Well Done Primary 4/5!

A huge well done for making it through week 1 primary 4/5. I am so impressed with all your hard work and effort, whilst we settle into our new routines and find our feet, learning from home.

Well done to everyone for using Reading Wise, Active Learn and Sumdog. A special shoutout to Lauren, Keir and Leighton, who are our this weeks challenge winners. Next week brings new challenges and new winners!

It has been fantastic seeing all your posts and photos on your Glow Blogs. If you haven’t posted on Glow yet, maybe next week you can find some time to upload what you have been doing. Remember, you can post things that you are doing with your family at home as well as your home learning.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend.
Miss Robb

Primary 4/5 Spelling Words

Capital Letters

  1. crowded
  2. crowned
  3. allowing
  4. trouser
  5. crouch
  6. amounted
  7. council
  8. thousand
  9. compound
  10. without
  11. ounce
  12. sprouting

Full Stops

  1. outside
  2. round
  3. about
  4. council
  5. trouser
  6. howling
  7. crouch
  8. coward
  9. tower
  10. drown
  11. crowded
  12. powerful

Primary 4/5 Spelling Words

Capital Letters

  1. phenomenal
  2. pharaoh
  3. philosopher
  4. frightening
  5. foundation
  6. magnificent
  7. frantically
  8. syllabification
  9. daffodil
  10. scruffy
  11. raffle
  12. difficult

Full Stops

  1. phoneme
  2. Phillip
  3. pharaoh
  4. festival
  5. faithful
  6. profile
  7. following
  8. fantastic
  9. fluff
  10. stuffed
  11. difficult
  12. raffle

Primary 4/5 Spelling Homework

Capital Letters

  1. crafty
  2. profile
  3. faithful
  4. magnificent
  5. traffic
  6. difficult
  7. offering
  8. graph
  9. phantom
  10. pheasant
  11. photocopy
  12. phoneme

Full Stops

  1. after
  2. faint
  3. flight
  4. daffodil
  5. raffle
  6. office
  7. offering
  8. graph
  9. elephant
  10. photograph
  11. phoneme
  12. telephone

Outdoor Learning

Primary 4/5 enjoyed representing simple fractions outside with natural resources. This activity allowed us to demonstrate our understanding of numerator and denominator that we had been learning in class.


Primary 4/5 Spelling Words

Capital Letters

  1. Blackpool
  2. afternoon
  3. shampoo
  4. include
  5. excuse
  6. truthful
  7. cushion
  8. chewing
  9. glue
  10. Tuesday
  11. fluent
  12. secure

Full Stops

  1. cook
  2. booked
  3. school
  4. football
  5. include
  6. secure
  7. June
  8. cuboid
  9. numeracy
  10. chewing
  11. fluent
  12. Tuesday

Primary 4/5 Institute Visit

Primary 4/5 visited the institute today and enjoyed making homemade shortbread.  This links in great with our Scottish topic on Scotland’s food and farming.

Everyone had a fantastic time and couldn’t believe how delicious their shortbread tasted 🙂

Inclusion Committee

Yesterday, the Inclusion committee met for the second committee day. We looked at growth mindset and talked about the power of yet. The committee group decided that this was so important that we had to tell the whole school about it.

We made posters to tell everyone about growth mindset and have prepared a small presentation for home circles that we can’t wait for you all to hear.

We decided to make a tree to represent Catrine’s growth mindset. On this tree every pupil will have a goal that they cannot do…. YET! We look forward to seeing everyone’s goals and watching everyone’s journey.

The inclusion committee have lots of exciting ideas up our sleeves and can’t wait to share them with you all in the near future!

Outdoor Learning

Today Primary 4/5 took their learning outside. They worked together to create a bar graph with an x and y axis and a scale showing off all their learning from information handling.

They then considered all the ways that they could sort themselves to create these amazing human bar graphs.

They sorted themselves by boy or girl:

 Then they sorted themselves by age:

Lastly by favourite snack:

We think these human bar graphs looks fantastic and found this a fun way to show off our learning in information handling.

Fantastic Gymnastics

Primary 4/5 have started a new gymnastics block in PE.

We have been learning different types of rolls and  jumps.

Today we were learning different types of holds: bridge hold, balance hold, plank and partner hold.


I can see some superstars in the making! 🙂

Primary 4/5 Spelling Words

Capital Letters

  1. rainbow
  2. below
  3. throw
  4. implode
  5. choke
  6. noticeboard
  7. soaking
  8. tomatoes
  9. toes
  10. goat
  11. whole
  12. explode

Full Stops

  1. below
  2. throw
  3. blow
  4. hole
  5. explored
  6. toaster
  7. whiteboard
  8. moaning
  9. tomatoes
  10. poached
  11. wrote
  12. pole

Scots Verse

P4/5 have been issued with their poems for this year’s Scots Verse.

P4 are learning A Dug, A Dug by Bill Keys and P5 are learning Feart by Liz Niven.

Remember to practise at home as often as possible and to add any action that you think will enhance your performance. I look forward to hearing you!


Primary 3/4/5 Christmas Party


What a fantastic time we all had at the primary 3/4/5 Christmas party.  We ceilidh danced the Gay Gordons and the Canadian Barn dance. All our hard work came together and we looked the part!


We disco danced our socks off to all our favourite songs, danced the Cha Cha Slide, 5,6,7,8 and Superman. By the end we were all rosy cheeked and knackered!

Of course no party is complete without party games!




Cartouche Making

Primary 4/5 have been busy making these Egyptian Cartouches.


Each cartouche has the pupils name in hieroglyphics.


The class had a fantastic time learning about cartouches through making their own.


Can you make your name in hieroglyphics?




Primary 4/5 would like to give a big massive thank you to George.

George has been working within primary 4/5 for the past 4 weeks helping to create Egyptian pyramid structures. We loved working with George to create these masterpieces.

What do you think about our Egyptians pyramids?