New Glow Site

As Catrine Primary School is so blogtastic we were running out of space on our Glow usage site so we’ve had to create a new site so we could continue sharing the news, achievements and online learning at Catrine Primary School. You will appreciate that these changes will take time especially in the current circumstances – so please be patient.

Pupils should continue to access their individual GLOW blogs to upload their learning and communicate with their teachers in their usual way.

Please click on the link below to access our new blog:



Headteacher’s Challenge #5

Good morning to you all 🙂

I hope you’ve been managing to (safely) enjoy time outside in the lovely Spring sunshine.  To make the most of the glorious weather, today’s challenge is …

Build a den outside in your garden, or in your house, with your family

You can use anything – sheets, duvets, binbags, sleeping bags,  brush handles, clothes pegs, string, cardboard, chairs, boxes, trampolines ….

Think of the great times that we had building dens on the grass in our school playground during our Outdoor Learning Days with our houses.  Remember how we changed and adapted our den designs as we came across problems (Ayrbank – our dens kept getting blown away as we were trying to build them on the windiest day possible!)

If you prefer, build your den inside your house somewhere – your bedroom, under the kitchen table or take over the whole living room (remember to ask for permission first …)  My boys used to build dens with their papa under the kitchen table when they were wee, and they used to eat their dinner there and sometimes even slept there too, all wrapped up in sleeping bags and pillows!

So, have fun, and I’d love to see some photos of you and your family in your dens on your blogs – I’ll be checking them regularly over the holidays.

As always, take care, stay safe and keep in touch.

Mrs Govans x    

(Lauren and her bug hotel)

Signing off for Easter Holidays

It’s officially the Easter holidays now and, although we won’t be gallivanting anywhere apart from the back garden it’s still a time to switch off from school work and enjoy quality time with our families in the (hopefully!) lovely Spring sunshine.

Staff won’t be posting activities over the next two weeks but I will still be posting my Headteacher’s Challenges on Tuesday and Thursday so remember to check in …

I’d like to thank every member of staff at both Catrine ECC and PS for their commitment, professionalism and positivity during the last three weeks.  Every member of staff is working behind the scenes to keep our ECC and school functioning and to ensure our young people are accessing appropriate, enjoyable and fun learning activities.

Thank you also to the parents, carers, families and friends of both Catrine ECC and PS #homeschoolarmy – what a wonderfully creative lot you are!  Some brilliant ideas coming through GLOW and emails about the home learning activities you’re enjoying with your family – well done to all.

And last, but by no means least, the children of Catrine 🙂

Let’s applaud them – ‘these wee heroes have stayed indoors more than they’ve ever known in their lives.  Their whole wee worlds have been turned upside down, full of rules they’ve never known. Every day they get up and carry on, despite all that’s going on around them, and they’re delighted to paint pretty rainbows and pictures to thank the ‘heroes’ out in the world working hard to keep us all safe.

So let’s acknowledge our wee heroes – our children, our groups, our pupils, our future – today, tomorrow and forever.  We are so proud of you all.’

Words copied from Twitter but I mean every single one of them.

As always, take care, stay safe and keep in touch.

Mrs Govans x  

This will make you smile………

Click the link and see Catrine PS staff like you’ve never seen them before. And all just to make you smile!

Stayed tuned until the end as we need your help with music video number 2.

Missing you  all.

Team Catrine

Headteacher’s Challenge #4

Good morning to Thursday 🙂

It’s hard to believe we’re nearly at the end of the second week of this new style of learning, and your teachers and I continue to be so impressed by how well most of you are engaging with your online learning.

I really enjoying reading through your Glow Blogs and emails, and love seeing the photos of your daily activities – keep them coming!

I know some people are still having issues with accessing our online learning, and I’ll be phoning to see if we can help with login details or passwords so that you can get up and running.

Today would have been the last day of Term 3, and yesterday would have been our Easter Service in school and that means – we need to sing the Spring Chicken Song!

So today’s challenge – you need to teach the words – and actions – of the Spring Chicken Song to your family.  Remember to sing it as loudly as we do at assembly!  I’ve attached a wee video to help you along.

As always, stay safe, take care and keep in touch.

Mrs Govans x