Avalon Outdoor learning Day

Avalon went round  Catrine as part of our Outdoor Learning. And first of all we went down to the square. Once we got down we ate our snack. Afterwards  we went to get our labels and we used the labels to collect different colours of leafves like red,green,brown, yellow and orange.Then we went across to the grass and made a video where we threw leaves. Then we made it into a boomerang video and the video finished up really cool. The main reason we went down there is to spot signs of Autumn. We saw leaves ,berries and we saw a bramble bush but there was no more fresh brambles on the bushes.We were expecting to see chestnuts but they had all fallen into the River Ayr. But the weirdest thing we saw was the water down by the nursery! It seems that it had unhealthy bubbles  in the mini river and there was a couch  and it was stopping the water from joining the  other side of the water. We had a fantastic day overall.

by Daryl, Layton,Alix, Kaci and Mylie

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