watch them learn, grow and develop their skills. They are now at the point where they can teach someone else and would like to create an open invite to anyone at home, who would like to come in to school and share the learning.

It will be on Tuesday the 28th of March at 1pm, and where I realise this might be short notice for some, do not despair! I will run another session next term and you will have the chance to come in and participate again.

Kind regards

Mrs Cowan and p5/6

If you can come tomorrow please complete: