Happy Friday!

Well done to everyone who has worked hard this week to keep up their school work, whether it has been on ReadingWise, Sumdog or ActiveLearn, completing the work set by your teachers or attempting the challenges set by Mrs Govans.

The staff are loving seeing your Blogs and emails with the pictures and descriptions of what you have been doing and they have been giving you lots of feedback.  We would like to share some of your work on the main Catrine GLOW page, maybe it will give others some ideas.  If you don’t want us to share your pictures please let us know via email.

If you have not logged on to any of the activities yet and are having difficulty doing this please email me at roberta.schendel@eastayrshire.gov.uk and I will do my best to help.

It’s the weekend tomorrow so remember to take a break from school work, your teachers will be too.   It looks like the weather is going to be nice so get outdoors if it’s safe to do so and by following government guidelines.

Stay safe

Mrs Schendel

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