Catrine PS and ECC – Vision, Values and Aims

We regularly highlight our Vision, Values and Aims with our pupils in both our school and ECC through a variety of activities, and our pupils have a good understanding of what they mean and how we apply them at Catrine PS and ECC.  Through monthly GLOW questionnaires, we ask parents/carers for their opinions and comments about our school and ECC, and their responses are always very much appreciated. As a staff, we annually review our Vision, Values and Aims and have collaborated to produce a poster detailing them, which will be a reference point for future discussions with our pupils, and for our priorities moving forward.  Our Vision, Values and Aims poster highlight our priorities and give examples of how we put them into action in our establishments.

I’m proud to present you with our new Vision, Values and Aims poster which will be proudly displayed in both our school and ECC.

Coming soon – our new Curriculum Rationale.

Mrs Govans

vision, values, aims


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