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Outdoor Learning

Primary 4/5 enjoyed representing simple fractions outside with natural resources. This activity allowed us to demonstrate our understanding of numerator and denominator that we had been learning in class.


P7 Fundraising – Dress Down Day

P7 are organising a dress down day on Thursday 6th February, to raise money to buy their leavers hoodies. If you’re  participating there will be a contribution of £1 paid through Parent Pay. We are having it this Thursday as it is the last day before the February holidays. Thank you for your support.

Aimee and Sophie

February – questionnaire

Every month in our Home Circles at Catrine Primary School, and in the Welcome Groups at Catrine ECC, we will be focussing on one of our Catrine Values to ensure that our pupils have a solid understanding of them.

Our Values are – Ambition, Determination, Fairness, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility and Teamwork.

We would appreciate your views on what Respect means to you and your family.

Responses will be collated and displayed around our school and ECC to show a shared understanding of our Catrine Values from all stakeholders – pupils, parents and staff.

Thank you.

P3/4 STEM Homework (Wk bg 3rd Feb)

As part of our STEM week in school, we will be focusing our homework on our Leaders Award challenge.  This challenge allows children to be creative and become inventors! At home please discuss with your child a problem that could be solved with a creative invention eg a melting lollipop, running goggles, trollies that help you lift heavy shopping.  In school, the children will then design their invention and write a pitch letter.  These will then be entered into the Scottish Engineering Leaders Award 2020.

Good luck and have fun!