Scots Verse Recital – celebrations

What a wonderful celebration at Catrine P.S. this afternoon. Take a look at our winners:

Primary 2 – 1st place Lucy, 2nd Bette, 3rd Lenore

Primary 3 – 1st place Ewan, 2nd Josh L, 3rd Marley

Primary 4 – 1st place Ava, 2nd Lexie, 3rd Cooper

Primary 5 – 1st place Kay-cee, 2nd Calvin, 3rd Lauren

Primary 6 – 1st place Daryl, 2nd Lucy, 3rd Kaci

Primary 7 – 1st place Eve, 2nd Kiera, 3rd Tommy

Overall winner – Daryl Primary 6

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One thought on “Scots Verse Recital – celebrations”

  1. A lovely afternoon – thanks to all who came along to enjoy our pupils showing off their poetry skills and singing!
    Mrs Govans

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