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Today in Primary 6 we decided to take our learning outdoors with our topic of Fractions. We made connections with fractions of different objects and were amazed at how many we found! Sophie said she likes taking concepts outside as it relates to ‘the real world’. Here are some photos from our afternoon.

P6 Class Talk Homework Project

Title: All About Me

Pupils have been given a project to prepare and give a short 5 minute talk ‘all about me’. Some ideas might be hobbies, toys, holidays, family and friends but you can include anything about yourself.  You can decide how you would like to present the talk ie PowerPoint (saved on GLOW or pendrive), poster, photographs, bringing in items (trophies, toys etc)

Children should practise their talk at home in order to be able to fluently talk to the class, they might want to use notes on paper to help them remember their talk.

Talks should be ready to be heard for Monday 20th May

Mindset Monday

Primary 6 have set their goals for this week and displayed them on the ‘Mindset Monday’ board. Aimee said – “it is important to set yourself goals so you have something to work towards”. Tommy agreed with this and said “setting yourself goals can help motivate you to achieve them”.

P6 Spelling Homework

Primary 6 have been focussing on the phoneme ‘ae’ over the past week. All pupils should learn the core spelling words and can, if they want, learn the challenge words. Pupils can continue to complete the fun spelling tasks in their homework jotters however jotters will not be collected at the end of each week. Our weekly spelling test will take place every Friday.

Core words

  • mistake
  • place
  • amaze
  • grater
  • painting
  • airport
  • pair
  • journey
  • trolley
  • prey
  • Sunday
  • holiday
  • delay
  • greater
  • break
  • pear

Challenge words

  • reindeer
  • plain
  • emigrate
  • convey
  • dismay
  • weight
  • calculate
  • complain
  • reign
  • hesitate


Easter Egg Competition

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Primary 6 had great fun last Thursday designing and making their own creations for the Easter egg competition. There were some fantastic ideas and great creativity was shown when designing the eggs. Our overall winner was Summer – well done! Here are some pictures of our creations.

K’nex Challenge.

Chelsea and Tommy went to Auchinleck Academy on Tuesday for the k’nex challenge.

We were asked to build a go- kart that was 30 cm wide and 10 to 20 cm high and it had to move forward and backwards , right and left and a steering mechanism.

It was fun and a good experience and we got sweeties and colouring pencils

By Tommy And Chelsea xxx


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Primary 6 have been learning all about the human heart. Yesterday they took part in CPR training alongside Mrs Watt and put theory into practice. They practised chest compressions on the dummies and the recovery position on one another. What a fantastic afternoon!

All About the Lungs!

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Both Primary 6 and Primary 2/3 have been learning all about the human body through their topic and decided to team up to learn all about the lungs. Primary 6 had previously been learning about the respiratory system and brought along their fantastic lung diagrams to teach P2/3 what they had learned. They then paired up to make their very own paper bag lungs, which turned out great. Teamwork makes the dream work!


The Primary 6 and 7 girls have been doing amazing at their gymnastics after school club. They have been working on developing different skills to implement into their own sequence. They will be showcasing their sequences to the rest of the group next week. Well done girls!!

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Euroquiz 2019

Today Eryn Robertson, Evie Hogarth, Jade Seaton and Sophie McKinnon went to Euroquiz at Kilmaurs Primary school,where we had to answer questions all about Europe. Some questions were very hard but we managed to get 22 points out of 60. Even though we did not win we still had lots of fun and we worked very well as a team . We want to say thank you to Mrs Goudie for taking us    By Eryn Evie Jade and Sophie


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Primary 6 have been enjoying their gymnastics block in PE. This week we set up the apparatus to practise the skills we have been learning such as balancing, travelling, jumping and rolling. Here are some pictures!

Primary 6/7 Party

Primary 6 and 7 enjoyed their Christmas party yesterday afternoon. They played different party games like musical arms and pass the parcel and showed off their great social dancing by doing the Gay Gordon’s, St Bernard’s Waltz and the Canadian Barn Dance! They also enjoyed some freestyle dancing – what a fab party!

Titanic Presentations

Primary 6 have been working on their Titanic topic by researching different aspects and pulling together information to create a group power point. Each group presented to the rest of the class which helped build their confidence and speaking skills. All groups did great and there was some great information included within the presentations!