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On Friday 21st February primary 4 t0 7 had a theatre production called ‘Hope’ and it was about bullying . A girl called Hope was getting bullied by another girl called Aimee and her old friend Joe . Hope’s friend Joe was bullying her even though he didn’t want to do it but Aimee forced him to do it .The only thing that made her bully Hope was her dad because he screams at her and it makes her upset . After 10 years Aimee and Hope bumped in to each other and Aimee was upset because her bag was stolen and it had all of her valuables and her train ticket in it. Then Aimee asked Hope for £5 for a train ticket to see her daughter Sammy. Hope gave Aimee the money and Aimee asked Hope if she wanted to sit together on the train and Hope said yes.

by Evie and Kiera in P7

This theatre production was a very thought-provoking event for our P4-P7 pupils.  It highlighted that actions cause reactions – both positive and negative, and emphasised how hurtful name-calling can be.  After the show, all pupils participated in drama workshops with the cast which gave them a chance to ask questions about the issues raised in the production.

A brilliant show which was thoroughly enjoyed by all pupils!

Mrs Govans

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