School Dress Code

Catrine Parent Council have been discussing the school dress code.  At the meeting it was agreed to promote all children wearing our school uniform.

Here is some guidance regarding school uniform :

  • Light blue polo shirt (preferably with school badge if not wearing a school sweat shirt)
  • Maroon school sweat shirt/cardigan
  • White shirt and school tie
  • Maroon/grey/black jumpers or cardigans
  • Black/grey skirt/pinafore
  • Black/grey trousers/shorts
  • Light blue checked summer dress
  • School shoes (we agreed that black trainer shoes are acceptable however trainers in other colours are only suitable for gym)

Parents agreed that the best time to promote this would be at the beginning of a school session so as parents did not feel they needed to go out straight away to purchase anything new.  The parent council would like any comments below.


Staffing at Catrine

We can now confirm teaching staff at Catrine Primary for next session.

P1/2 – Miss Burleigh

P2/3 – Miss Mclean / Mrs Campbell

P3/4/5 – Mrs Ferguson / Mrs Cook

P5/6 –Miss Donnelly  (covering Miss McKenna’s maternity leave)

P6/7 – Mrs Cowan

We would like to wish Miss Whitelaw every success as she moves on from Catrine Primary.

New Head teacher appointed

Earlier in the week our new Head teacher was appointed.  Judith Govans is Depute Head teacher at Hurlford Primary however this session she has been working in the Auchinleck community supporting Drongan Primary.  Mrs Govans attended Catrine primary as a pupil and is passionate about continuing our improvement journey.  We would all like to congratulate her in her new role and look forward to her starting in the new session.

Primary Class Structure

As we approach the summer holidays I thought it important to give you a staff update.

On Monday interviews are taking place for Catrine’s new Head teacher.  Children and parents are part of the interview process and pupil representatives have already thought of really good questions for the candidates.

This evening (Friday)  I have spoken with Human Resources however I have not had confirmation on all staff members for next session.  As a result you will see some classes still need to have a teacher allocated.

We have worked as a team to allocate children to classes ensuring we follow East Ayrshire procedures which you will find on our blog.  Earlier in the session I held a  parent workshop on composite classes and we received positive feedback.  Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any queries.

Today we welcomed Miss Mclean our new probationary teacher to Catrine Primary.  Children gave her a tour of the school and she met with all the children in P1 and P2 as we know that Miss Mclean will be teaching P2/3.

I would like to remind parents that people’s personal circumstances do change and if this impacts our classes I will inform parents.

P1/2 – Miss Burleigh

P2/3 – Miss Mclean / Mrs Campbell

P3/4/5 – Mrs Ferguson / Mrs Cook

P5/6 –Mrs McKenna  (currently on maternity leave)/ Teacher covering Mrs McKenna’s maternity leave to be confirmed

P6/7 – Teacher to be confirmed

Early next week, it is our intention to give children their letter telling them which class they will be in.

Safe Parking


We are JRSO and we are on a mission to get the whole school parking in the correct places.

We have noticed people parking on the zig zag lines and over driveways so residents can’t leave their homes.

Remember be safe on roads and PARK SAFELY and SENSIBLY.

Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood (RSHP)


Last week we held a parent workshop for Parents in Primaries 5, 6 and 7.  Parents who attended said they found it very informative and they were able to see film clips of how we will teach this curricular area in school.  This is part of our Health and Wellbeing curriculum and our pupils will be learning about Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood (RSHP).  As we introduce this topic we also covered the ‘PANTS’ rule in assembly.  The video has been included above and you will find information for parents under our policy tab at the top of our blog.

Our RSHP is fully in line with Curriculum for Excellence, is set down by the Scottish Education Department and is delivered in educational establishments throughout Scotland. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate in contacting the school.

Digital Learning Week

National Digital Learning Week 2017 focuses on celebrating how digital technology can make a positive difference to learning and teaching.

At Catrine Primary we all have been using Glow to make a #DigitalDifference.

GLOW is Scotland’s national intranet for schools.

As many of you will know, CatrinePrimary and ECC are implementing  GLOW e-portfolios  as part of our improvement plan.   Children call these their own blog.

This work is focusing on

  • recognising children’s achievement (both in and out of school)
  • children reflecting on their own learning and achievements
  • sharing more information about the children’s learning and achievements between home and school

The Glow blogs children are creating meets these aims. Some of you have been involved already, logging in to your child’s glow account at parents’ night or during our open afternoon.

The idea going forward is that the children post information on their blog about their learning and achievements. Time will be allocated  to do this in school. The children can also blog at home about anything they consider to be an achievement. They are asked to identify particular skills used in each activity and set themselves some next steps or targets relating to their skill development.  Every child in school has their own blog and our P6 buddies are already getting us started in the nursery.

I encourage you to look at your child’s blog with them, to keep you updated to what they are proud of and achieving in school. It would be great if you could comment on the blog posts now and again, just a sentence or two recognising their achievement or pointing out occasions when you have seen them use a skill they are working on out of school.

Over the next few weeks if you can help your child add photos and information about any awards etc from things they do such as

  • Sporting awards
  • Brownies / Guides, /Anchor Boys / Boys Brigade, Cubs /Scouts
  • Medals from shows
  • Music certificates and gradings
  • Membership of clubs

For anyone reading this that is not familiar with the idea of blogging – don’t be scared! The children will proudly show them to you and show you how it all works. You will need your child’s glow login details as the blogs are only able to be viewed by those with a glow password that the private blog has been shared with. This means it is safe for the children to put photos and appropriate personal details on their blog.

There will be various opportunities to support parents with their child’s blog. On Friday of this week please feel free to drop in to the ICT suite when dropping off or picking up your child from school.  You will have a chance to look at our blogs and ask any questions.


Overall attendance

Overall attendance

Although our attendance has slightly improved since the last attendance post it is still an area that we need to improve upon. We have a number of children who have less than 90% attendance. For those children we will be contacting you by telephone or letter. We are hoping to work with you to improve this throughout the school. Please find attached EAC guidelines which maybe of help.

SC76 (a) Attendance leaflet

Alison Wright

More Open Afternoon Pictures

Thank you to all the parents, grandparents and family members who came along to our open afternoon.  Many of the children were able to demonstrate their blog, look at their work and talk about their next steps.

Parents’ Information Session

Tuesday 2nd May – 6.15pm

Over the last few months we have been looking to increase parental participation and we all hope you feel very welcome in school.  We have an open door policy but in addition to this, we thought an information session on issues parents often discuss maybe useful.  We intend to hold this prior to our Parent Council Meeting on Tuesday night . All parents are very welcome and there will be the opportunity to discuss composite classes and plans for the following year.

As this is the first information session we will plan a short presentation on composite classes and future plans for the primary.  However if there is another issue or topic you would like more information on please complete the comment box below.

Primary 3/4 visit to Catrine Community Hub

Primary 3/4 will visit Catrine Community Hub on Wednesday 26 April. The children will leave the school at 9.10 a.m. and return by lunch.

Please complete: