Charge Challenge

P5/6 are hard at work designing and constructing their lorries for the SCDI Charge Challenge.  Their challenge is to build an electric lorry to transport as much cargo as possible across a 3m course in 10 minutes.

The class are working in groups to measure and saw wood to create a frame to support the axle and wheels.  They will then work on designing the body of their vehicle.

Our STEM Champion, George Burns, provided a safety demonstration before getting to work with the tools.

The winning vehicle from the class will go forward to the compete in the competition at the STEM Showcase at Dumfries House next month.

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On Friday 21st February primary 4 t0 7 had a theatre production called ‘Hope’ and it was about bullying . A girl called Hope was getting bullied by another girl called Aimee and her old friend Joe . Hope’s friend Joe was bullying her even though he didn’t want to do it but Aimee forced him to do it .The only thing that made her bully Hope was her dad because he screams at her and it makes her upset . After 10 years Aimee and Hope bumped in to each other and Aimee was upset because her bag was stolen and it had all of her valuables and her train ticket in it. Then Aimee asked Hope for £5 for a train ticket to see her daughter Sammy. Hope gave Aimee the money and Aimee asked Hope if she wanted to sit together on the train and Hope said yes.

by Evie and Kiera in P7

This theatre production was a very thought-provoking event for our P4-P7 pupils.  It highlighted that actions cause reactions – both positive and negative, and emphasised how hurtful name-calling can be.  After the show, all pupils participated in drama workshops with the cast which gave them a chance to ask questions about the issues raised in the production.

A brilliant show which was thoroughly enjoyed by all pupils!

Mrs Govans

P5/ STEM Activities

Next week P5/6 will be working alongside our STEM champion George Burns in an electric lorry building task.

The challenge is part of a National STEM challenge and requires the use of different tools to construct the frames and create the vehicles.  George will demonstrate the safe use of equipment, such as saws and bench grips prior to the task.

If you have any concerns about your child using tools as part of this STEM activity, please contact the school office.

We can’t wait to share our creations with you!

Cyber Safety

As part Internet Safety Day P5/6 have been chatting about how to protect their identify online.  They looked at the different apps, games and sites that are used by everyone and how much about your own identity is shared by having a profile or account.

As part of the  Internet Safety Day initiative they completed the East Ayrshire Avatar competition. Check out our three winners’ designs. Aren’t they great? They were created by Neve, Sophie-Kate and Madison.

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Good luck girls!

P5/6 Spelling

Week 1 – Spelling Strategies

Red Group – happy, word, lady, paper, window, floor, shoe, being, coming, jumped, started, used, walked, woke, only


Blue Group – competition, experience, mischief, safety, alliteration, convenience, explanation, modern, Saturday, although, chief, fascinating, moreover, secondary


Please remember homework jotters for Thursday’s spelling check-up.

P5/6 Spelling Words

Week 4 – Spelling Rules

Blue group – determination, information, participation, multiplication, evaluation, partitioning, compensation, visualisation, missing, willing

Red Group – addition, ambition, nation, station, partial, location, fuss, miss, will

Remember your jotter on Thursday for your spell check.


This month in our DYW committee group we were learning lots of science skills. We learned about wiring a circuit to

light a bulb and then we added a switch.  We experimented with different materials to see which ones were insulators and which were conductors. This means which materials let electricity flow through them and which ones stop it.

After break we learned about forces and motion. We had a Rocket Challenge to see who could design and build a rocket that could cut through the air.  The winning rocket was ‘Pencil’. It was like a pencil with a sharp top. It moved the furthest and quickest.

We had an excellent time working together.

by Layton, Sophie, Jamie and Alix

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P5/6 Spelling Words

Week 4 – Homophones

Reminder – Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelled differently and mean different things.

allowed, aloud, ate, eight, beach, beech, bored, board

Please remember to bring your jotter on a Thursday for your spelling check-up.

P5/6 Spelling Words



This week’s spelling words for P5/6.

Blue Group – Prefixes (ir, im, mis, post) improper, impossible, impolite, impatient, irregular, irresponsible, immature, misbehave, misread, misuse, postgraduate

Red Group – (ae phoneme) – a-e, ay, ai, ey, ea  Chocolate, mistake, holiday, yesterday, birthday, complain, explain, chimney, monkey, valley, break, steak

Don’t forget that jotters must be brought to school on a Thursday for the spelling check-up.

Penpal Fun

This week in P5/6 we have been writing letters to our new penpals. We have buddied up with Uryside School in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, as part of our Scottish focus this month.  We hope to get to know the P6 class at Uryside and learn about them and where they live.

We are really excited and can’t wait for them to write back.




P5/6 Poems

P5/6 have been issued with their poems for this year’s Scots Verse.

P5 are learning Feart by Liz Niven and P6 are learning Up in the Morning Early by Robert Burns.

Remember to practise at home as often as possible and to add any action that you think will enhance your performance.

We are sure that they will be fair guid!


P5/6 Homework Words

Spelling words – week beginning 6th January 2020

Week 1 – Spelling Strategies

Red Group – happy, word, lady, paper, window, floor, shoe, being, coming, jumped, started, used, walked

Blue Group – advertise, conscience, evaluation, meanwhile, remember, again, conscious, evidence, metaphor, research, aisle, consequence, exaggerated, miscellaneous

Remember – you can practise your words anyway you wish at home. Your spell check will be on Thursday.

Party Time

P5/6 had a great time at their Christmas parties this week. The P5s joined P3/4 and P4/5 for some festive fun while the P6s joined P7. They enjoyed lots of ceilidh dancing and Christmas games.

I’m sure you will agree they all looked wonderful.

Tinkercad Creations

P5/6 have been hard at work designing suspension bridges using Tinkercad.  Their designs were inspired by engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel from the Victorian era.

They used  3D design platform Tinkercad to design their bridges and will now see them come to life using the 3D printer.

Each tiny model takes between 2-3 hours to print. We are sure they will be well worth the wait. Keep an eye out for a completed model tomorrow.


Matilda Movie Consent

P5/6 have finished reading the novel Matilda. The class will now watch the movie and complete various comparison activities linked to the book.  Matilda has a PG rating.  If you DO NOT consent to your child watching Matilda please contact the school office by Wednesday 11th December.

Thank you.