Primary 4/5 Spelling Words

Capital Letters

  1. Magpie
  2. multiply
  3. supply
  4. butterfly
  5. myself
  6. hive
  7. prize
  8. recognise
  9. disguise
  10. midnight
  11. sigh
  12. knight

Full Stops

  1. pie
  2. cried
  3. myself
  4. reply
  5. live
  6. smile
  7. tonight
  8. sight
  9. fright
  10. cry
  11. apply
  12. flight

Children can practise their spelling words in any way they wish, and may want to use our activity sheet. There will be a spelling test in class on a Friday and this will be completed at the back of  homework jotters so that results can be shared at home. Please remember to bring spelling jotters in to school on a Friday.

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