Primary 7 Homework

The focus for P7 spelling words this week is prefixes. We will be looking at words with the following prefixes: ob-, ex- and de-. This week’s words are:

Blue Group

object, obtuse, obstacle, obstruct, obscure, exhale, exhaust, extend, exchange, export, describe, descend, deconstruct, deformed, dehydrated

Green Group

object, obtuse, observe, obvious, oblong, exit, exact, expect, explain, explode, destroy, decode, deflate, detox, deformed

Please remember to bring jotters into school on Friday for the weekly spelling test.

Address to the Toothache – please keep practising your poem as ‘in class’ judging will take place on Thursday afternoon.

P3/4 Data Handling

We have been looking at different ways we can use and read information.  Last week we conducted our own surveys and made bar graphs.  This week we will be creating and reading our own Venn diagrams.

P5/6 Spelling Words

Week 4 – Homophones

Reminder – Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelled differently and mean different things.

allowed, aloud, ate, eight, beach, beech, bored, board

Please remember to bring your jotter on a Thursday for your spelling check-up.

P3/4 Homework (Wk bg 20.1.20)

Scottish Poems – please keep practising your poems as ‘in class’ judging will take place this week.

Spelling Words –

Red:  au

  1. sauce
  2. because
  3. applaud
  4. pause
  5. Paul
  6. Laura

Green: wa

  1. was
  2. wash
  3. water
  4. wall
  5. wander
  6. watch
  7. warm
  8. walk
  9. swallow
  10. swan
  11. wasp

Common Words:  day, don’t

Fantastic Gymnastics

Primary 4/5 have started a new gymnastics block in PE.

We have been learning different types of rolls and  jumps.

Today we were learning different types of holds: bridge hold, balance hold, plank and partner hold.


I can see some superstars in the making! 🙂

Family Ceilidh

Image result for family ceilidh cartoon

As part of our Scottish month we are holding a Family Ceilidh on Thursday 30th January at 6.30pm – 8.30pm.

Come along for a fabulous night of dancing to a live ceilidh band!

Some of our P6 and P7 will  be entertaining us with some Scottish songs and light refreshments will be provided.

Tickets cost £2 per adult. In order to allocate a child’s ticket on ParentPay a 1 pence charge is required.   Money raised from the ticket sales will go towards hiring the hall for the evening.  Tickets are limited and will therefore be allocated on a first come first served basis.


Primary 7 – Scottish Parliament Outreach Programme

Primary 7 have been learning about the Scottish Parliament and were visited today by Mairead Mackechnie as part of the Scottish Parliament Outreach Programme. The class enjoyed learning about the Parliament, taking part in a manifesto and voting activity and debating on the length of the school week. It was a fantastic session!

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P5/6 Spelling Words



This week’s spelling words for P5/6.

Blue Group – Prefixes (ir, im, mis, post) improper, impossible, impolite, impatient, irregular, irresponsible, immature, misbehave, misread, misuse, postgraduate

Red Group – (ae phoneme) – a-e, ay, ai, ey, ea  Chocolate, mistake, holiday, yesterday, birthday, complain, explain, chimney, monkey, valley, break, steak

Don’t forget that jotters must be brought to school on a Thursday for the spelling check-up.

Primary 7 Homework

The focus for spelling this week is common and tricky words. This week’s words are:

Blue Group

industrial, physical, technology, breathe, discipline, inference, possession, texture, brilliant, does, interesting, potential, though, buried, during

Green Group

writing, yelled, your, yours, upon, while, young, across, both, following, near, brother, sister, cousin, friends

Please remember to bring jotters into school on Friday for the weekly spelling test.

All pupils have been given a copy of the poem ‘Address to the Toothache’ by Robert Burns for the Scots Verse competition this year. Pupils should continue to practise their poem for homework.

P3/4 Homework (Wk bg 13.1.20)

This week the children should continue to practise their Scottish Poems:

  • P3s – The Sair Finger
  • P4s – A Dug, A Dug

Spelling Words:


  1. boil
  2. spoil
  3. coin
  4. moist
  5. toilet
  6. join


  1. bread
  2. head
  3. deaf
  4. ready
  5. dead
  6. instead
  7. pleasant
  8. pheasant
  9. weather
  10. feather

Common Words:  call, cold

Primary 4/5 Spelling Words

Capital Letters

  1. rainbow
  2. below
  3. throw
  4. implode
  5. choke
  6. noticeboard
  7. soaking
  8. tomatoes
  9. toes
  10. goat
  11. whole
  12. explode

Full Stops

  1. below
  2. throw
  3. blow
  4. hole
  5. explored
  6. toaster
  7. whiteboard
  8. moaning
  9. tomatoes
  10. poached
  11. wrote
  12. pole

Football Training

Football training, for Primary 5, 6 & 7, will start again on a weekly basis from Wednesday 15 January from 3.00 p.m. – 4.15 p.m. Vibrant Community permission forms have been issued today. Please return these forms by Monday 13 January. Rachel Scott will be taking the training.

If you wish any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Thank you.

Update – Shared Headship Sorn P.S.

East Ayrshire Council have arranged for a full-time Senior Manager to start at Sorn Primary School from Monday 13 January to ensure that both Catrine P.S. and Sorn P.S. have a full-time Head Teacher in place. This means that I will resume my original time-table. Thank you for your understanding and support during this period of transition.

Mrs Govans