Health and Wellbeing (HWB)

Catrine ECC and PS are holding Parental Information sessions in Catrine Primary School on Monday 27th May to highlight the teaching and learning involved in the new EAC HWB frameworks for RSHP – Relationships, SHealth and Parenthood.

These sessions are open to all parents/carers of children from both the ECC and PS, and will outline the learning that your child will be involved with over the coming years.

All preschool pupils at Catrine ECC, and P1-P7 pupils at Catrine PS, will be issued with a letter containing more details over the next few days (see PDFs below).

Monday 27th May – Session 1: 9.00-9.45am, Session 2: 2.15-3.00pm and Session 3: 6.30-7.15pm in the primary school.

We hope you are able to join us at one of these information sessions.  Please note that these sessions are for parents/carers only – no pupils should attend.

Mrs Govans
Head Teacher

RSHP letter EL

RSHP letter FL

RSHP letter SL


New Life

Today in P4/5 Charlotte and Stripy  found their wings when they emerged from their chrysalises.  The two beauties were freed in the playground where they flew off to pastures new to start the life cycle all over again.



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Today in Primary 6 we decided to take our learning outdoors with our topic of Fractions. We made connections with fractions of different objects and were amazed at how many we found! Sophie said she likes taking concepts outside as it relates to ‘the real world’. Here are some photos from our afternoon.

Fluttering Start!

It was a very exciting Monday morning in P4/5 as our first chrysalis hatched.  Donut was the first of our caterpillars to complete the lifecycle and is now ready to start it all over again. Donut has now been safely released and we await the arrival of our next hatcher.

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Primary 7 Spelling Words – 20th May

This week the Primary 7’s will be presenting their Homework Class Talk projects to the rest of the class.  Each pupil will be given a specific day to present their talk. The class will be continuing to spell words containing the ‘f’ phoneme. The spelling words for homework for each group are:

Blue Group

  1. frustration
  2. familiar
  3. forgotten
  4. flexible
  5. flammable
  6. afford
  7. effort
  8. suffer
  9. toffee
  10. coffee
  11. phobia
  12. geography
  13. triumph
  14. apostrophe
  15. pharmacist

Green Group

  1. faithful
  2. family
  3. profile
  4. safe
  5. flight
  6. puff
  7. offer
  8. office
  9. offering
  10. offend
  11. phonics
  12. phoneme
  13. pheasant
  14. photocopy
  15. paragraph

P3/4 Homework (wk bg 20.5.19)

Class Talks:  Throughout the week children will be presenting their Homework Class Talk projects.  Each pupil will be given a specific day they will present their talk.

Spelling:  no new sound will be given this week due to Class Talks, however pupils should still work on their individual tricky word grids.

Maths:  Remember all pupils can log in to Active Learn at home using their logins to play a range of suitable maths games.

EAC Health & Wellbeing Team

East Ayrshire Council Health & Wellbeing Team recently asked parents to complete the National Parental Involvement and Engagement (PIE) Census. The results of the census are being monitored, therefore if you haven’t already completed the survey, please do by clicking on the link below:

This confidential survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete, parents have until the 31st May 2019 to submit. Click the link below to access additional information about the survey and to view the Privacy Statement.

Thank you in advance.

Ayrbank Outdoor Learning Day

On Wednesday 15th of May it was our 3rd outdoor learning session, Ayrbank was improving the school grounds.

We started by talking about our plan for the morning. After that we started to help Mrs Schendel take boxes outside. When we got outside we split into groups, our group was tidying up the infant end and the other group was looking through the boxes we brought outside. When we finished we split into groups then we started to plant our seeds: there were cress, peas, runner beans, pumpkins, sunflowers and lots of other seeds. Then we watered the seeds and took everything back inside, and after that it was break time.

When we came back in from break we split into two groups again. The first group went outside and looked at insects, leaves and trees. The other group planted more seeds! Then we went in for lunch. Overall we all had an amazing day and it was really enjoyable.

By Captain and Vice-Captain of Ayrbank,

Cadence and Aidan

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iCycle Training

Congratulations to Aidan Murphy and Stuart Sharpe who have completed their iCycle training and passed their practical test yesterday. The boys are now ready to start learning how to cycle safely on the road. Well done!

Whiteflat’s Outdoor Learning Day

On Wednesday it was our third outdoor learning session  and Whiteflat were den building. First we went down to Miss McLean’s  class to discuss what we were doing for the day. We had a little difficulty finding the  den building bags so we had to get Mr McCreath and he found  them.

So we headed out  to the playground and found our places to start our dens then we got on with the fun. Everyone started making their dens. Everyone had a smile on their face because of how much fun they were having . It was break time and  we all got our snacks and headed off. When we got back we got straight back into building our dens.

Now it was time for the Kellie kettle – Mrs Ferguson was telling us all about how dangerous fires were and the effects  they can cause. First we lit the fire to boil the water for the hot chocolate; after that we put the hot chocolate mix in the water then everyone had delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows. Some people didn’t like it but we all still had a good time.

Once we had our delicious hot chocolate  we tested out how many people could fit in the largest den which was Kerr’s , Aiden’s , Tyler’s , Stuart and Caleb’s. We sent in one at a time and in the end we were able to fit the whole of Whiteflat which is 32 pupils. After that it was  tidy up time. Everyone done a brilliant job tidying up and Stuart and Kerr made a cool slide down the hill that was great fun. We all had a good day and the dens were amazing.

By your Captain and Vice Captain Tyler and Paige

Marneil’s Outdoor Learning Day

On Wednesday 15th May  Marneil had their 3rd outdoor learning session. We got to paint season stones. First we sat in the class and discussed things that you would see in spring. Then we went outside and  looked for signs of spring in the school grounds and got some ideas for what to paint on our season stones. We then painted our designs on the stones with Acrylic paint.  Once we had finished we got to play some games outside while others were finishing painting season stones. The finished stone looked fantastic. We had a great morning in the sunshine!

by Khyla and Carley

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Avalon’s Outdoor Learning Day

On the 15th May Avalon had their 3rd outdoor learning day which was Digital Learning.

At first we got into groups of 4 or 5 and then thought of a storyboard, my group thought of “The Car Crash” and Declan’s group thought of the storyboard “The Dinosaur Invasion”. Once we thought of the storyboard we started shooting. It was a bit of a challenge but we pulled it together and got on with it. After that we showed them to the rest of the school in Home Circles. Overall we had a great day thanks to Miss Burleigh and Miss Weir.

By Courtney (Avalon Captain)

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Digital Learning Outdoors

As part of our Outdoor Learning Day, Avalon were creating their own trailers and movies in the outdoors. They worked in groups to create their own story boards, gather props and film their production. What a wonderful morning we all had! 🎞📽☀