P3/4 Lantern Making

Primary 3/4 had a fantastic morning making lanterns for the parade next Sunday.  They worked so hard to create the willow structures then they used special latex glue to attach the paper.  Finally they cut penguins and snowflakes out of black paper to decorate them.  I think you’ll agree that they look fantastic!

If you fancy making your own (even bigger) lantern, head to the institute from 1pm til 5pm tomorrow where you will be able to take part in a free lantern making workshop.  There’s no need to book, just pop along.

This week in Primary 3/4

We have had a super week in Primary 3/4.  In Maths we have started learning about multiplication.  We have been exploring array patterns and multiplication on a number line.  We have been completing lots of different activities in Active Literacy.  Ellis’s group were searching for nouns and she managed to find almost 50 in her book.  In Health and Wellbeing we have been learning about ways to keep ourselves healthy.  Aimee, Ellis and Lexie had their work chosen for the “Good Work Wall” this week.  Well done, girls!

Primary 3/4/5’s Digital Learning Week

We have had a super week learning new skills. Sophie Donnelly has written this wonderful review of the things we have learned:

  • First There Was An App For IPads Called Keynote It was Really Satisfying Seeing It Make New Slides As A New Version Of PowerPoint.
  • Next There Was Something Called IMovie And On It We Made A Movie About Our Trip to New Lanark and Erin Done The Talking In It.
  • We Also Made Our Own 3D Design On An App Called Tinker Cad And The Best Design Gets Made In The 3D Printer.
  • We Also Learned How To Code Using Blockly.
  • Last but not least we created a quiz on glow about our topic.



P3/4/5: Our New Lanark Trip

Primary 3/4/5 had a fantastic time visiting New Lanark on Wednesday.  We went on the Annie MacLeod Experience and discovered what it would be like to be a child working in the Mill.  They started working when they were only ten years old.  We were amazed to find out that a family of ten people would all live in one room together called a Single End.  In the old school house, we had great fun trying on costumes and imagining what it would be like to go to school back then.  It was a wonderful trip, full of valuable learning experiences and as always, the children were very well behaved and a real credit to the school.

Digital Learning Committee’s Fun Quiz

In our Digital Learning Committee, we learned how to make quizes using Microsoft Forms.  Please fill out the “Fantastic Fun Quiz” we made.  We worked hard in our groups to come up with all the questions.


Primary 3/4/5 H2O Football session

On Thursday last week, Elliot and Grant from Kilmarnock Football Club came to talk to the Primary 3/4/5 class about the importance of drinking water, especially when exercising.  They delivered a fun football session in the gym and then took us back to the class where they delivered a very informative presentation and we even had a wee quiz.  The children had a fantastic time.

P3/4/5 Fun Maths Roadshow


Primary 3/4/5 had great fun in the hall today, taking part in the Fun Maths Roadshow.  There were lots of different maths activities for us to try.

Ryan:  It was fun but it was challenging.

Evie:  It was fun but it made us work hard.

Kacee:  I found the dominoes activity really challenging.

Gina:  My favourite one was the dominoes.

Neve:  It was really fun but it also made us work hard and I learned some new shapes.

Lucy:  I had so much fun doing the Maths Roadshow and I really enjoyed all the challenges.