Budding Engineers

A huge well done to Keir and Abbie who have been shortlisted in a National STEM Engineering Competition.  The creative pair had their designs selected from an incredible 17,500 entries to be picked for an exhibition at Strathclyde University.

Only 524 entries from across Scottish Primaries were shortlisted for the prestigious event.  Abbie wowed the judges with her CoolWave invention whilst Keir impressed them with his Sign Language Robot.

Both design will be on display this Friday and Saturday at a Public Exhibition at the University of Strathclyde 9am until 4pm each day.

Well done Abbie and Keir.

Catrine Primary Catch Your Career Festival

Catrine Primary’s Catch Your Career Festival was a roaring success. A raft of companies from a range of industries visited the school to share with the children the skills and qualities needed for their jobs. The children got the chance to visit every company and participate in the fun interactive sessions and hear first-hand the opportunities open to young people.

The DYW (Developing the Young Workforce) Committee, made up of pupils from P1-7, have worked tirelessly to prepare for the event which was supported by Developing the Young Workforce – Ayrshire & The Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce. They have researched employability skills, surveyed pupils and gathered information about the careers of parents. On top of this they made invites for the businesses, designed posters and set up the hall ahead of the event. On the day they were in charge of time keeping and photography as well as supporting the organisation of the pupils in their groups.

Pupils thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to explore the industries and find out all about how the skills they learn at school can be transferred to the workplace as well as hearing about a vast range of careers.

It wasn’t only the pupils who had a great time. The businesses also had a brilliant time. See below for their feedback!

Sovereign Credit Union- “Lovely, polite, interesting children. Lots of input and participation. Thank you for your invitation.”

Craighead Country Nursery School – “Thank you for being so welcoming – you were very organised with tables and timing system. The boys and girls were all excellent listeners and I hope they got something out of it.”

Royal Bank of Scotland – “Great engagement from the kids. Good questions and very well behaved.”

Police Scotland – “Great event, kids amazing. Lots of questions.”

Shire Housing – “BRILLIANT! Young people really got into the activities and made the event really fun.”

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P5 Sports Day Information

P5 will take part in a dressing up race on Sports Day. For this race children will need a t-shirt, shorts and a hat.  These should be brought into school before Sports Day in a bag clearly labelled with the child’s name.

Thanks for your continued support.

Better Energy School Awards Runner-Up

Catrine Primary School has been awarded a Runners-Up award in The Better Energy School Awards. The Eco Rocket entry, created by P4/5, was declared Runner-Up in the Totally Creative Category for schools in Scotland.

The Totally Creative is the category for environmentally themed art, music, drama and poetry.  The children created rockets using recyclable materials and LEGO blocks.

The school will receive £250 as well as a special certificate to mark the achievement. Well done!

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Check out the website for more information on the award.



New Life

Today in P4/5 Charlotte and Stripy  found their wings when they emerged from their chrysalises.  The two beauties were freed in the playground where they flew off to pastures new to start the life cycle all over again.


Fluttering Start!

It was a very exciting Monday morning in P4/5 as our first chrysalis hatched.  Donut was the first of our caterpillars to complete the lifecycle and is now ready to start it all over again. Donut has now been safely released and we await the arrival of our next hatcher.

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Let’s Have a Look!

In P4/5 we have been working on our pull throw for javelin as part of athletics.  Today we filmed our performances in slow motion so that we could evaluate what we are doing well and what we still have to work on.

It really helped us. Next week we will be even better!

P4/5 Class Talk Homework Project

Title: Animals

Pupils have been given a project to prepare and present a short 5 minute talk about ‘Animals’. Some ideas might be pets, favourite animals, zoos, animal babies, life cycles, habitats, safari park or anything else animal related. Pupils can decide how they would like to present the talk ie PowerPoint (saved on GLOW or pendrive), poster, photographs, bringing in items (pet toy etc)

Children should practise their talk at home in order to be able to fluently talk to the class, they might want to use notes on paper to help them remember their talk.

Talks should be ready to be presented on Monday 20th May.


Our caterpillars are being well looked after each day and already we are seeing changes. Stripy has successfully made his chrysalis which shows it is at the stage between larva and adult.  Meanwhile Taylor is still hungry and hard at work finding a comfy position to start his changes.


Cracking Code!

In P4/5 we have been hard at work writing code for Minecraft games.  Writing code is the process of creating instructions that will tell a computer and is an important part of creating games.  We had to input directions for characters to meet certain challenges. The codes they had to write at each level got trickier.  We are practising for our Hour of Code event next month when we all hope to earn a certificate.

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Anyone can practise this at home on the Hour of Code website. Check it out and give it a try.

New Additions

In P4/5 we have welcomed some new additions to our classroom in the form of caterpillars.  The insects are happily living within a class tank where we will observe the changes over the coming days and weeks. We will be learning about their lifecycle and will hopefully get to see it first hand.


P4/5 Homework

During the course of this week all children will be given a personalised common word spelling grid.  These are the words that your child should focus over the next few weeks.  When they feel confident with these words they can bring their grid to school for a spelling check-up before moving on to the next set of common words specific to them.

The 4 week rolling programme of phonemes, diacritical marking, tricky words and spelling rules will continue during class time.

Children should continue to access maths tasks through Active Learn as well as practise their times tables.

Thanks for your support,

Mrs McCaig

Lego Goodies Arrive

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Some Lego Movie 2 merchandise arrived in school for our budding rocket engineers. The goodies were shipped to the P4/5 group who had their eco-rocket selected as a runner-up in a national Lego Competition.



DYW Committee group

Today we were making posters for  our Catch Your Career Festival and we were all working in trios. The Festival will have people from different companies and industries who will tell us all about their jobs and how they got the job. We will learn about the skills and qualities we need for different careers which will help us decide what we want to be when we are older.

On the day P4-7 pupils will work in groups to visit each workshop which means that pupils can ask questions too.

We will send out more information about dates and times after the Easter Holidays.

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by DYW Committee


Movie Mania

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Some of the P4/5 pupils recently finished reading the novel Holes by Louis Sachar. Today they got the chance to watch the movie and compare the characters and plot to the novel.  The group were engrossed in the movie and loved the opportunity to spot the differences.  They had painted pictures in their head of the setting and main characters and they couldn’t believe how different they were!  They will watch the remainder of the movie tomorrow before they begin to work on some comparison tasks to finish off term 3.


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Congratulations to our P4/5 budding engineers who have scooped the Runner-Up title in the Lego Movie 2 Master Rocket builders UK competition.   Sophie, Mylie, Jamie, Hollie, Clark, Alix and Kaci created and built an innovative rocket to help Emmet rescue Lucy from the Duplo invaders.

They had to work together to create a spacecraft from Lego and recyclable materials before planning a launch event to showcase their work. The team made a PowerPoint detailing all their efforts and presented it, alongside their rocket called Lost Lego, to the whole school.

Their space craft design was plucked from entries across the country to earn the amazing Runner-Up title. Today a courier arrived at school to collect the rocket which will now go on display at the National Space Centre.  On top of that they have won a host of Lego 2 merchandise and Blue Ray DVDs.

Well done!

World Book Day

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As part of the World Book Day activities the pupils became illustrators. They learned how to draw faces for characters and how to change their expressions and emotions by altering just the eyebrows and mouth.  Children’s author and illustrator Nick Sharratt demonstrated the techniques online and everyone drew along.

Don’t they look great?

DYW – Teamwork all the way

Today was our 3rd day of our Committee Groups. We came up with a name for the careers event we are planning it will be called:

‘Catch Your Career Festival’.

We also designed invitations for the event.

After break we went outside to do some fun team building games. We had to communicate, listen, problem solve, motivate and encourage each other.  These are all skills we will use when we are older and working in teams at work.

Eryn and Tyler

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Everything is Awesome!

P4/5 have been hard at work creating space rockets for the Lego Movie 2 competition.  They worked in groups to design and build a rocket to help Emmet rescue Lucy from Planet Duplo. They had to use recycled materials and Lego blocks as well as creating PowerPoint presentations to ‘launch’ their rockets.  They worked so hard on their creations and presented in front of the full school at Assembly this morning.  All of the children in the school voted for their favourite rocket – and it was a very close call! Just out in front were The Power Builders with their Lost Lego Rocket.  Their design will now be sent off to the national competition. The winners will be announced in April. Well done P4/5.

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P4/5 Solar Rovers

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As part of our learning about renewable energy we made solar powered buggies.  We worked in teams to follow the instructions and build the buggy and wire the motor to the solar panel. We had to position reflective strips beside the mini panel to allow it to get as much sunlight as possible. Once we were finished we road tested our solar rovers in the playground.  We loved seeing them work when the sun hit the panels converting the energy to movement. It was great fun.