Primary 7 Transition Day

On Friday 6th March Primary 7 went to Cumnock Academy for their first transition day in preparation for moving to the Robert Burns Academy. First we went into the hall and got organised into our groups and went to the first activity. We had to write and draw a bit about ourselves and complete a Pupil Passports. The second activity was PSE with Miss Carrington and we talked and wrote about our hopes and fears about moving to the academy. Thirdly we had Art Therapy and that’s where we draw what you’re feeling. Some people were feeling scared and nervous whereas other people were feeling happy and excited. After that we went along to the next activity which was about Mental Health. We talked about things that have a positive and negative impact on mental health then we wrote down some things that make us happy. The last activity we did was LGBT. We did a matching game with words and their meanings. Then we talked about what the words meant and then we took a quiz. After that we went back into the hall, got our full class and went onto the bus to go home. We enjoyed the day and met lots of new friends. We are looking forward to our transition days in June.

By Erin and Jack P7

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